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Nailing the little things: How startups can achieve operational excellence from “day one”

The early days of launching a company can be a whirlwind for founding teams as unexpected challenges and opportunities require flexibility, agility and speed. But implementing a few key operating best practices and processes early can be a crucial part of a startup’s success or failure when it prepares for rapid growth. Watch this session from TechCrunch Early Stage 2021 by B Capital Group, a multi-stage global investor, to learn about the most important things you can do to set your startup up for success early in your journey, and what will be most important to investors as you raise your Seed, A and B funding rounds. Speakers include Howard Morgan, Chairman of B Capital Group and co-founder of First Round Capital, and Partners Karen Page (formerly of Box) and Gabe Greenbaum (formerly of Pritzker Group).


Howard Morgan — Chairman and co-Founder, B Capital Group

Howard Morgan is a well-respected investor and entrepreneur, having co-founded B Capital Group, First Round Capital, Idealab (with Bill Gross) and Renaissance Technologies (with Jim Simons). Throughout his career, Howard has sought out great people and nurtured them so that they could realize their dreams. His mentees range from PhD students researching a global challenge to founders building companies and taking them from seed stage through initial public offerings.

Karen Page — General Partner, B Capital Group

Karen Appleton Page is an entrepreneur, advisor, investor and board member. A respected business leader, Karen was a founding executive at Box, leading GTM activities, defining Box’s approach to partnerships and business development, cultivating C-level relationships, strategic initiatives, and founding Box.org. She is experienced in building businesses from zero to high growth, evaluating and deploying double-digit expansion efforts, defining and implementing net-new initiatives, passionate about executing strategic partnerships and business development plans through data driven analysis, strategic prioritization, and relentless execution.

Gabe Greenbaum — General Partner, B Capital Group

Gabe focuses on B2B software and brings over a decade of investment experience across enterprise and other software technologies. He was previously a Partner with Pritzker Group Venture Capital, where he ran the west coast office for the firm and led a number of the firm’s investments across enterprise software, marketplaces, proptech, logistics/supply chain, machine learning and other emerging technologies. He previously led investments in companies such as: Openpath, Cue Health, Scopely, Augury, Pype (Acq: Autodesk), Project 44, Catalytic, Specright, HQO, Livly, VTS, and Catalytic, and sat on many of the company boards.