Defacto gets new credit facility to provide instant financing to small companies

French startup Defacto has closed a new securitization fund that will be used to provide short-term loans to small and medium enterprises via an embedded, API-first approach. This is a new fund of up

After bootstrapping for 8 years, accounting startup Dougs raises $27 million

Social trading app Shares receives EU stock trading license

Fintech startup Shares has raised $90 million for its stock trading app. And yet, the service is only available to people who live in the U.K. But that’s about to change as the company has received

Shadow revamps its cloud computing offerings in Europe

Shadow, a French company that offers a gaming PC in the cloud (among other things), has announced in a press conference that it is updating its offerings for Shadow PC in Europe. Essentially, the comp

Flowie wants to make invoices flow freely

Meet Flowie, a new French startup that wants to facilitate money movements between companies. The company centralizes everything related to accounts receivable and accounts payable so that everyone in

Dust uses large language models on internal data to improve team productivity

Dust is a new AI startup based in France that is working on improving team productivity by breaking down internal silos, surfacing important knowledge and providing tools to build custom internal apps

French VC firm Frst reaches $80 million first close for its new seed fund

Frst, the Paris-based VC firm with no vowel in its name, is in the process of raising its second fund. The firm has already reached a first closing of €72 million (nearly $80 million at today’s ex

Quick commerce startup Getir plans to exit France amid regulatory issues

In a press release sent to AFP, Getir has announced that it plans to exit France. As a reminder, Getir pioneered the concept of quick commerce. Those services allow you to order groceries without pick

Hyperline is a billing platform for SaaS products

Meet Hyperline, a new product that handles pricing and billing for software-as-a-service companies. The company provides integrations so that you can quickly start billing. It then supports different

Gladia turns any audio into text in near real time

Meet Gladia, a French AI startup that wants to change how companies interact with audio data. The company develops an audio transcription application programming interface (API) that you can integrate

The UK hasn’t lost its appeal for venture capital

Not dead yet: This is true both of the U.K's capacity to attract venture capital dollars, and of the promise of autonomous cars.

Wargraphs, a gaming startup with only one employee and no outside funding, sells for $54M

While the U.K. and U.S. try to block Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision over concerns it will kill competition in games distribution, competition appears to be alive and well in another (smal

European startups still have a long way to go to achieve gender parity

According to a new study from Sista and the Boston Consulting Group, women are still underrepresented in the European tech ecosystem. Only 22% of startups created in 2022 included a woman on the found

Djust is a new commerce platform focused exclusively on B2B transactions

Meet Djust, a French startup that essentially wants to build an e-commerce platform like Mirakl, but focused exclusively on business-to-business (B2B) activities. The company recently raised a $13 mil

Pigment secures $88 million for its business planning tool that will make you forget about Excel

Paris-based startup Pigment has raised a Series C round of $88 million — the investment was led by Iconiq Growth. Pigment wants to take on Microsoft Excel and offer a business planning platform tha

Escape dynamically scans APIs to find security flaws

French startup Escape has raised a $3.9 million (€3.6 million) funding round shortly after ending Y Combinator’s winter 2023 cohort. The company provides a cybersecurity product focused on securin

Dropbox-like cloud storage service Shadow Drive lowers its price

Shadow has decided to cut the price of its cloud storage service Shadow Drive. Users can now get 2TB of storage for €4.99 per month instead of €8.99 per month. As for the free tier, things aren’

First they worked in tandem, now they’re in an e-bike patent suit

Grenoble-based eBikeLabs, a French startup that has been working on embedded software for electric bikes, is suing Cowboy for patent infringement and, more generally, copying eBikeLabs’ technology i

Sam Altman’s big European tour

Fresh from telling U.S. lawmakers he’s a fan of regulation and laws are needed to mitigate the risks around artificial intelligence — and, indeed, calling for an international regulatory b

France’s privacy watchdog eyes protection against data scraping in AI action plan

France’s privacy watchdog, the CNIL, has published an action plan for artificial intelligence which gives a snapshot of where it will be focusing its attention, including on generative AI techno
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