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The TV that will make your ‘Big Game’ celebration shine in 2021

It’s been a tumultuous year for sports, with teeming stadiums replaced by empty seats and piped-in crowd noise. Still, athletic competition has persevered, beaming a respite from our-day-to-day worries directly into our living rooms. Now, the biggest day on the sports calendar is here, and while the 2021 celebration is going to be a bit different, it’s still an opportunity to settle back on the couch and watch the best in professional football go head-to-head. To do that properly, you’ll need comfortable seating, sufficiently gut-busting food and drink and a way to connect remotely with friends to celebrate the most exciting moments, among other accessories.

The centerpiece of any Big Game celebration, however, is the TV that fuels the viewing experience. Nothing, after all, harshes a highlight like imaging issues that obscure important details. Fortunately, Samsung has you covered in that department with the 65-inch Class Q70T Series QLED 4K UHD Smart Tizen set. Here are the features that make it the TV you’ll want when you’re kicking off your at-home celebration.


Quantum dot technology

“QLED” stands for “quantum dot light-emitting diode,” the technology that fuels the Class Q70 series’s ultra-high-definition display. Quantum dots are microscopic molecules that, when struck by light, emit their own light of varying colors. In QLED TVs, an LED backlight is fed through a film containing these dots, resulting in bright, crisp and color-rich imagery and significantly improving 4K and HDR capabilities over those of a standard LCD panel. What’s more, recent advances in pixel panel structure make off-axis viewing better than it’s ever been, meaning you’ll get the best angle on the biggest plays no matter where you are in the room when they happen. 


Dual LED backlighting

While the ability of quantum dots to depict colors and contrast is important, there’s also the matter of the backlight that’s powering them. A change in the spectrum of your TV’s backlight can make a big difference in the warmth of the final image. To tackle this issue, Samsung offers a dual LED backlighting setup that dynamically adjusts color tonality, ensuring what you see on the screen is the truest form of the image being rendered.


Quantum Processor 4K

Display tech is only part of the equation when it comes to the best picture quality. You also need a healthy amount of horsepower under the hood, and Samsung offers it up in the Quantum Processor 4K, which is constantly working to automatically optimize the imagery being offered on-screen. Football moves fast, and when those high-speed moments happen, you’ll be happy to know your TV can keep up.


4K AI Upscaling

Once you’ve watched sports in its most high-definition form, any reduction in image fidelity can feel like an affront to the senses. Fortunately, the Class Q70T has you covered on this front thanks to its ability to analyze the incoming image and work behind the scenes to reduce noise, restore detail, and define edges. During the Big Game and beyond, it’ll ensure that the on-field action is rendered as faithfully as technologically possible, even if the broadcast you’re watching isn’t quite up to snuff. 


Adaptive Picture

A Big Game celebration is a marathon, not a sprint, most likely kicking off even before kickoff with the pregame pageantry and running until after the final whistle sounds and the trophies have been awarded. As such, you’ll likely be watching from the late afternoon until well after dark, meaning your viewing conditions in terms of ambient light will change significantly over the course of the contest. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about your TV’s brightness thanks to Samsung’s Adaptive Picture technology, which automatically adjusts to lighting conditions in order to deliver the best image quality, no matter how bright or dark it might be. 



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