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How to sustain a tech company in a competitive world

TechCrunch was proud to host OnePlus at Disrupt 2023 in San Francisco. Here’s an overview of their partner session on the Builders Stage.


Building a successful company is never easy, especially in highly competitive consumer tech markets. Founders need the drive and know-how to challenge established players and keep their products competitive. At OnePlus, a group of passionate people — supported by a vibrant community who share the same values — challenged the entire tech industry with meaningful innovation. In this Disrupt 2023 session, OnePlus shared strategies to help you stay on track during difficult times, remain open to possibilities and expand from a niche brand for tech enthusiasts to serve a larger market — and more.


Robin Liu, CEO, OnePlus North America

Robin Liu is CEO of North America for OnePlus. He joined OnePlus in 2018, initially leading OnePlus’ India sales prior to being appointed CEO of North America. Liu has more than a decade of go-to-market experience and a proven track record of leading sales and marketing teams across a diversity of consumer electronics products. As CEO of North America, Liu oversees OnePlus’ North American business, including marketing and branding, sales and channel strategy and product. As sales head of OnePlus India from 2019 to 2021, Robin helped grow sales to become the second best-selling premium smartphone brand in the country. Additionally, Liu built and expanded the OnePlus ecosystem in India, successfully launching audio, wearable, TV and IoT products within the country. In 2021, he oversaw the OnePlus Nord series launch, achieving 80% YoY sales growth the same year. Other India accomplishments include setting sales records on Amazon.in while also overseeing the development of OnePlus’ global flagship retail store. Prior to OnePlus, Liu worked in the TV and display industry for more than 10 years, honing his skills in market strategy and supply chain management. Liu was instrumental in the founding of OnePlus’ TV business in India, overseeing global marketing, sales, supply chain and go-to-market strategies in 2018. Under Liu’s leadership, OnePlus’ first-gen TV was launched in 2019, becoming the third best-selling TV brand in India by 2022.