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Accelerate your growth using agile market research throughout the product lifecycle

Conducting market research at each stage of your product lifecycle is a critical component to a successful product launch and sustained growth in an increasingly competitive market. While traditional market research can be costly and require a specialized team, agile market research software makes it possible for anyone on your team to get the insights you need fast. Watch this session from Momentive.ai to learn how to conduct your own market research to identify what kinds of products and features users value most, get insight into the competitive landscape, and track your brand’s awareness and shifting perceptions over time.


Nancee Halpin | Solutions Engineer, Momentive.ai

Nancee is a Solutions Engineer at Momentive.ai, with experience leading market research studies for Kantar, Fuel Cycle, Business Insider, and more. Nancee is based in New York, NY.

Stephanie Pye | Lead Product Marketing Manager, Momentive.ai

Stephanie is a product marketing leader at Momentive.ai, the maker of SurveyMonkey and GetFeedback. Stephanie spent over 10 years conducting quantitative research at market research and brand consulting agencies, including Kantar and Hall & Partners, before working in AdTech at Wayfair and CX at Medallia. Stephanie is based in San Francisco, CA.