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How to disrupt any industry with longevity science: No PhD required

What is the key to changing the world and invigorating a lagging business? Longevity science. Enhancing human flourishing and the technology that enables it should be a key consideration of any company. The industries that don’t take this to heart are ripe for disruption. Erin Sharoni, Chief Product Officer of FOXO Technologies, outlines why it’s critical for every industry to look at their business through a longevity lens, share the economic and ethical impacts of longevity on all life on the planet, and provide insights for founders, startups and entrepreneurs—regardless of industry—on how businesses can incorporate longevity science into their technology and products. She will be poised to answer questions regarding how longevity science can be used in many industries to enhance the human experience, as well as how FOXO is using it to disrupt the life insurance industry (and who is taking note of their efforts).


Erin Sharoni | Chief Product Officer, FOXO Technologies

Erin Sharoni is the chief product officer (CPO) of FOXO Technologies Inc., a technology startup using the science of AI and epigenetics to reinvent the life insurance industry. Erin has more than 15 years of experience building products and brands in molecular health, media and finance. Prior to joining FOXO, she served at InsideTracker as a creative director. Erin’s previous television career as a television host and journalist included roles on NBC Sports Network, CNBC, CBS Sports and Showtime. She also sat on Ray Dalio’s Core Management Team at Bridgewater as a management associate. Her multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving is driven by a lifelong commitment to the intersection of science and art, and she is passionate about disruptive technology that improves the human experience. She holds a Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. Additionally, Erin holds a master’s degree in biology from Harvard and a bachelor’s degree with honors in studio art from Wesleyan University. She is currently a Master of Bioethics degree candidate at Harvard Medical School.