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Breaking the luxury spell: A journey to commercializing safe autonomy for all

Dr. Jun Pei founded Cepton in 2016 with the vision of enabling safe, autonomous transportation for everyone. Hands-free, driveway to driveway — lidar promises to make this vision a reality, but only through scale. Focused on making safety the standard for all levels of autonomy, Cepton is dedicated to commercializing lidar for every consumer vehicle, not just the luxury class. By supporting General Motors’ Ultra Cruise program, Cepton is aimed at bringing all the benefits of lidar technology to every American household in less than two years. Hear from Dr. Pei on Cepton’s journey to the industry’s largest ADAS lidar series production award, and what it means for the future of mobility. Also hear from Dr. Pei on lidar’s unique capabilities of adding certainty to perception, key considerations behind scaling lidar for everyday passenger cars and the timeless principles underlying Cepton’s elegant invention.