1. Find the TechCrunch post that contains the video you want to embed.

2. Play the video until past the ad. (You will not be able to copy the embed code until the ad has played.)

3. Mouse over the link icon (the green arrow below is pointing to this icon) in the player so the sharing options pop up.

4. Click on the embed code icon:

5. The embed code will pop up in the player. Copy the code and paste it onto the page where you want it to play.

6. You might have to do some adjusting to get the video player size to fit correctly on your page. Decide what width you need the player to be, divide that number by 1.777777 and add 30. That will give you the correct number for the height. Use those numbers for width= and height= in the embed code.

You are now ready to post the video!