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Check out the iMerit ML DataOps Summit on TechCrunch

iMerit gathered 2500+ senior leaders at the forefront of deploying data solutions that power machine learning and artificial intelligence for the ML DataOps Summit on December 2nd.

Top AI and ML speakers discussed the latest trends around successfully deploying machine learning data operations. Attendees gained insights on leveraging human intelligence to advance AI, solving edge cases with high-quality data, scaling data pipelines for rapid deployment and understanding the data labeling ecosystem. The event brought together AI and ML leaders across a variety of industries including autonomous mobility, medical AI, geospatial, technology and more.

Check out tons of sessions like the one below on advances in New Mobility powered by AI, ML and motion planning testing hosted by John Dolan, Principal Systems Scientist at Carnegie Melon Univeristy, Jinhua Zhao, Associate Professor of City and Transportation Planning at MIT, and Chris Barker, Founder and CEO, CBC Transportation Consulting.

How AI, ML and Motion Planning Testing Are Advancing New Mobility

Leading MIT and CMU professors share how AI and ML are creating new breakthroughs in autonomous transportation. Learn the latest research and testing in motion planning behaviors that will enable autonomous mobility companies to safely and efficiently deploy autonomous vehicles at scale.

Tune into more sessions on the iMerit ML DataOps Summit event hub!