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Delivering the holy grail: Safe, highly-automated consumer vehicles for sale

Next year top automakers will sell luxury consumer vehicles that include safe, hands-free driving features. LiDAR will take these automated driving systems to the next level, and re-establish trust with consumers who stand to benefit from these life-saving technologies. Innoviz Technologies CEO and Co-founder Omer Keilaf discusses the long road to making automotive-grade LiDAR, in order to help car makers like BMW achieve Level 3 automation for the first time. What’s next? The tech is ready. Now it’s time to integrate it into cars around the world and properly educate consumers so they love, not loathe, automated driving again.


Omer Keilaf | Co-Founder & CEO, Innoviz Technologies

Omer Keilaf has spent 20+ years driving cutting edge technologies from inception to commercialization. As the co-founder and CEO of Innoviz Technologies, Keilaf is helping enable the commercialization of autonomous vehicles by providing high-performance LiDAR at mass market prices. He has overseen the company’s tremendous success as it overtook older, more established LiDAR developers to earn a design win with BMW, marking the industry’s first major design win for series production of autonomous vehicles. Last year, Keilaf took Innoviz public in a SPAC merger with Collective Growth Corporation, with a valuation of $1.4 billion. Prior to co-founding Innoviz, Omer served as an officer in an elite technological unit of the Intelligence Corps of the Israel Defense Forces. His speciality disciplines are in opto-mechanics, electrical engineering, and MEMS. He holds a BSc and MSc in Electrical Engineering and an MBA, all from Tel Aviv University.