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Watch Quick Base webinars: I & II

In 2020, Quick Base joined forces with TechCrunch Brand Studio to bring two webinars to life about their approach to low-code and how rapid-cycle innovation can dramatically transform your business. Check them out below:

Shaping Culture in the Age of Agility

According to a report by Harvard Business Review Analytical Services, 92% of survey respondents say that successful digital transformation requires a dual-track strategy.

This approach simultaneously addresses both enterprise-wide transformation initiatives and rapid-cycle innovation at the critical business process levels. However, implementing and scaling these initiatives requires a shift in culture to encourage continuous innovation in workflows that cross departments throughout a business.

So, where do you start with these cultural changes? In this new webinar, we will discuss with Deb Gildersleeve, CIO of Quick Base, how IT and line of business leaders can collaborate to dramatically shift the culture towards digital transformation from the bottom up.


  • The importance of speeding up business innovation at enterprise scale
  • How to enable problem-solvers of any technical background to work together to safely, securely, and sustainably create an ecosystem of applications
  • Ways to unleash creativity to innovate

Quick Base’s unique approach to enterprise grade low/no-code solutions

In a recent Harvard Business Review study, 92% of CIOs say a “dual-track” approach is essential to digital transformation, pairing traditional, IT-led grand-scale transformation with a new form of business-led “rapid cycle innovation”. Yet only 31% of companies are adopting this approach.[1]

Using the traditional, IT-led grand-scale transformation IT and business leaders have created a solid tech foundation and are making some progress, but…

  • Core customizations are too rigid, expensive, and slow, relying on hard-to-find specialty resources.
  • Point solution sprawl creates extra work, hundreds of data islands, and mounting expenses.
  • And more DIY tools, like error-prone spreadsheets and no-code tools, make data invisible to employees who need it day-to-day and a burden to maintain.

Even with all this effort, the business is still constrained by an unresponsive and inflexible system.

Join Quick Base VP of Product Management, Andrew Varley and Product Manager, Alice Rich on this webinar to learn how Quick Base’s low-code solutions can help you:

  • Unite your data and put it to work
  • Build an ecosystem of apps that work for your workflow
  • Safely engage your people in citizen development to let those closest to the work build the solutions
  • Mature beyond spreadsheet-centric solutions
  • Surface insights in real-time so you always have the information you need at your fingertips
[1] Drive Business Success with a Dual-Track Approach to Transformation, Harvard Business Review, July 28, 2020