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It’s Time to Stop Using Databases

How fast can you put an app into production? What keeps you from going faster? The need for speed is critical. If you’re measuring progress in months instead of weeks, failure is nipping at your heels. This webinar puts a spotlight on the biggest speed bump in your application stack: the database, and its need for constant care and feeding. Developers are forced into thinking in terms of a database and worrying about what driver to use.

There is a better way — one that many organizations are using to build cloud-native applications rapidly and reliably. The first step? Stop using databases.

Watch this webinar if you’re:

  • Ready to do more with less when it comes to data
  • Open to challenging the app stack status quo
  • A startup developer with a fast go-to-market imperative
  • A startup wanting to minimize ongoing maintenance tasks and focus on new feature rollouts
  • An enterprise developer who wants to move like a startup

Presenter: Patrick McFadin – DataStax