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An Auditors View for Acing SOC 2: Maximizing Transparency and Minimizing Inefficiency

You may be surprised to know that preparing and going through a SOC 2 audit isn’t exactly like taking your high school math exams. Sadly, most audits lack a level of objectivity and transparency that allows the process to flow smoothly and successfully. Often, they are dependent on a business’ unique scope and structure, which adds a level of difficulty and unfortunately, typically results in inefficiencies. To add to the complexity, auditors vary greatly across the board. This subjectivity, in and of itself, can cause a great deal of delays and friction in getting your certification.

The good news is there are many ways to streamline the process and improve efficiency. By using technology-enabled software, the entire audit process can be reimagined. Features such as auditor-accepted monitors, integrations, live commenting, and real-time audit status have changed the traditional auditing process from archaic and redundant, to efficient and streamlined.

In this webinar hosted by Laika, you’ll hear from three industry experts who have approached countless audits from every angle – auditor, consultant, and even CISO. They’ll share firsthand experience of how integrated audits are revolutionizing the SOC 2 audit process, how to minimize unnecessary friction, and also how to spot a true integrated process versus just an elevated experience.

Key takeaways:

  • See how assessors assess SOC 2 audits differently and why that could throw a wrench in passing your audit
  • Learn what tips and tools can help you streamline the SOC 2 process
  • Discover what to look for when buying into a true integrated audit