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Being a Data-Driven Investor in 2023

VCs typically make investment decisions based on exhaustive research, personal networks, and gut intuition, but technology adoption continues to change the investment landscape. More applications of unique datasets, custom scoring algorithms, and AI-powered data warehouses are becoming the norm. However, while these tools have helped firms understand the people and markets they’re investing in, companies still do not feel confident enough to solely rely on their tech stack to make decisions.

This is where Relationship Intelligence plays a key role. Relationship intelligence is a category of insights about an organization’s shared business network that drive how dealmakers spend their time finding, managing, and closing deals. Investors that tap into these insights increase their dealflow by 25% and save over 200 hours each year by automating contact and deal data entry.

But what does this really mean and how are different companies using it to build relationships and close deals more efficiently – especially as more firms face macroeconomic pressure?

In this webinar presented by Affinity, you’ll learn:

  • The role data has played in helping Bessemer Ventures’ Sakib Dadi, Alpha Partners’ Brian Smiga, and Parikshit Sharma of SOSV’s IndieBio get a better understanding of their networks and thrive in today’s market
  • How to use larger datasets and data enrichment to power sourcing, find investment opportunities, and create more value for your portfolio companies
  • How Affinity has helped Sakib, Brian, and Parikshit incorporate Relationship Intelligence into their tech stack