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Automation, Efficiency, Insights: Freshworks Leverages Generative AI to Transform Customer Experiences

There’s a revolution happening in the customer service industry and generative AI is at the heart of this transformation. Luckily for support agents around the world, Freshworks has been leading by testing and integrating AI into its products for the last five years. The outcome is faster automation, more productive agents, and real-time insights.

Freshworks officially launched Freddy AI in 2018 as a self-service bot and native AI engine. But Freddy AI has continuously evolved to incorporate the latest advancements like generative AI. In 2021, Freshworks introduced precise response recommendations based on generative AI; and more recently, auto-generated content to improve the work of salespeople, marketers and support teams. Garnering early interest from nearly 400 users, the latest AI-enhanced automations were used by Freshworks’ top five customers more than 1,000 times within 30 days.

Automation: Redefining Self-Service for Exceptional Customer Support

One of the biggest challenges customer service leaders face involves scaling high service levels without increasing headcount. Traditional deflection rates have often fallen short, but with the introduction of generative AI through Freshworks’ platform, the possibilities are endless. By leveraging generative AI, deflection rates can reach unprecedented levels, ensuring customers receive personalized self-service experiences at scale. The automation capabilities enable businesses to offer efficient solutions, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and freeing up agents to take care of the more complex customer queries.

Efficiency: Accelerating Agent Productivity

Onboarding and managing agents efficiently while maximizing their productivity remains a critical concern for customer service leaders. The incorporation of generative AI into Freshwork’s platform, revolutionizes agent training and performance. Its AI-powered tool, Freddy, can onboard agents within hours, significantly reducing the time investment required. The platform also arms agents with the information needed to provide personalized service – empowering them to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

A recent Freshworks report showed that using automation can help agents complete work faster. Those surveyed cited that it took less than a minute for an agent to be assigned to a conversation, an average of three minutes to issue a first response to a customer, and for live-agent assisted queries to be resolved in anywhere from 27 minutes to 48 hours, exceeding industry standards.

Insights: Real-Time Analysis for Enhanced Customer Experiences

Delivering outstanding experiences and continuously improving customer satisfaction remains front and center for customer service leaders. But often, historical data like CSAT scores can give limited insights – not showing the full picture and lagging indicators of success. Freshworks’ generative AI capabilities revolutionize the process by providing real-time insights to help leaders optimize their operations. By leveraging full customer context and rich insights, Freddy AI enables leaders to identify and address issues promptly, and stay attuned to customer sentiment in real time.

When it comes to the power of generative AI, Freshworks stands at the forefront of the revolution to support customer service leaders through the transformation.

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