• Columbia Pictures ready to stream on Xbox 360

    Conspiracy or not, Sony-owned Columbia Pictures movies are mostly good to go from Netflix to the Xbox 360. Initially the studio claimed that licensing was to blame for the restricted access but apparently the proper papers have been pushed ’cause most Columbia flicks can now be played with the notable exceptions of Walk Hard and Bad Boys. Chances are those will be available soon. Read More

  • Hot lunch bag: Thanko now sells USB lunch box warmers

    More USB silliness from Japan-based gadget company Thanko. This time the company, which brought us things like heated USB keyboards and slippers, offers the so-called hot lunch bag [JP], a USB-powered device that’s designed like a bag and supposed to keep your food warm. It measures 140x200x90mm and will keep at 60 degrees Celsius all day. Hopefully Thanko will list this fantastic piece… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Drobo on the cheap

    Just in time for the economic downturn and holidays, Drobo has announced they’ve slashed prices on their 2TB and 4TB packages. Many thanks to Western Digital for providing the Drobo folks with 1TB GreenPower drives on the cheap. The price of the driveless Drobo remains the same, but the 2TB bundle is now $749 while the 4TB giant is $999. But, Drobo didn’t think that was good enough… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Peek now $80 at Target.com

    That little e-mailing doodad winning all sorts of awards lately is now $80 at Target.com (not sure about in-store) for a limited time. If the current economic conditions in America restrict you from parting with $80 then check back around 11 AM EDT for your chance to win one of two Peek e-mail devices. Aqua
    Grey Read More

  • Sling opens Hulu competitor

    Sling Media, the company behind the popular Slingbox TV-streaming hardware devices, has opened the gates to its video portal Sling.com. The site pits Sling directly against Joost and Hulu (though Hulu is a Sling partner), allowing users to stream a variety of television shows and movies for free through an intuitive Flash player. Sling’s selection of media is pretty comprehensive… Read More

  • Toshiba presents new 16GB microSDHC and two SDHC cards

    Sandisk announced a 16GB micro SDHG card back in September and is now followed by Toshiba, whose model (SD-ME016GA) will be released in Japan in January next year [JP]. According to Asahi Shimbun [JP], one of Japan’s biggest newspapers, it will cost around $200 (Toshiba itself speaks of open prices). Toshiba also announced two SDHC cards. The SD-C16GT6 holds 16GB and will cost $200 when… Read More

  • GizMine: All the crazy Japanese crap you could want in one sexy website

    Helllloooooo Nurse! Looking for the poking box? A bathroom speaker shaped like a bloody tear? A Mir:ror? You are totes in luck because the boys who brought you Dynamism, the number-one source for cool little Japanese laptops, are pleased to offer Gizmine, the number-one source for crazy Japanese design. I’m in love, for example, with this Issey Miyake chronograph that I’d totally… Read More

  • Redbox to rent Blu-Ray discs for $1

    Redbox, the company that runs the dollar-per-day DVD rental kiosks at grocery stores around the country, is apparently going to start renting Blu-Ray discs.  According to TVPredictions the Blu-Ray discs will be $1, too! The convenience and low price could appeal to Blu-ray enthusiasts who have struggled to obtain new Blu-ray releases from online DVD rental service Netflix. Blockbuster has… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Fish Food Edition

    Way beyond Bed and Bath: the Jerky Gun
    Awethumb? Don’t you mean .. Oh, I get it.
    iFrogz customizable headphones – express yourself to strange people on the street!
    That’s a lot of Macquariums
    Tic Tac Toast might generate family interaction Read More

  • Astro Gaming drops some console gamer-orientated bags

    “Mobile Gaming” is a term that is frequently misunderstood. It’s not just about pocketable systems like the DS and Wonderswan — it’s a frame of mind. Are you the kind of person who says “I guess we can watch a movie or something” or do you say “Sweet, I’ll bring Rock Band!”? Do you reminisce about NES games, or do you keep a Nintendo… Read More

