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Keytalk AI’s innovative Prompt Engineering Unleashes Generative AI’s Potential, Disrupting Industry Titans

Is the reign of Apple and Google’s duopoly coming to an end? The rise of the ChatGPT Plugin Store suggests a new era is on the horizon, reshaping all service sectors. With plugins, ChatGPT has overcome its limitation of accessing the live internet, opening doors to a new digital goldmine. The plugins can be truly revolutionary with the help of prompt engineering.

Keytalk, a revolutionary prompt developed by Keytalk AI, represents a paradigm shift in prompt engineering, raising the bar for the industry

In the world of generative AI, conversational user experience is the key to unlocking the full potential of LLMs (large language models). Gone are the days of clicking through menus on screens. Now, we interact with AI through the prompt bar, but many users struggle with what to say. That’s how prompt engineering became an issue, as some savvy early adopters started hacking their way to scavenge the hidden potential of conversational AI.

Keytalk AI uses advanced prompt engineering to help people leverage the full potential of generative AI. It’s a powerful solution that will disrupt even the established leaders in most consumer markets. After a decade of research and development of prompt engineering, the company is now ready to astonish the world with solutions in industries sectors such as OTT, OTA, beauty commerce, and more.

Unleashing New Possibilities: Prompt Engineering Maximizes the Potential of Generative AI

Imagine asking a ChatGPT travel plugin for the best surfing destinations and getting the perfect recommendation that you don’t need to double or triple-check elsewhere. Thanks to Keytalk AI’s prompt engineering, Staypia can process deeply contextual requests like “recommend cities and hotels for surfing in Europe” in a single go, and provide detailed information, even offering links to book the recommended hotels at the lowest price.

Travel plugins that launched months ahead of Staypia, like Expedia and Kayak, can’t give you a straight answer to the same question. ChatGPT has to step in to recommend the right destinations, because these plugins don’t have the semantic capability required to process conversational commands.

The example above shows that ChatGPT prefers Staypia, a newly launched plugin, over Expedia’s plugin when both are activated. This highlights the importance of prompt engineering in setting a service apart within the competitive world of generative AI. Those who excel in delivering a superior conversational user experience will undoubtedly have a significant advantage in the new era of digital exposure.

However, the task of tagging and labeling data at scale to keep pace with generative AI platforms presents a significant challenge. Both ChatGPT and Scale AI have publicly acknowledged their reliance on human taggers in Africa, South America, and other regions. Netflix has joined them by employing 30 taggers in the US, committing to an annual payout of $1.4 million. If this approach is adopted globally, the estimated expenditure would be around $20 million per year. However, it should be noted that human tagging can be quite repetitive despite its effectiveness.

On the other hand, Keytalk AI has taken a completely different approach. Instead of relying on human taggers, the company uses AI to automate the tagging process. Their system is capable of learning and distinguishing a wide range of expressions and attribute nuances, which sets Keytalk AI apart from others in the industry.

Disrupting the Digital Platform World: Keytalk AI Reinforces Personalized User Experience

Prompt engineering goes beyond ChatGPT, taking personalized user experience to the next level. Just as humans use their semantic abilities (the ability to understand the context) to comprehend the differing perceptions of others, Keytalk AI combines and scores the nuances that vary from person to person.

Take the phrase “romantic movie,” for instance. Some perceive it as a “romantic comedy with a love-at-first-sight plot and two attractive characters eventually falling in love, finishing with a happy ending”; while others think of “bittersweet drama like The Notebook that features emotional moments and is perfected by realistic acting.” Keytalk AI can discern even the most delicate nuances to deliver personalization for each user at the perception level.

Keytalk prompt data is trained on constantly changing public perceptions based on country-specific data sources by scoring and bundling relevance, updating them in real-time to reflect new buzzwords, and finally categorizing them by industry-specific themes (such as plot, character, and directing for movies). Keytalk AI’s patented AIOps engine automates more than 90 percent of traditionally ‘human-operated’ processes.

This innovative, non-binary Keytalk prompt system can dramatically boost personalized user experience without relying on user log data, since each Keytalk prompt holds thousands of associated attributes processed from learning the different nuances in the crowd’s reactions. Moreover, these prompts can seamlessly integrate into existing data systems and LLM models that typically rely on the metadata-driven item information, thereby enriching outcomes with context-aware data.

