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Inspiring high-performance teams: The Movile way

Big dreams — unbelievably big ones — can really help people see the future. And, they will rally your team to move faster, together. Learn the proven methodology taught at universities like Harvard and Stanford to create a highly effective, “can do” culture to catapult your startup to the next level. And, continue to attract and retain talent, because sizable ambitions inspire teams based on Movile’s wildly successful “Mobile Dream” internship and recruitment program.


Luciana Carvalho — People & Performance VP, Movile

Luciana Carvalho, People & Performance VP at Movile, is a firm believer that when people are motivated and inspired, they do their best work. With more than 12 years of HR and operations experience, Carvalho is passionate about combining culture, innovation, leadership and diversity to create workplaces people love and employee experiences that are remarkable.

Patrick Hruby — CEO, Movile

Prior to taking the help of Movile, the largest tech investment group in Latin America, as its new CEO in early 2020, Patrick Hruby gained years of leadership experience at Silicon Valley companies, including seven years at Google, followed by seven years at Facebook, where he served as the vice president of sales for small and medium-sized companies in Latin America.