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iMerit ML DataOps Summit 2022

On November 8, 2022, iMerit gathered 2,000+ data scientists, engineers, and ML professionals virtually at the ML DataOps Summit to hear from leaders at the forefront of deploying ML DataOps solutions that power machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Watch all 13 sessions highlighting AI and ML leaders, data scientists, and engineers from a variety of industries including autonomous mobility, medical AI, and technology. Speakers discuss the latest trends around successfully deploying machine learning data operations, commercializing AI with data intelligence, ML DataOps readiness for enterprise AI, solving edge cases in production AI and the latest trends happening in the ML DataOps landscape.

Watch one of the more popular sessions: “Why Solving Data Edge Cases is Key to Accelerating AI” here, then click below to see the other 12 sessions from this powerful event.

It’s no secret that AI systems are being used in more and more high-stakes applications – self-driving cars, robotic surgery and more. As AI advances, it’s becoming critical to ensure that AI systems navigate real-world anomalies successfully. Join this session to hear veteran machine learning experts discuss what it takes to identify and solve data edge cases to maximize AI performance and achieve widespread adoption.

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