(It is in your best interest to read the following very carefully before you submit.)

  • Send your post in the body of an email, and as an attachment, with high-resolution images (if any) to Jonathan Shieber (shieber@techcrunch.com).
  • Include a 1-2 line bio with a personal Twitter handle if you have one. Hyperlink the company you’re affiliated with if you wish; we will not do this for you.
  • Include some headline options. Because why not?
  • This is the Internet: Hyperlink the text in your post. Do not include links in parentheses after the text you want linked.
  • We aspire to respond to every single submission we receive — rejections and acceptances alike. If you haven’t heard from us in, say, two weeks, feel free to drop us a line. But if you submitted, say, yesterday, and decide that sending a follow-up email, say, today, is a good idea, then we would encourage you to think again. Rest assured we will contact you if we are interested in publishing your submission.
  • Still putting two spaces after a period? Stop. It.


Congratulations! We Want Your Post!

(It is in your best interest to read the following very carefully if your submission has been accepted.)

  • You got an email telling you that we will run it within the next two to three weeks! Huzzah! Pat yourself on the back! Take the crew out for coffee or drinks! And don’t ask us when it will run. 
  • As you probably know, we run quite a few guest columns each week. And we have a system. But do not worry! We will contact you again as its publish date nears at which time we will give you a general idea of when it will run (e.g. “We’ll pub it next Monday”).
  • Once you receive this second notification from us, sit back and relax. If you’ve been told it will pub Monday, for example, do not email us Monday morning and ask if it will still run. Do not email us Monday afternoon and ask if it will still run. It will still run. If, for some reason, we change the pub date, we will let you know.
  • Sorry, but, because we are not an RSS feed, we won’t be alerting you when your post hits the site. It’s your responsibility to watch TechCrunch for your byline to pop up on the homepage. There are worse things in life.
  • You must wait 24 hours before posting to another site.