  • Geek Gift Guidance

    My buddy Owen wrote up his short list of geek gifts for 2008. His list includes some pretty interesting items.  I particularly liked this one: Algin and Calcic Algin and Calic are two additive ingredients for food that will let you do something called “Spherification” in a cooking discipline known as “Molecular Gastronomy”. The basic process is this: First, mix… Read More

  • Cute net-tops from Acer and HP

    Oh, to be in China or Japan and have my pick of compact desktop systems! Yet here I am in misty Seattle, forced to pack my seven hard drives and PCI port expansion cards into a case that would comfortably accomodate a toddler. The “net-top” idea may seem silly to many who enjoy powerhouse desktop systems, but the facts are these: tons of laptops never actually leave the desk, and… Read More

  • Fuzebox: open-source 8-bit game console

    Although I know that I personally will never play anything on one (nobody I know is crafty enough to put something together), I definitely respect this little guy. Looks like you can plug a couple SNES controllers right in there, load your homebrewed game off an SD card, and S-Video it out to your TV. The Fuzebox doesn’t have anything built in but a really basic BIOS and it has about… Read More

  • Best Buy Black Friday VIP winners announced: Lots of strange ‘I love shopping!’ essays

    Best Buy had some sort of Black Friday VIP contest going on where the chain invited people to send in their best Black Friday essay. I know. The winners get a $1,000 Best Buy gift card, a trip to a store in a limo, the opportunity to buy up to four “doorbusters,” and so on. I’ve picked out a few excerpts that may interest you. Read More

  • Way beyond Bed and Bath: the Jerky Gun

    Guns and meat usually dominate the conversations at my local barber shop, but the Jumbo Jerky Works takes things to a whole new level. The fact that this is available from Bed, Bath and Beyond has me extremely confused. While I’m writing about meat, also enjoy this page about a chicken stuffed in duck stuffed in a turkey, all wrapped in bacon! Hat tip Cooking Gadgets! Read More

  • Apple's "Brick" manufacturing process, applied to fine wine

    Everything is better in unibody aluminum. If bikes hadn’t already proven this, then the new MacBooks did (ish), and if you still aren’t convinced, then feast your eyes on these little beauties. Volute premium portable wine’s aluminum bottles and wide mouths make them well-suited for, say, concealment at technology trade shows. No embarrassing Cabernet drip and glass… Read More

  • Runco now shipping the VW-100HD 100-inch VideoWall projection system

    Trust fund babies have another gigantic HDTV option now that Runco is shipping the VW-100HD. The rear-projection system has the look of a plasma when installed but at a dramatically lower price of $39,995 – Panasonic’s 103-inch plasma runs nearly twice that. Installation is where it gets a tad hairy though. Read More

  • Software makes an ugly face beautiful

    Israeli scientists have developed software that turns your ugly mug into a mathematically beautiful visage. Yes, we have evolved a great deal, us humans. What the software (a Photoshop plugin) does is alters a face to make it “look” more attractive, based on mathematics and “perceived” attractiveness. If you’ve watched any of those TLC or Discovery Channel… Read More

  • Awethumb? Don't you mean .. Oh, I get it.

    Wow. Seriously. What the hell? Is there a market for this? If you don’t feel like watching the video, or you’re still not quite sure what you just watched: Awethumbs are little covers you put over your thumb to cut back the horrendous pain caused by text messaging. They also claim to make accurate texting easier, as they make your thumb’s footprint (thumbprint?) a bit smaller. Read More

  • Sling Opens Up Its Hulu Competitor To The Public

    Sling Media, the company behind the popular Slingbox TV-streaming hardware devices, has opened the gates to its video portal Sling.com. The site pits Sling directly against Joost and Hulu (though Hulu is a Sling partner), allowing users to stream a variety of television shows and movies for free through an intuitive Flash player. Sling’s selection of media is pretty comprehensive… Read More

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