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Using visual communication to build your startup’s brand

In today’s increasingly visual world, visual communication is the new currency between brands and their customers. So what are the opportunities startups and their clients can use to enhance brand connection? Canva’s Strategic Account Executive, Spencer Llewellyn, discusses how the visual economy has transformed the tech industry and powered the evolution of branding and customer experiences.


Spencer Llewellyn — Enterprise Account Executive, Canva

Spencer Llewellyn serves as part of the founding Enterprise Sales team at Canva. He was among the first hires in the US, and has helped support the company’s rapid growth. Prior to his role at Canva, Spencer spent time at Yelp and Prezi, where he worked with customers like Disney, CVS, and the NFL on their visual communication in presentations. He’s now brought that experience to Canva where he’s working to streamline design for new customers on the West Coast. Spencer played D1 basketball in college, but now mostly sticks to golf and pickleball in his free time.