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More conversations, fewer clicks: Leveraging generative AI to help businesses get to the point faster

We’ve all been there. Trying to get a hold of customer support and falling down a rabbit hole of clicks while attempting to navigate the website and figuring out ‘how’ to even find support. Or sifting through manually-pulled excel sheet ‘data’ to try and determine which customers to send an email to, wondering if your email is too long and – by the way – what should the subject line be? Too many clicks and too few conversations.

Freshworks is changing the way its customers interact with its products – by enabling them to have more conversations, with less clicking around on screens. This comes at a critical time, as economic uncertainty looms and businesses hustle to find ways to reduce costs and work more efficiently.

With new ChatGPT-based conversational enhancements to Freshworks’ natively-built AI-powered assistant, Freddy, businesses can now experience the true value of generative AI and how it can drive efficiency at work and ensure better quality of customer responses and customer targeting. The result? Stronger everyday conversations with their customers and their employees.

Using OpenAI’s ChatGPT and underlying large language models, the latest generative AI capabilities of Freddy help a wide range of customer-facing professionals work faster and smarter. Customer service agents respond quickly to customers and employees in the right tone and with flawless grammar, marketers compose more compelling copy in a fraction of the time, and sellers craft powerful emails that hook in a prospect.

Delightful Customer Experiences with Real Time Support

Take Tim, an airline passenger, for example. He takes a flight from JFK to LAX. Tim has a great flight and is ready to enjoy his trip. However, upon landing, he finds that his luggage has not made it. Frustrated, Tim reaches out to support via chat.

The agent who receives his contact is immediately provided with the proper response to his circumstance, thanks to GPT technology and an integration with back-end systems, including their baggage management system. Freddy AI with GPT analyzes data and generates personalized responses.

The agent is ready with a quickly crafted response that acknowledges the customer’s issue, provides an update on his baggage and includes an appropriate accommodation based on the customer’s segmentation type — rather than the agent having to ask unnecessary questions or put the customer on hold. The notification can be sent via text, email, or push notification through the airline’s mobile app, depending on Tim’s preferred method of communication. This is all happening in real-time, Tim doesn’t need to wait and can head to his hotel. So, even though Tim feels frustrated that his luggage is lost, the speedy, personalized, and detailed response from support helps alleviate his frustrations and gives him the info he needs to reunite with his luggage.

Need for follow-up? No problem. Support agents using Freshchat™ can view an automatic summary of customer conversations to gain context, rather than reading through an entire conversation before responding.

Increasing Conversion Rates, Engagement in Marketing

Marketers using Freshmarketer™, Freshworks’ marketing automation suite, can write better email copy in less time to improve open rates and engagement. Generative AI can analyze a customer’s demographic data, purchase history, browsing behavior and more to determine their interests and preferences, to create personalized product recommendations for individual customers, as well as personalized marketing content such as email campaigns, social media posts, or advertisements.

For example, let’s say Tim’s airline is offering bonus points to frequent fliers for a limited time. Tim happens to be a frequent flier, so he receives a personalized email encouraging him to take a trip and earn double the points if he books within the week. Travel addict Tim, books his trip and earns more bonus points to use towards his next adventure.

Increasing Seller Win Rates and Productivity

In sales, prioritizing efforts and focusing on prospects with the best potential for success doesn’t always come easy. However, with generative AI, sellers can easily identify high-opportunity prospects. Freddy’s AI proactively provides recommendations on which opportunities to focus on and which tasks to perform to increase win rates, focus on prospects with the highest potential for success, and improve seller productivity.

For Freshworks users, this means using Freshsales™ to identify usage and behavior data of prospects to determine which are more likely to convert into customers. This information can help sellers make personalized recommendations since generative AI can analyze a prospect’s behavior, preferences, and past interactions with a company to generate personalized recommendations for products or services that are most likely to meet their needs.

Sellers can then tailor their pitches and increase the chances of closing a deal. Or can help keep a loyal customer happy and drive them to buy more -– think Tim’s frequent flier bonus points email!

Sales automation with AI can also automate mundane, routine tasks such as scheduling follow-up calls and sending personalized emails on a regular cadence to prospects. This frees up sellers to work more efficiently and effectively by focusing on building relationships and closing deals with high opportunity prospects.

At Freshworks, our fundamental ethos is that we’re building our product for the end users and generative AI is another tool in the toolkit we offer to our customers. More conversations, fewer clicks.

Learn more about Freshworks’ Freddy and sign up for the new Freshchat beta program here, and Freshmarketer beta program here.