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Be a pro marketer with Factoreal — an all-in-one engagement automation platform

Companies have been gradually transforming themselves in the past couple of decades with digital technologies to adapt to new realities of the Internet and mobile. Brands often talk about their long term plans on their digital transformation, sometimes spread over many years. Amongst the front-running departments within the digital transformation agenda of companies has been marketing. Effective MarTech innovations are allowing marketers to run on more data-driven access and insights to the numerous touchpoints of consumers. Marketers look to MarTech tools to cut through the noise, to understand consumer behaviour and eventually help drive business growth.

In fact, COVID-19 onset has created a sort of digital acceleration across companies. As per Twilio’s covid-19 digital engagement report, companies report easing of barriers. When asked what barriers have been impacted, 37% cited lack of clear strategy, 37% said getting executive approval, 35% noted a reluctance to replace legacy software, and 34% said a lack of time.

Need for better MarTech

A majority of the MarTech choices today are:

  • Expensive and Complex
  • Cumbersome and feature rich
  • Affordable and ineffective

Simply put, most good MarTech tools are too expensive, complicated and cumbersome for the average small to mid market company that doesn’t have the resources to operate, learn or afford the technology. In fact, even large enterprises are now starting to question the enormous amounts of money being spent on MarTech and looking to contain their costs, without sacrificing any fidelity or performance.

Small to medium-sized businesses have marketing needs similar to large enterprises. Their marketers are equally skilled, but lack sufficient tools and budgets that can make them successful.

After all, SMBs represent over 90% of the business population and are responsible for the overall growth of global economy (Oberlo)

At Factoreal, we want to answer one of the most important questions businesses have today: “How can we simplify our omni-channel customer engagement?” We want to help every organization, be it big or small, define, execute and automate their customer engagement journeys with ease. 

So we built an all-in-one platform where marketers can automate their customer journeys across multiple channels like email, SMS Text, Facebook, Instagram and even run ad campaigns. It is a self-service tool that supports and assists our clients in making their campaigns more successful. And we have been able to use technology effectively to make it simple and affordable for all.

Our mission at Factoreal is to help every marketer be a pro. 

Understanding marketers’ problems and how we help solve them is one of the most important factors in building Factoreal. We want to tell marketers that we understand where they are coming from, we understand their pain points, and that we have something to offer that can help them be a pro at marketing” – Aditya Dhruva, Founder and CEO of Factoreal

Image Credits: Factoreal

Automation & customer-centricity

Factoreal lets marketers choose from a wide range of pre-built, ready-to-use templates that help them to get started with their use cases in a matter of minutes. For the experts, Factoreal’s customer journey builder lets them take control of how they want to design their specific customer journeys and fine tune them. Determining the right balance between human control and automation is something we’ve spent a lot of time building into the platform.

Ecommerce integration — in a minute

With a no-code approach, Factoreal allows marketers to instantly connect their ecommerce stores and sync their catalogue, orders and triggers onto our platform. One can easily analyze commerce data, create rich and highly targeted audiences, as well as setup automated journeys that drive higher conversions.

Social campaigns

Factoreal offers the ability to unite and manage all the social media channels and business pages and drive cross-channel campaigns. You can publish and schedule content to the right channel at the right time, track effectiveness in real-time, and crank the volume of your top performing content.

Factcube: ML-driven deep insights

Image Credits: Factoreal

FactCube is our AI/ML based analytics engine that helps every marketer extract value from advanced analytics, be more nimble as they improve customer experiences across board; serving up relevant content and offers. You can leverage all of the profiles, actions, behaviors, campaigns, and information about your audience across all channels to deliver the next best action. FactCube allows you to learn instantly from the customer data being generated and get smarter over time.

Factoreal is built to integrate with most other solutions with ease so that we can focus on things we do well, and at the same time work in tandem with legacy systems as well as other business critical tools. 

Market traction

Today, Factoreal delivers to ecommerce, sports, and healthcare, with pre-built journeys and templates for those industries. In due course, we plan to expand to other verticals as well like Travel and Hospitality, Media/Entertainment etc.

A top major league football club has partnered with Factoreal to transform their fan engagement and boost sales. Factoreal helps them understand where their fans are, what their fans need and where they are on their journey to meet that need. As an added benefit, the club has also been able to bring in significant operational efficiency through automation integrating multiple systems into customer journeys. 

A clinical association with access to more than 40k health workers is communicating and engaging effectively using Factoreal. Factoreal helped them automate their communication, and grow their customer base using hyper-personal targeting.

What’s next

Continuing on our mission of helping every marketer be a pro at their job, we plan to gradually expand our offering to other areas of MarTech, seamlessly integrated on top of the Factoreal all-in-one automation platform. Loyalty, content optimization, third-party service integrations etc. are all potential areas where we can improve the life of a marketer.

Be a pro marketer with Factoreal — an all-in-one engagement automation platform. Visit us at factoreal.com or talk to us.

Factoreal is a startup funded by Comviva Technologies, which is a part of the $20B Mahindra group. It has its offices in Jacksonville, USA and Bangalore, India.