You know what? We like you. We talk at you all day about cell phones, gadgets, and awesome stuff from around the Internets, but we rarely get the chance to hear back from you. We want to fix that. That’s why we’re introducing our new running contest: Best Comment Ever. Each week, we’ll throw a prize up for grabs. One week, it might be an iTunes gift card; the next, it might be a fancy new cell phone. If you want to win, you’ve gotta comment.

Unlike many of our past contests, we’re not going to just blindly pick winners from comments at random. We’re going to give the prize to the best comment from each week, as determined by the CrunchGear/MobileCrunch staff. Maybe your comment is especially insightful, or it had us busting a gut laughing; if it stands out to us as particularly great, it has a chance.

To make things easier for everyone, we’ll be keeping a running list of potential “Best Comments” down below, and marking them with a star on the original comment thread. At the end of the week, we’ll go through the list of potentials and pick one to take the prize. To clarify: if your comment has been highlighted down below, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve won – just that you’re in the running. We’ll be running this contest on MobileCrunch only for the first week, but we’ll be rolling it out onto CrunchGear sometime real soon.

This Week’s Prize


This week we’re giving away a set of Jaybird JB-200 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones, worth about $130 bucks a pop. The box touts them as “Small & light weight”, “Sweat & water resistant”, with a “Secure comfortable fit”. You should be able to get anywhere from 6-10 hours of music listening out of them per charge – and once they’re dead, you just plop them on the included charging cradle.


  • Comment as many times as you want, on any story. The more cream-of-the-crop comments you leave, the more likely it is that we’ll take notice.
  • Comments can be left on any posts, not just recent ones. However, we’re far more likely to notice your comment on newer posts.
  • You’ve got to leave your real contact email in the email field of the comment. If we don’t hear back from you in 48 hours, or if the email bounces, we’ll pick someone else.
  • Your comment can be critical and still stand a chance of winning, but don’t be a jerk. Telling us we suck doesn’t make us want to give you free crap.

With that said, get to commenting!