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How Pony.ai navigates diverse traffic scenarios and inclement weather globally

At Pony.ai, we aim to deliver autonomous mobility everywhere by building safe and reliable autonomous driving technology. Since our founding in 2016 in Fremont, California, we have been pioneering autonomous mobility services that benefit global users in 5 cities across the US and China. With 6.2 million autonomous miles driven, Pony.ai’s core autonomous driving technology enables the “virtual driver” to navigate through diverse traffic scenarios and inclement weather smoothly and safely.


Shuyang Cheng | Tech Lead Manager, Perception, Pony.ai

Shuyang Cheng is a Tech Lead Manager for the Perception team on detection, segmentation and scene understanding in Pony.ai. She leads the effort to develop and launch cutting-edge machine learning models on 3D/2D detection & segmentation and evolves the Perception system to better understand pedestrians, vehicles, and complex scenes on the road. Shuyang holds an M.S. in Computer Software Engineering from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Yimeng Zhang | VP of Engineering & U.S. Site Lead, Pony.ai

Yimeng Zhang is the VP of Engineering and Pony.ai’s U.S. Site Lead where her expertise is valued in helping the company pioneer its autonomous mobility technologies. Zhang is a 15 years industry veteran, with a concentration on perception and machine learning. At Pony.ai, Yimeng heads up the Perception and Prediction team and leads operations of the company’s U.S. site. She earned her Ph.D. from Cornell University, a Master’s Degree from Carnegie Mellon University, and a Bachelor’s Degree from Kyoto University. Yimeng is recognized as an accomplished global leader in the AV industry – and was named a “Self-Driving Power Player” by Business Insider.