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A new sensing paradigm: How GPR uses subterranean maps to enable automated driving in any condition

Automakers and AV companies use GPR’s subterranean mapping and localization platform to deliver a safe automated driving experience without relying on clear lane markings, cooperative weather and lighting, or stable visual landmarks. GPR is expanding where and when consumer vehicles with automated features and AVs can operate, opening up new markets and bringing a level of autonomy that can earn the public’s trust. At TC Sessions: Mobility 2022 GPR CEO Tarik Bolat details how GPR’s product works, how automakers and AV companies are using it today, and what it means for the future of high volume passenger vehicle autonomy, robotaxis, and automated freight.


Tarik Bolat | CEO and Cofounder, GPR

Tarik Bolat is the CEO and Cofounder of GPR, the company delivering centimeter level localization in any condition by mapping and tracking to subterranean data with ground penetrating radar. Vehicles equipped with GPR localize when visual landmarks or lane markings are absent or obscured, ensuring autonomous safety and performance across all manner of environments and scenarios. Prior to leading GPR, Tarik was the Executive Vice President at Renewable Energy Trust where he helped build one of the leading independent solar and wind power producers in North America. Tarik holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Columbia University.