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How to achieve product market fit (PMF)?

Nine out of ten startups fail, a significant amount due to a lack of Product Market Fit (PMF). In this session, serial entrepreneur Dheeraj Pandey (former Nutanix CEO and Adobe Board member) and the founding members of the DevRev team discuss achieving PMF with today’s tools and technology. Every attendee  also got free access to DevRev and resources for attaining PMF with examples and live walkthroughs.


Madhukar Kumar | Head of Growth, DevRev, Inc.

Madhukar is a product strategist and has been running product management and product marketing teams for the last 14+ years. His areas of expertise include product building and creation of and managing businesses around zero touch digital customer journeys aka PLG experiences. Based in the Silicon Valley, Madhukar has worked with several technology startups like Zuora, Redis and large enterprises like Oracle and HP. In the last 10 years he has also been writing in technology journals and speaking at several industry events and is also a guest lecturer at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

Michael Machado | Head of Product, DevRev, Inc.

Michael Machado leads the global Product team at DevRev and is based out of Palo Alto, California. Previously, Michael led multiple product teams at Salesforce having joined in 2016 after the acquisition of MetaMind. At Salesforce Michael founded its Applied AI Research team and the Einstein product portfolio across Einstein Chatbots, Einstein Language & Vision, Einstein Voice Assistant, and Voice App Services. Before joining DevRev, he created Salesforce Anywhere, as the product lead at Quip, which helped spearhead his passion for combining AI, collaboration, and design to build transformative end user experiences.

Dheeraj Pandey | CEO & Cofounder, DevRev

Dheeraj Pandey is the founder and former CEO of Nutanix (Nasdaq: NTNX), a global leader in enterprise cloud software and hyperconverged infrastructure solutions, and a current board member of Adobe (Nasdaq: ADBE). Dheeraj founded Nutanix in 2009 and helped it grow from $0 to $1.8 Billion in revenue with 17,000+ customers and over 6,000 employees by 2020 when he stepped down to found his latest venture – DevRev. Nutanix was one of the largest tech IPOs when it debuted on Wall Street in 2016.