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Startup Strategy: How We Built a Webinar Using ChatGPT

In this online event, join Brooke Gracey as she spills the beans on how the team at Cvent used ChatGPT to create a webinar that was so good, it had people lining up to attend (virtually, of course). She shares all the juicy details on how they used AI to help fill in the gaps when strapped for time and resources.

Knowing that start-ups and founders often have limited event expertise, she provides best practices you can quickly use for your webinars and other events. Additionally, she’s got some hilarious stories about our own webinar fails that you won’t want to miss.

Watch this event to get answers to questions like:

·   How can AI be used to ideate topics, build the abstract and write the content outline and script?
·   What are some ways that AI can be used to help promote a webinar and grow your audience?
·   Can audiences distinguish between AI and human input?
·   Does using AI actually save time or does it add to the workload?