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LINE Man app is a must-watch rising star in Thailand for all investors

As convenience is sought by nearly everyone, no service has been able to compare to the level of convenience LINE Man has brought to Thailand. LINE Man is an app that provides 5 distinct services—food, grocery, and parcel delivery and messenger and taxi service—all in one place. Within many of the industries LINE Man touches, it has the largest network of partners of any of its competitors in those spaces. With a growth rate of 300%, the app boasts some 3 million users who regularly use at least one of its services, making LINE Man a stand out to visionary investors.

LINE Man aims to be the best on-demand delivery service for Thai consumers. To achieve this, it expands partnerships and develops features and experiences by digging deep into customer insights.

“LINE Man was created by Thai people for Thai people, and has since become the fastest growing service here. We understand their needs. It helps to elevate the standard of street food, SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises), and has created new business prospects for partners in every category. Simply put, it introduces a new dimension of doing business and creates jobs for local Thai people, resulting in economic expansion in Thailand,” said Eunjung Lee, LINE’s Senior Vice President of Global Business and Acting Managing Director of LINE Thailand.

“LINE Man aims to maximize their partnership network to cover more industries in order to meet all aspects of customers’ needs,” Lee added.

Overall, LINE is a strong platform with a user base. It is an easy to use app that can be accessed by all, and carries an all-inclusive ecosystem that covers the entire ordering, delivery and payment process from start to finish.

The total LINE ecosystem can provide businesses all services and solutions needed to easily scale up and run effectively while providing a friendly customer experience.

As Thai people are already very familiar with at least some of the services offered by the LINE app, users will be more likely to adopt other LINE services that exist within the ecosystem. As a result, LINE Man is now extremely popular amongst people in Thailand.

Because LINE Man solves user’s needs, simplifying their lives by meeting many of their concerns in one place, it is clearly a service with high potential investors should keep a close eye on.