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Someone stole your bitcoin… Now what?

TechCrunch was proud to host Bitcoin Association for BSV at TC Sessions: Crypto 2022 in Miami

Breakout Session: In Review

As high-profile crypto and NFT thefts continue to haunt wary investors who are already navigating a harsh crypto winter, robust security developments are growing increasingly more important. Fortunately for investors and business owners alike, there is finally a way to protect digital assets against the worst-case scenario. This session covered how, for the first time ever, bitcoin can be frozen and recovered through the DAR Process — a Digital Asset Recovery Process that makes it possible for property rights to be enforced to recover stolen or lost bitcoin. This discussion looked at how this is the first, crucial step toward safeguarding all digital assets against theft and scams within the rule of law, how investors can use this tool, and how platforms can easily adopt this process to better protect users.

Presented by Connor Murray, Head of Protocol Stability at Bitcoin Association for BSV, and Co-founder & CEO of True Reviews

Connor Murray is the content creator for the Blockchain Academy SV and the co-founder and CEO of True Reviews, a blockchain-based review platform that allows users to monetize online reviews through microtransactions. Murray is a longtime Bitcoin advocate who has focused on producing freely-available educational Bitcoin content.