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Building the visual economy through developer-led innovation

Over the last decade and accelerated by the pandemic, a huge part of the economy has shifted online driven mainly by technological advancements that offer comparable and even better online visual experiences than the physical ones. Unlike shifts that have been driven by executive leadership, this one has been driven by developers and entrepreneurs that have led the way in adopting cutting edge practices. Learn how developer driven innovation through approaches like API-first, headless, and composable architectures can help you engage better, faster and more effectively with your customers.


Saranya Babu | Chief Marketing Officer, Cloudinary

Saranya Babu is the Chief Marketing Officer for Cloudinary, the media experience cloud company for many of the world’s top brands. Saranya is a seasoned B2B marketing leader previously leading the marketing team at Wrike (acquired by Citrix in 2021) and Instapage, where she implemented, built and scaled sophisticated cross-functional marketing strategies. She has experience working in bootstrapped, VC funded, Private Equity owned, and public companies with proven success achieving 2X – 10X growth in revenue and valuation. She is a recipient of the 2021 Silicon Valley Women of Influence award and shortlisted in the 2020 B&T Women in Media award.