The company’s Movie Prompt Search was launched on Product Hunt in February 2023, almost immediately after the initial ChatGPT hype, and was named the #1 best-rated product among over 2,000 products from around the world. Many, including movie industry professionals, touted its ability to find references with personal contexts, not just the movie’s actual name or cast.

Redefining Industries: Combining Keytalk and Generative AI to Provide a Practical Breakthrough

Keytalk AI’s prompt engineering catalyzes industry shift because it solves the problem of what to prompt or say while using generative AI tools. A myriad of AI writing tools flooded the market since the initial ChatGPT hype, but the quality of their output still depends heavily on each user to input high-quality prompts. The challenge is that crafting diverse expressions from scratch is tricky and time-consuming, even for experienced writers.

Keytalk AI solved this problem by providing users with rich cinematic movie prompts to support creative writing. The ability to select from pre-set expressions engineered especially for moviemaking enables profound and tailored storytelling. With 100,000 prompts, users can access the potential for over 1,000 trillion unique story combinations.

Users can further tune each prompt by adjusting attribute weights. They can also explore thousands of movie references while selecting prompts, streamlining the process and significantly reducing pre-production research time. The ‘synopsis builder’ feature is now available on Keytalk AI’s Maimovie app and Maimovie Plus AI Studio System.

The company is rapidly expanding its scope of prompt engineering to consumer industries such as beauty (Glamai) and travel (Staypia). Glamai, the company’s beauty prompt search service, helps its users discover an infinite variety of skincare and make-up routines based on over 190,000 Keytalk prompts that label existing beauty products.

Keytalk AI stands out with its unique approach to service development. It builds tailored frameworks and automates operations from the early stages, gaining unparalleled operational competitiveness. By establishing a strong foundation and integrating automation, Keytalk AI gains a significant advantage in the industry.

From Keywords to Keytalks: Prompt Engineering as Market Trends and Analytics Tool

Thanks to substantial advances in generative AI technologies, the world is undergoing a significant shift toward the decentralized world of Web3. Increasingly, individuals will transition from various websites and apps to GenAI ecosystems, where they can conveniently access a multitude of services through plugins. Prompt Trends and analytics will emerge as the more effective alternative to keyword trends and analytics in this new digital environment.

Keytalk-based conversational prompt analytics has immense advantages over keyword analytics. Due to its semantic capabilities, Keytalk can help advertisers gain market insight based on user contexts, such as “minimal touch-up” or “perfect for a dinner date.” This complements traditional interest targeting, such as women, in the 20s, and beauty.

Prompt engineering can help OpenAI replicate the current keyword ad model on its ChatGPT platform, allowing brands to insert their own marketing content in AI-generated recommendations. This will improve the overall usability of the ChatGPT platform by reinforcing interactive experiences provided by a myriad of brands and advertisers.

Keytalk AI has spent the last decade accumulating a vast collection of prompt expressions and attribute datasets from various industries. Leveraging dynamic ontology, the company has achieved exceptional scalability, enabling Keytalk data to be scaled rapidly and accurately. This breakthrough empowers Keytalk AI to seamlessly extend its prompt library into new industries, even when working with limited datasets. As a result, the significant entry barrier typically encountered in prompt engineering is effectively eliminated.

As a pioneer in the industry, Keytalk AI boasts over 30 business references with global leaders in various industries for AI transformation of existing industries. Notably, the company’s collaboration with Booking.com in 2019 earned recognition as a global best case by Amazon Web Services for successfully integrating an AI solution with Amazon SageMaker. Presently, Keytalk AI is an Advanced Technology Partner and an ISV Accelerate Partner for AWS.

Prepare for the Next Wave of Generative AI Evolution with Keytalk AI

At the height of its hype, AI Writing tool Jasper successfully secured $125 million in funding, reaching a valuation of $1.5 billion. It became a trailblazer by showcasing the potential of ChatGPT for the average tech user, marking the dawn of the era of paid AI tools.

The generative AI market has since transitioned into its second phase. Companies like Jasper may be questioning the next step as users become more familiar with GPT technology. Now, it takes more than a simple GPT application to make a lasting impact in this evolving landscape. Prompt engineering is the key to achieving success and making a notable entry into the market.

The future is bright for prompt engineering. Prompt engineering will be the game-changer as generative AI becomes a standard feature in digital platforms and services. Companies like Keytalk AI are revolutionizing the industry landscape, offering a new era of conversational user experience. It’s time to embrace prompt engineering, unlock its full potential, and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of AI.

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