• Add a second drive to your MacBook/MBP

    You don’t need that old SuperDrive, do you? Just pop it out of your MB or MBP and pop in this OptiBay hard drive for unibody laptops. You can use the system as a pair of separate drives or as a RAID drive. The upgrade uses SATA and comes in 250GB, 320GB, and 500GB versions. Read More

  • Will 11.6-inch LCDs hit the netbook sweet spot?

    The Goldilocks zone for netbook screen sizes might just be 11.6 inches. Those panels, which we’ll see later this year, will offer the portability that’s been the promise of netbooks all along while at the same time offering a usable resolution at 1366×768 instead of the short and stocky 1024×600 that’s plagued just about every netbook model available today. The… Read More

  • China's Social Network QZone Is Big, But Is It Really The Biggest?

    Tencent, China’s largest Internet portal mostly known to us for its hugely popular instant messenger product QQ, published an updated report on the user numbers of its social networking service QZone last week. The report was only available in Chinese, but the folks over at Web2Asia were kind enough to translate it. And if the self-reported numbers are not too much of an exaggeration… Read More

  • Random company accuses Sony, Nintendo of violating one of its wireless communcation patents

    Another day, another lawsuit. This time, a Texas company called Wall Wireless has accused several companies, including Nintendo, Sony and Nokia, of infringing on one of its patents pertaining to wireless communication. None of the accused companies have responded to the complaint just yet. Read More

  • Memphis police purchase and deploy 1,200 REDFLY units

    The REDFLY Mobile Companion embiggens even the smallest of compatible Windows Mobile smartphones and PDAs. In light of this, the Memphis police department just threw down for 12,000 of the devices and deployed them in their cruisers, saying, “The REDFLYs save hardware costs while increasing productivity and also improving the quality and accuracy of the officers’ field reports.” Read More

  • A micro microSD card reader

    It makes no sense to have a bulky microSD card reader for the tiny flash media cards. The best solution is still proabably a docking SD card that slips into a notebooks SD card reader but this reader by Elecom isn’t that bad either. Read More

  • ThinkPads pass mil spec test for rugged computing

    We all know ThinkPads are pretty great. They’re rugged, easily upgradable, and fully-featured. Now you can even freeze the buggers or push them around in the dust. Lenovo’s ThinkPad X200, X301, X200s, X200 Tablet, T400, T500, R400 and SL300 machines just passed Mil Spec tests for “semi-rugged” computing which means you can use them in extreme conditions for all of… Read More

  • Gresso Skeleton Gold costs $4,400 ridiculous dollars

    Hah! And we thought the LG watch phone was expensive at the paltry price of $1,400. Showing how absurd pricing should really be done, Gresso has announced the Skeleton Gold, a sub-par spec’d candybar they’re looking to peddle for a cool $4,400. Read More

  • Reunion.com And Wink Morph Into MyLife.com

    When Reunion.com and Wink announced their merger in early October 2008, the company indicated that it would be relaunching under a different brand name and with a completely overhauled website in early 2009. That day has finally come, and henceforth the merged companies will live on as MyLife. The website for Reunion.com already redirects to MyLife.com, while dedicated people search engine… Read More

  • Sony presents extra-sturdy LCD TV (video)

    Sony Japan has announced the GXD-L65H1 today [JP], a 65-inch LCD TV that’s supposed to be extra-sturdy. The company hopes the rain- and dustproof TV (that fulfills the IP54 standard) will be used in rain stations and sports stadiums. Read More

  • Steve Jobs is 54

    Happy happy! Safari is 4 and Steve Jobs is 54. The beloved head of Apple is eleven years away from retirement (hang in there!) and hopefully he’s going to make it through to another 54 years – he’s probably got a great health plan, after all. All kidding aside, it’s rare to find such a galvanizing figure in business. When they write the history of the 20th and 21st… Read More

  • We're getting our Kindle 2 today!

    Is there anything in particular that you want to know? First, check out this and this then leave your questions in comments. Thanks! Read More

  • TC50's plaYce Launches Real-World, 3D Game Platform as a Service (500 Invites)

    plaYce which showcased at last year’s Techcrunch50 is today announcing the beta launch of its Game-Platform-as-a-Service, aimed at assisting game developers bring high-quality 3D game play right into the browser. Games in plaYce are based on 3D renderings of real cities such as San Francisco and New York. 500 private beta invites for both users and developers are available exclusively… Read More

  • Vudu now offering HD/HDX movies for purchase

    Attention Vudu owners- You now have the privilege of downloading and owning HD movies from an on demand online distributor. There are roughly 50 titles that you can download in both HD and HDX. Magnolia, Kino and FirstLook are among the indie studios who have films available at the moment including “Man on Wire.” Read More

  • iPhone app review: Fieldrunners

    The iPhone is a wonderful little gaming device. It can play computer games, like the classic SimCity as well as classic arcade games like PacMan. It’s also breeding a whole class of new games, like the inimitable DuckDuckDuck. But I’m not going to talk about any of those now. Instead, I’m going to talk about Fieldrunners! Read More

  • Party like its 1992 (by installing Win 3.1 on your Nokia N95)!

    One thousand nine hundred ninety-two – what a year: Bush, Sr. booted in the Japanese Prime Minister’s lap; Boris Yeltsin announced that Russia would no longer (publicly) target the United States with nuclear weapons; the Washington Redskins (Go Hogs!) beat the sad Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVI;  Microsoft released Windows 3.1, complete with Minesweeper; EuroDisney opened in… Read More

  • Rumor: I won't be able to afford the LG watch phone.

    (This is the picture we use when we talk about the LG watch phone, because LG staffers made things difficult.) Would you want a watch phone? Of course you would. It’s a little tiny wrist worn box of the future. It’s a childhood sci-fi idea made real. Oh, but do you have over $1,400 bucks to drop on one? Anyone? Hello? Read More

  • Glowing Apple logo on an MSI Wind alleviates need for actual Apple netbook

    If you’ve been waiting patiently for an Apple netbook – something the company’s not even close to announcing – you might want to pass the time with an MSI Wind loaded up with OSX and modded with an honest, glowing Apple logo from an old iBook lid. Read More

  • Why Social Networks Are Good for the Kids

    The other day I asked somewhat tongue-in-cheek whether Tom Friedman had ever visited Silicon Valley. Today, I’m wondering if Lady Greenfield has ever used a social networking site. The professor of synaptic pharmacology at Lincoln College, Oxford and the director of the Royal Institution has the United Kingdom up in a tizzy about the idea that Facebook, Bebo and Twitter are warping… Read More

  • 12Seconds Teams With TweetDeck, Enhances Third Party API

    12seconds.tv, the ‘video Twitter‘ that allows users to send brief video clips counting twelve seconds in length, has announced that is now fully integrated into popular Twitter client Tweetdeck, which will now allow users to both record and receive 12seconds messages (previously they had only been able to receive messages). The site is also going to begin allowing third party sites… Read More

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