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Adobe helps healthcare companies digitize the customer experience

There has never been a time in recent history when access to healthcare is more vital. Rapidly changing factors, including procedures for in-patient care due to local mandates, new updates on COVID-19 and limited availability of vaccinations, meant that healthcare companies needed to evolve the way they get vital information to customers. 

Even before the pandemic, healthcare companies were working to change the way they engage with customers. The industry understood that to provide the seamless experiences that consumers have come to expect, digital needs to play a larger role in the customer journey. In addition to delivering retail-like experiences that are consistent across multiple channels, healthcare companies must also protect patient information. And because health is deeply personal, both online and offline interactions needed to be tailored to every individual’s unique needs. 

Brands across the healthcare industry including hospitals, insurance providers, and pharmacies have had to activate or accelerate their digital transformations in light of the pandemic. And when they looked for a technology partner to help them modernize their omnichannel experience, many turned to Adobe solutions within Adobe Experience Cloud

Here are some of the ways healthcare companies are changing the consumer experience: 

Pfizer is leveraging Adobe Experience Cloud to deepen engagement with physicians. Adobe Analytics helps Pfizer gain customer insights across digital interactions. Marketo Engage enables personalized digital experiences that support physicians, patients and caregivers on their treatment journey.

Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA) is focused on delivering the most personalized, omnichannel experience to its 120 million customers. With Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Target and Adobe Campaign, WBA can tailor every piece of the digital experience for customers, including email, its website, and mobile app for its retail business. By personalizing the customer experience for its Walgreens loyalty members, WBA boosted retail sales by 155 basis points in the past quarter.

As a leading manufacturer of life sciences equipment, Thermo Fisher Scientific needed to get essential information and products during the pandemic to each of its distinct audiences including researchers, scientists, and healthcare professionals, quickly. With Adobe Experience Manager, Thermo Fisher instantly launched COVID-19 webpages with essential updates on the pandemic, clinical diagnostic kits for scientists and information on the company’s research-based solutions.

Mercy Health partnered with Adobe to deliver a retail-like healthcare experience. Adobe Experience Manager delivers the latest web content to patients, making it easy to visit Mercy’s website to access self-service information online. When the pandemic began, Mercy quickly pivoted to offering a symptom screener that new patients could go through anonymously for virtual diagnoses built on Adobe Target.

Change Healthcare, a technology company that specializes in data and analytics solutions for healthcare organizations, tapped Adobe to reinvent the way it sells software to its healthcare customers. The Change Healthcare® Marketplace uses Magento Commerce for shopping cart capability and the Change Healthcare website uses Adobe Experience Manager for content management. Adobe Experience Platform, connected to Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics, will serve as the cornerstone of personalization for the shopping experience. Bringing the B2B commerce experience online has made it possible to simplify often complex purchasing workflows that required paper, faxes, and phone calls; reducing the time to purchase from months to days.

Digital transformation is happening across all industries, but with a spirit of innovation and a focus on the customer, healthcare is leading the way.