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GetSwift’s Farm-to-Table, Scheduling Tech Deals Solidify its Last-Mile Offering

Until now, companies looking to conquer every step of the delivery game have had to lean on multiple tech solutions. This week, GetSwift, a leader in last-mile delivery technology for everything from pizza to flowers, took aim at that problem with two new acquisitions in the United States.

GetSwift (Australian Securities Exchange: GSW) scooped up global farm-to-table SaaS company Delivery BIZ Pro, which provides software to facilitate delivery between farms and providers of fresh produce to homes and businesses. GetSwift also acquired Scheduling+, which offers a comprehensive suite of scheduling services for hourly billed employees. As more companies look to improve their delivery operations, they have found that they also need staffing solutions such as scheduling to go along with it.

GetSwift’s acquisition is part of the company’s ongoing strategy to unify technologies serving each leg of the delivery market – from farm to restaurant kitchen to home table. With these deals, GetSwift hopes to capture business that even e-commerce giants have had trouble nailing: end-to-end streamlined delivery technology.

Across the globe, Delivery BIZ Pro’s software optimizes the operations of distribution companies delivering the likes of CSA boxes, dairy, meal kits, and water coolers. The fast-growing demand by consumers to eat at home, rather than at restaurants, dovetails with a demand to get their produce delivered too.

What sets Delivery BIZ Pro apart? One advantage is its ability to reach farms, dairies and other producers on an extremely-local level that e-commerce giants cannot touch. Its system interacts with over 6,800 local suppliers and of those, more-than 4,500 are in locations that Amazon and its peers are unlikely to access.

The company’s reach is also broad – and expanding. Its cloud-based solution has heavy customer concentration on the U.S. east and west coasts, with many states in between that can be reached in the imminent future. States such as Arizona, Michigan, and Iowa are all likely to embrace the local food movement and offer runway for expansion. Internationally, Delivery BIZ Pro is active in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the United Kingdom – with potential to enter new markets quickly.

There is also scope for Delivery BIZ Pro to deploy its software for use in other highly-localized industries. For instance, the company already has diaper delivery companies in its system and could easily accommodate laundry, dry cleaning, linens, or medical items such as oxygen tanks.

For clients, Delivery BIZ Pro offers four key components: a customer-facing front-end marketplace, the admin-facing backend suite of tools, mobile driver software, and a complete set of related IT items. Those features have proven valuable to customers, who have shown a very low attrition rate after joining the Delivery BIZ Pro system.

“Delivery BIZ Pro is a proven and leading delivery management system in the attractive farm-to-table delivery market in North America” said GetSwift CEO Bane Hunter. “With its diverse product offering including front-end ordering, route mapping and business intelligence, DBP and GetSwift will enable customers to have an end-to-end last mile solution in key markets. We are very excited about the potential to leverage our infrastructure and resources for our combined growth,” he said.

Judd Payne, CEO and co-founder of Delivery BIZ Pro, said “We’ve had a myriad of options, but the opportunity to become a part of GetSwift and to work closely with its executive management was a very important factor for us. We aim to leverage the sales and growth infrastructure of GetSwift, expand our scale, and accelerate our ability to penetrate the last mile delivery market with our joint cloud-based solution.”

Meanwhile, companies from restaurants to banks face a need to manage the shifts of drivers, cyclers, and dispatchers using big data and AI. For GetSwift, it was natural to bring such capabilities under its roof to offer a one-stop shop to its customers. With Scheduling+, GetSwift can now offer employee scheduling, time-clock, payroll, and task management among many other features and functionality.

“Employee scheduling is a major pain point for many of our customers and a dependency when scaling delivery growth. Integrating Scheduling+ into GetSwift’s platform provides a best-in-class scheduling solution for our clients – one that will fully integrate into our platform,” Hunter said.

Scheduling+ will eliminate GetSwift’s reliance on third-party scheduling solutions when fully integrated on the GetSwift platform. With the acquisition, GetSwift will bring scheduling services in-house and plans to develop more AI components to its client offering.

“Instead of having to partner with external providers for this function we are now able to offer this as a comprehensive proprietary solution,” Hunter said.

Erich Prohs, CEO and co-founder of Scheduling+, said “Joining GetSwift’s SaaS platform allows us to leverage best-in-class global management, sales, product, and engineering teams to accelerate our ability to provide our scheduling services to businesses to optimize and increase the efficiency of their hourly workforce operations. We are very excited by the potential of what our combined platforms will deliver.”

With this week’s acquisitions, GetSwift, a pioneer of last-mile technology, will take clients yet another step further as they lead growth in the burgeoning delivery market.