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Creating a true, user-led metaverse

TechCrunch was proud to host MetaJuice at TC Sessions: Crypto 2022 in Miami

Partner Session: In Review

The metaverse provides a virtual space that connects people, worlds and communities. A place where users can exchange currency and goods between themselves, not the company behind the platform. As the internet evolves, we hold the responsibility to create platforms that encompass diversity and inclusion, ownership of data, security, and sustainability. As leaders in this space, how do we create an environment that allows users and creators to explore their imaginations and earning potential without limits?


Chris Jones, Head of Business and Development at MetaJuice

Chris Jones is an internationally recognized blockchain expert and technology veteran. He is presently Head of Business Development at MetaJuice, the crypto subsidiary of Together Labs, a metaverse games company.

Alex Mogul, Director at Republic Crypto

Alexandra Mogul is the Head of Staking and Infrastructure Solutions at Republic Crypto, where she connects stakeable asset holders to the proprietary technology behind R/Crypto Runtime. Prior to launching Runtime, Alexandra led Republic Crypto’s Token Offerings business, empowering token issuers to access U.S. and non-U.S. capital markets compliantly. An Amazon veteran and a builder at heart, Mogul lives her life by the mantra that anyone can learn anything. She hails from Chicago and currently resides in Manhattan.

Natalia Mazzuchelli | Strategic Partner Success Manager, ImmutableX

Natalia Mazzuchelli leads the Partner Success team in the Americas for Immutable and is responsible for building the strategy for partners to drive value across these relationships. Additionally, she is on the board of Team4Tech, a not-for-profit accelerator with the aim to improve the quality of education for under-resourced learners by building nonprofit capacity through technology and training. Mazzuchelli is a seasoned professional with more than 15 years of sales, marketing and partnership experience. She recently joined Immutable from Coinbase, where she led the NFT Success Team and was responsible for building a team that provides a white-glove experience to some of the most prominent NFT creators in the space. In her past experience at Meta, as the Head of Global Vertical Solutions, she led a cross-functional team and oversaw product, sales, creative, measurement and research activities to optimize expansion across the company’s largest vertical.