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Call for nominations for the 2021 Connection IT Superhero Awards!

Who’s the very best IT Superhero at your company? You tell us. In fact, help us tell the world!

At Connection, we celebrate the many hard-working people of IT. We celebrate them by supporting their daily heroics of moving us all forward. We celebrate them — in big companies and small — by being the IT department for their IT department. So, it’s no surprise that we’ve created an award just for them.

Who’s the unsung IT superhero you can’t live without? Who keeps the lights on? Who best tackles problems that keeps the company running and growing?

It’s time we all stop just saying thank you, and give IT professionals the  awards they deserve!

Connection, in partnership with TechCrunch, is proud to announce the first annual IT Superhero Awards.

Tell us how — in 100 to 300 words  — they’ve saved the day, or solved a problem, or how they’ve crushed deadline after deadline. 

We’ll announce the category winners — as well as the grand-prize winner — on Sept. 21st. By the way, September 21st is National IT Professional Day. How perfect! When the nation’s celebrating these heroes, we’ll be giving them awards!

Rally your teammates to nominate a person or team! While you’re at it, share this article! These heroes deserve their rightful awards and we got some…just for them.

It’s way past due that we acknowledge the women and men of IT and there’s no bigger fan of IT than Connection. Who’s your favorite IT superhero? Who deserves an award?

We’re excited to be hosting the very first IT Superhero Awards Show at TechCrunch Disrupt on Sept. 21st. All nominations must be submitted by August 24th. Click here to start nominating!