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Robo-taxis in the metaverse

TechCrunch was proud to host Polygon Technology at TC Sessions: Crypto 2022 in Miami

Breakout Session: In Review

How does autonomous transportation operate in the metaverse? In this breakout session, Polygon built an autonomous car in a simulated environment using computer vision and path planning algorithms. Then, we integrated a Polygon wallet with the car, so that the car is able to extend its autonomy to not only drive itself, but pay for its own repairs, maintenance and upgrades.

Presented by Siraj Raval, Developer Education at Polygon Technology

Siraj is a developer educator at Polygon. He’s also a Youtube AI/ML educator, serial entrepreneur, and author of “Decentralized Applications” (O’Reilly). His mission is to create great explanations of the most difficult concepts in math, code and data.