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Here’s the secret to successfully navigating the tech talent shortage

Remote and hybrid work environments are here to stay. 74% of U.S. companies are using or planning to use a permanent hybrid work model, and, just a few weeks ago, Airbnb made headlines when it announced a new “live and work anywhere” policy. This is just further evidence of the major shift we are seeing in recruiting and hiring. 

However, companies are still adapting to the future of work – and struggling to locate, recruit and hire the talent that they need, especially in the technology industry. With an estimated 3.6 million technology job openings posted in 2021 alone, combined with the fact that filling these vacancies are a top concern for 73% of IT leaders, it’s proving challenging to find the right path forward. 

Bob Cahill, CEO of Globalization Partners, can provide insight on effectively navigating the tech talent shortage.  He’ll explain that despite popular belief, the talent is out there – if you know where to look.  He will address the ways in which a global mindset can help companies continue to hire innovative, experienced technology talent and realize the benefits of geographically distributed teams.

What does the current global landscape look like for tech talent?

Bob Cahill: I’d say that global tech hiring is at its peak right now. Combine this with the fact that just about everyone is embracing digital transformation projects that require specialized talent, we’re likely going to see the tech hiring boom continue. The key to solving this problem will be for companies to think about hiring in non-traditional ways and not let the physical location of their offices become an obstacle. This means implementing emerging technologies and working with partners, like an Employer of Record (EOR), to quickly hire talent no matter where they are located, anywhere in the world. 

Globalization Partners pioneered the EOR model because we realized, prior to the pandemic, that employees’ physical locations need not limit their access to jobs and opportunities. Our Global Employment Platform™ enables companies to grow revenue faster, by improving their access to global talent while minimizing risk. We are one of the only companies that provides technology that allows global staff to be hired seamlessly and scales the back-end compliance accommodating laws and standards across 187 countries.

How do companies need to change their mindset when it comes to hiring tech talent?

Cahill: Talent doesn’t need to be constrained by a 50-mile radius from headquarters, or even national boundaries. Once we open our minds to hiring talent in countries that we might not have worked with in the past, it becomes clearer that there is talent available.

We are seeing a worldwide shift toward global remote workforces. There are top candidates who are looking for opportunities, it’s just about being open about where to find them – which starts with having a global mindset and thinking beyond your own backyard. 

In fact, we’re finding that the top geographic areas our customers are currently hiring tech talent in include: India (20%), Canada (12%), Brazil (7%), UK (6%). Knowing that this incredible pool of talent is available outside of the U.S. and ready to work today is an opportunity for all of us. Not only that, but these employees can bring an incredible global perspective to an enterprise technology strategy. 

How is Globalization Partners helping companies to navigate these challenges?

Cahill: Globalization Partners does the heavy lifting for our customers – our Global Employment Platform™ enables companies to seamlessly hire talent anywhere in the world in just a few clicks without having to set up entities. From extending a job offer to signing contracts, the hiring process can be completed in minutes. As the pioneer of the EOR model, we are powering the future of work in which hiring international talent and engaging with international markets becomes the rule and not the exception.  

For example, when one of our customers, a website builder and all-in-one hosting solution for small businesses, started working with us, they were only considering hiring in three countries. With our guidance, they began sourcing for the best candidates they could find, regardless of location, and they now have 54 team members spread across 20 countries. That type of globalization often feels impossible to small businesses – but we believe any company, regardless of size has an opportunity to find talent around the world. We’re focused on providing that access. 

How is Globalization Partners finding this global talent? What methods or technologies are you using?

Cahill: Again, we believe that talent is everywhere — and we’re focused on eliminating barriers to global business. However, it’s hard for companies to know where to start. Even if they do know what country they would like to begin with, then the next question is how to find the right candidates? This is why, in 2021, we launched G-P Recruit, a new product offering within our platform that helps them find the best talent and leverages our extensive recruitment partner network, giving customers access to an unprecedented selection of recruitment specialists around the world at the right cost. Our recruitment partners have established reputations in their respective markets, so we can quickly source the best talent for open roles, all from one platform. 

I also want to highlight that our solution goes much further. Our platform also handles all the legal, tax, HR and local compliance, which would otherwise present a significant barrier to employing people internationally. We have the most entities of any EOR provider around the world, providing full compliance and control so no surprises will emerge later. Our entities ensure that the customers’ team members on our platform are treated as their own employees and receive the advantages as such. In addition, our user interface communicates with our customers in 15 languages and allows payment in 180 available currencies, including cryptocurrencies and digital wallets.

From your perspective, what does the state of global hiring look like moving forward?

Cahill: We strongly believe everyone, everywhere should be able to find a career that works for them — and Globalization Partners is providing this opportunity in a total addressable market of hundreds of thousands of companies in the U.S. and millions of companies around the world. The future of work is here in ways we never could have guessed, and Globalization Partners is proud to lead the way for companies, large or small, as they evolve in this transformation. With G-P’s technology, any company can have access to top-level talent anywhere, and larger enterprises can seamlessly expand internationally quickly and easily. 

It comes down to this — access to a global talent pool will democratize opportunities around the world for those in the knowledge-based industry. Improving access benefits all parties and is truly the future of work. 

About Bob Cahill, CEO, Globalization Partners

As CEO of Globalization Partners, Bob manages the day-to-day operations of the company, and is focused both on the business’s growth and financial metrics, as well as the company’s customer satisfaction ratings and employee engagement.

Bob joined Globalization Partners in 2018, bringing 20 years of C-suite experience. During his tenure as CFO, he has been instrumental in building and scaling Globalization Partners and cementing its status as the leading Employer of Record in the industry enabled by its Global Employment Platform™. He brings extensive knowledge of all aspects of business management with substantial experience in scaling rapidly growing companies. In addition, he has helped guide numerous companies through complex M&A transactions and IPOs.