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How tech startups are creating products to support the future of finance

As crypto straddles the line between an asset and a currency, diverse solutions for hardware and security have become paramount. Once primarily the domain of people with significant knowledge in tech, blockchain has reached the masses — and it’s imperative that solutions not only account for the crypto-curious, but for future innovations a decentralized finance (DeFi) world may bring. 

That’s why Ledger has created a suite of crypto solutions for all digital asset needs. The Ledger wallet brings security-first solutions to the crypto-curious by keeping key information offline and out of the cloud, accessible only in a secure external device. The Ledger Live app is an inclusive crypto platform that allows investors to buy, exchange and grow their crypto as well as access DeFi apps, non fungible tokens (NFTs) and more, all in one place. Together, the products allow users to have full and secure ownership of their assets while they navigate the world of crypto and their place in it. 


Creating platforms that are sophisticated and user-friendly

Because crypto investing is a different user experience than traditional investing, it can be challenging to create a platform that “feels” familiar but can handle the unique needs of crypto-holders. Building an expansive platform that can accommodate new and experienced users means that investors don’t feel they need to “graduate” from one platform to a more sophisticated one that meets their needs. Unlike other platforms, when a user buys and exchanges through Ledger, assets are sent and secured within the physical wallet. This allows for an extra layer of security, as well as convenience to be able to buy and exchange over 1,800 coins and tokens without having to move between multiple platforms. 

When  seconds make a difference in the value of a cryptocurrency, seamless buy-and-exchange solutions are critical. Instead of moving between platforms, having your crypto all in one platform on Ledger Live eliminates a middle step of exchanging one form of crypto into dollars, then back into crypto. Buying and selling can also allow an investor to nimbly ride a volatile market by exchanging one volatile coin for one that is more stable. In short, as new coins emerge on crypto exchanges and volatility remains a constant element, it can be important for an investor to have a reliable, easy to use platform that doesn’t require multiple steps. 


Anticipating crypto’s position within the culture

Crypto has rapidly become so much more than “just” money. With the rise of NFTs and the increased worldwide fascination with crypto in areas as diverse as art to fashion to sports, one thing is clear: The full reach and capability of crypto’s potential is just in its infancy.

Already, the potential within NFTs — the idea that art can exist as a digital token and that anything from a tweet to a meme can become digitized and sold to the highest bidder — have  created possibility and opportunity throughout pop culture. For many investors, NFTs have become the next frontier, not only in diversifying their crypto portfolio, but participating in the larger culture created by crypto. For example, NFTs have become tokens in certain video games and may become central to fan culture for certain sports in the future.

Ledger Live recognizes the possibilities throughout the DeFi universe and seamlessly integrates with external apps. Not only does this mean that Ledger Live allows investors to connect to apps that let them display their NFTs, it also gives investors access to more advanced opportunities in crypto, such as coin staking (a process in which it’s possible to earn interest on the crypto you already own) to allow investors to maximize the potential of their portfolio through passive income opportunities. 

Bottom line: As crypto opportunities emerge, how and why people use and invest in crypto, collect NFTs and participate in the DeFi universe is incredibly individualized. However, what is standard is the need for smart security solutions and a platform that allows investors to fully participate in the crypto ecosystem, now and in the future. 

From Ledger:

Founded in 2014, Ledger is the all-in-one digital asset management solution serving retail and institutional clients in 200 countries. By combining a hardware wallet, which provides security, with the Ledger Live app, which provides access to crypto-currency services, Ledger offers consumers the easiest way to start their crypto journey while maintaining full control over their digital assets. Their newest YouTube video series, “Down The Rabbit Hole,” explores how crypto changes the world, the economy and the culture around the globe.

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