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5 pieces of business advice from die-hard gamers

Working from home while self-isolating left me with a lot of time spent at home. I, like many others out there, tried cooking elaborate meals, becoming the de facto star baker of my household, catching up with old friends, and going on appropriately socially distanced walks, but I still couldn’t seem to fill the days. 

And then one day, while on a never-ending scrolling quest to the bottom of my Instagram feed, I saw that some friends had been spending their days gaming. I decided to join them. While playing everything from Call of Duty: Warzone to Dota2 on my MSI GS66 laptop, I realized within these games were embedded lessons that I could apply to succeeding at work. 

I knew I couldn’t be the only person who’s had this realization. So I got in touch with friends who love gaming as much as I do, and asked what they thought were the best business lessons they learned from playing video games.

Strategize early

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Making the most of your time, growing stronger, and finding success is ultimately up to how well you can strategize. When playing your favorite game, it’s best to learn what combination of abilities, mods, skills and more will be most advantageous while playing. Succeeding at work is no different. When starting a new job, meeting with your colleagues to learn what’s expected of you can be very valuable when it comes to unlocking what it takes to thrive. Understanding expectations will help you decide how to manage your time and learn what skills need the most development. Even if you aren’t in a new position, it’s never too late to get a deeper understanding of expectations.

Expect the unexpected

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Defying expectations is a common storytelling practice you’ll find not only in games, but also books, TV and movies. It’s a great way to keep the audience guessing and engaged in elongated storylines. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to expect the unexpected. The best way to enact  this piece of advice at work would be to plan for multiple outcomes. Unfortunately, every project that you may work on won’t necessarily turn out the way you planned. Planning for a variety of scenarios from worst to best case can be instrumentally helpful in determining your plan of action when things go awry.

Ask for help when you need it

Getting help while gaming can take plenty of different forms, from consulting a walkthrough or game guide to teaming up with friends when playing online. This can help you level up faster, gain a new ability or win a tough boss battle. When it comes to work, asking for help can go a long way in determining success. Reaching out to colleagues can help when you’re faced with a question you can’t answer on your own, have limited resources and need a hand, or need to acquire a new skill. Even if your colleagues can’t provide a solution for you, they can most likely point you in the right direction. Utilize the resources around you to maximize your accomplishment. 

It all comes down to the details

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Some of the toughest puzzle games are all about the details. Finding the right path forward requires a keen commitment to absorbing all of the clues left by the game creators. Details matter, at work, in gaming, and in life. Apply your astute adherence to details at work to demonstrate your commitment to getting results. Understand the full scope of each project, your responsibilities, timelines, and projected outcomes, and you’ll never fail.

Work during the day; game at night

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