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Customers expect seamless self-service. Here’s how to provide it

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, homebound consumers became digital-first natives as they turned to self-service channels to manage their lives. And while a digital transformation was already underway, the past two years were a tipping point which heightened consumer expectations for instant gratification and digital self-service.

“The voice call has become a last resort,” says Laura Bassett, VP of Product Marketing, NICE CXone, a leading provider of AI-powered, next-gen customer experience solutions. Instead, the goal is providing consumers with multiple digital-first solutions so that, “most of the time, you can provide a DIY experience.” To do that, data analysis is critical to anticipate customer needs, predict potential roadblocks and provide multiple pathways toward a resolution without any unnecessary stops along the way.

“Customer expectations are changing faster than ever before.”

 As the past few years have made perfectly clear, consumer experience is constantly shifting, iterating and transforming. Business owners not only need an all-in-one, fully integrated cloud-native platform as a foundation, they need a platform that allows them to act smarter and respond faster.

“Customer expectations are changing faster than ever before,” says Andy Traba, director of product marketing at NICE. “Data needs to become smarter and offer a better experience to consumers. Harnessing the power of AI can help organizations meet their customers on their digital doorsteps to satisfy their rapidly accelerating expectations for instant gratification.”

To do this, companies can’t solely focus on what’s worked in the past — they need to anticipate the future. By harnessing data through AI, companies can turn insights into results in real time. This can give customer service agents the information they need in the moment to pinpoint opportunities and make decisions, elevating the customer and agent experience. With the right tools, a seamless customer service experience can be built on data, not guesswork, and provide the ability to grow and pivot based on customer needs.

Smart self-service routing for a better customer experience

 “Today, consumers expect organizations to know their individual preferences and shape their experiences accordingly,” Traba says. “Overall, AI is working to ensure every customer interaction with an organization is better than the last,” Traba adds.

AI-powered smart self-service makes each customer experience better by identifying customer intents and building problem-solving behaviors in real time. And the data builds on itself: The more interaction data that’s collected, the more effective customer experience becomes.

AI and machine learning are no longer bleeding-edge technologies, accessible only to a select few. By acting smarter and responding faster, CXone by NICE is an all-in-one, fully scalable platform for customer engagement, omnichannel routing and workforce engagement that can allow for call centers to securely customize operations. NICE empowers organizations to intelligently meet their customers on their digital doorsteps. The end results are smarter self-service, happier customers and the ability to perform real-time pivots even before you recognize the need to do so.

In this rapidly changing world, your CX platform should be as nimble as your customers. By investing in a digital solution that empowers customer experience, streamlines interactions and turns data into actionable insights, businesses can be prepared — even for the unpredictable.


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