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CMO and CIO of Walgreens Boots Alliance share secrets of their partnership

Finding examples of CMOs and CIOs working together is not the easiest task. Forrester for instance, has called it a paradox: A seemingly obvious partnership, one that helps companies move faster and better serve customers, has not been leveraged to full potential. Adobe, whose enterprise technology apps often sit at the nexus of these two organizations, began to notice brands that were seeing success in merging the two worlds. 

The company has launched a conversation series, to showcase how CMOs and CIOs have come together with the common goal of creating better experiences for their customers. Consider Walgreens Boots Alliance, where CMO/Chief Customer Officer Vineet Mehra and CIO Francesco Tinto have led the charge in taking a massive physical footprint and expanding it to deliver retail and pharmacy experiences that are more digital and better connected. 

The scale of Walgreens Boots Alliance makes this a tall order. The company has over 10,000 physical locations around the world, 8 billion transactions a year across digital and physical properties, and a loyalty program to be envied with over 100 million members. Vineet and Francesco together, are leading their teams to deliver new services and refine internal processes, while tapping technology partners including Adobe Experience Cloud and Microsoft to drive mass personalization — all the while ensuring they stay in lockstep, whether that means catching up on a walk around campus, or a virtual Nespresso break.