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These tiny chargers will let you power your laptop and phone at the same time

Between our phones, laptops, tablets, wearables, and wireless headphones, we have a lot of devices, and all of those devices have batteries that need to be charged to work. The anxiety of having a low battery is all too familiar, and when you have that many devices, keeping them all charged and ready to go can be a hassle. 

Enter AUKEY Power Delivery (PD) series

AUKEY wants to help. Their latest family of sleek PD chargers is built to support your multiple-device lifestyle. Offering up to two ports (some combination of USB-C and USB-A) and a number of configurations, including 30W, 36W, 60W and 63W variations, these lightweight chargers can help you keep your devices juiced up and ready to go.

Dynamic Detect

The PD series chargers use a technology developed by AUKEY called Dynamic Detect to intelligently distribute the total power emitted from the charger across the multiple devices that may be plugged in. For instance, if you’re using the PA-D5 63W charger, and you have a laptop and a phone plugged in to charge, the charger will distribute the output so your phone receives 18W (enough power to fast-charge) and the remaining 45W to your laptop, ensuring that both devices are charged as efficiently as possible. AUKEY iterated on more than 50 versions of Dynamic Detect before they developed a version that best fit the market’s needs.  

Other features

Most of the chargers in the series utilize GaN Power Tech, which reduces the charger’s weight by 30% and increases efficiency by 10%. They also include foldable prongs that make it easier to travel. 

These chargers also support USB-C and USB-A for both your new and legacy devices. 

Which charger is for me?

PA-D5 63W: Charge your laptop and fast-charge capable phone via USB-C

The PA-D5 63W is a 63 watt charger that features two USB-C ports. When only the bottom port is in use, it outputs 60W (ideal for a MacBook Pro or another full-sized laptop). When only the top port is in use, it outputs 18W (ideal for a fast-charge capable mobile device). When both ports are in use, the bottom port outputs 45W and the top outputs 18W.

PA-D3 60W: Charge your laptop and phone via USB-C and USB-A

The PA-D3 60W is a 60 watt charger that features a USB-C port and a USB-A port. When only the USB-C port is in use, it outputs 60W (again, ideal for a MacBook Pro or another full-sized laptop). When only the USB-A port is in use, it outputs 12W (ideal for a mobile device that is not capable of fast-charging). When both ports are in use, the USB-C port outputs 45W, while the USB-A port outputs 12W, allowing you to charge multiple devices at once.

No matter your needs, AUKEY’s line of PD chargers feature a model that will help you keep your devices charged and ready to go. If the 60W and 63W variations are too powerful, models also exist in the 30W-36W range as well, perfect for charging a phone and a small laptop. And if two ports isn’t enough, AUKEY hopes to release it’s next charger in the series with a whopping 4 USB-C ports. Look out for more info on this new release and more soon.

Get your AUKEY PD charger with Dynamic Detect today!