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How to supercharge growth, utilize cloud, and reduce burn

Building and running a startup has become even more daunting and challenging. How can you build fast while also managing your burn in the current investment landscape? Attendees got to hear successful startups discuss:

  • Personal stories and battle scars in the journey to accelerate scale
  • Managing volatility and the unknown in a changing investment landscape
  • The importance of metrics and being smart about how and where you build
  • Solutions for Bootstrap, Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A startups and how you can get support and scale up


Martin Mao | CEO & Co-founder, Chronosphere

Martin is a technologist with a history of solving problems at the largest scale in the world and is passionate about helping enterprises use cloud native observability and open source technologies to succeed on their cloud native journey. He’s now the Co-Founder & CEO of Chronosphere, a Series C startup with $255M in funding, backed by Greylock, Lux Capital, General Atlantic, Addition, and Founders Fund. He was previously at Uber, where he led the development and SRE teams that created and operated M3. Previously, he worked at AWS, Microsoft, and Google. He and his family are based in the Seattle area, and he enjoys playing soccer and eating meat pies in his spare time.

Karthik Ranganathan | CTO & Co-founder, Yugabyte

Karthik was one of the original database engineers at Facebook responsible for building distributed databases including Cassandra and HBase. He is an Apache HBase committer, and also an early contributor to Cassandra, before it was open-sourced by Facebook. He is currently the co-founder and CTO of the company behind YugabyteDB, a fully open-source distributed SQL database for building cloud-native and geo-distributed applications.

Ash Shehryar | Founder, Chief Design Officer, Pronto Media Group

Ash Shehryar is Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer of Pronto, a SaaS video creation tool that uses AI to enable users to create videos quickly and economically. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Ash was an award-winning creative director for several global marketing agencies. Her data-driven creative solutions resulted in 66 award-winning campaigns. Inspired by the consistently overlapping lines of marketing and technology, Ash is a distinctive leader with an original perspective, particularly on the user experience. She infuses the conceptual with the scientific, delivering real connections between audiences and brands while cultivating collaborative relationships with her clients and her team. Ash is passionate about what “could be” and immerses herself in technologies like AI, Blockchain, and AR/VR. Her time spent living in four countries, speaking three different languages, translates into a heightened understanding of diverse, global audiences.