Judah vs the Machines

<p>Judah vs the Machines is a new series on TechCrunch featuring comedian, Judah Friedlander.</p>


Judah vs tedious tasks robot

Judah meets BRETT, the Berkeley Robot for the Elimination of Tedious Tasks. He posits his own theory

Judah vs emotion identifying robot

Judah visits Kairos, a company that creates AI to recognize human emotional states. He takes a grand

Judah vs hotel delivery robot

Judah meets Relay, a robot that delivers stuff to hotel rooms. He challenges this adorable robot to

Judah vs self-driving toy cars

Judah challenges Anki, a self-driving toy car. He learns what it takes to be a robot and who to blam

Judah vs shopping app thing

Judah meets Operator, an app that uses AI technology somehow. He pieces together some facts about th

Judah vs soccer playing robots

Judah challenges RoboCanes, soccer playing robots from the University of Miami. He learns how well r

Judah vs Seurat the art robot

Judah meets Alex Reben, an artist and roboticist who has created a painting robot. He meets some of

Judah vs. Facebook’s dog breed recognition robot

Judah visits Facebook, an up-and-coming website. He learns how AI works on their platform and how di

Judah vs the Machines | Trailer

Judah vs the Machines is a new series from TechCrunch featuring comedian Judah Friedlander trying to