• Adventurers Unite on National Geographic's TOPO Explorer

    Remember when wireless technology was supposed to help us get out of our offices once in a while? What happened to that? Sure, we might not be constrained to our cubicles all day – instead, we carry them around with us. And let’s be honest… We all know a certain blogger who could stand to lose thirty pounds. It’s nice to see that sometimes this wireless stuff lives up… Read More

  • BeamMe.Info Offers Information Sharing Via SMS

    BeamMe.info offers a web page to SMS service for sites looking to offer users an alternative to writing information down. BeamMe.info works by site owners placing a BeamMe button on their website next to relevant information users might want a copy of, for example next to address information. Users click the button and are then prompted to enter their cell phone number (most countries are… Read More

  • Yelp Lets Businesses Fight Back

    Local businesses have a love/hate relationship with review site Yelp: The site sends new customer leads to the businesses reviewed. But businesses can also be reviewed (and trashed) without even knowing Yelp exists. Businesses like Oakland coffee shop Cafe Rooz felt slighted by the ratings site when a few vocal customers posted poor reviews. They went so far as to declare No Yelpers. But… Read More

  • Artemis Eternal Brings "Crowd-Funding" To Movie Making

    Jessica Mae Stover wants independent funding for her movie project “Artemis Eternal,” so she’s turning to social media for a (her term) “Crowd-Funding” drive. The idea is simple enough: visitors get to follow the entire process. Contributions for the film range from $1+ with the contributor getting an online credit for the contribution, $25+ gets the contributor… Read More

  • Can someone send me today's email digest?

    Apparently folks are having trouble with our Feedburner daily digest. Can someone who got it this morning (4/28/08) send it to john @ crunchgear.com and/or if you had some sort of problem with IE can you show me what happened? Read More

  • Ad Platform Adify Sold To Cox Enterprises For $300 Million (Updated: Confirmation)

    As strange as it might sound, cable company Cox Enterprises is acquiring Adify, according to the Washington Post (although it wouldn’t be so strange if the acquirer was actually parent company Cox Enterprises, which owns various media properties including Cox Communications). The deal would make it a ten-bagger for investors Venrock, US Venture Partners, NBC’s Peacock Equity fund… Read More

  • Rumor: Tony Hawk Limited Edition Sidekick LX coming mid-July

    Today is chock full of Sidekick rumors and this one seems a bit more plausible than the prior one. Hiptop3 is claiming that the Birdman is getting his own Limited Edition LX on July 16th, which is two days before the start of Tony Hawk’s Boom Boom Huckjam presented by T-Mobile Sidekick. There are no other details at the moment so we’ll take this with a grain of salt as well… Read More

  • Two Years Later, MySpace Karaoke Launches

    MySpace Karaoke launched today. I had actually forgotten about this, but the site is powered by kSolo, an online karaoke service that MySpace parent company Fox Interactive Media acquired back in April 2006. Yep, it took them two years to rebrand and relaunch it. kSolo joins Newroo as the other startup Fox acquired in 2006 that has sort of languished. After acquiring Newroo (March 2006)… Read More

  • Woot! My Psystar OS X machine is shipping!

    Soon CrunchGear will be in possession of a magical Psystar OS X machine featuring Leopard in all it’s hacked BIOS glory. Hi John Biggs, the Status of your Order No. 5399 has been changed. New Status is:
    ____________________________________________________________ Shipped
    ____________________________________________________________ To view the Order Details, please follow this link (or… Read More

  • Interesting video of improved robot vision and obstacle navigation

    This is a short video by the NYU splinter of a DARPA-funded project that aims to improve the way robots perceive the world around them (and most importantly, in front of them). As the video notes, the resolution (both temporal and spatial) of current robots’ visual systems is very limited due to data bandwidth and CPU limitations. Consequently, it cannot process its path beyond about… Read More

  • New iMacs overclocked, not next-gen

    Apparently, the processors in the new iMacs released today by apple aren’t anything new. The iMacs are able to reach speeds of 3.06GHz because they are an overclocked version of chips from Intel’s current line. The mainboards are still based on the Santa Rosa chipset found in the previous iMacs. There was some speculation over whether the new iMacs were going to be the first… Read More

  • Hot? This liquid-cooled shirt should fix that

    It’s kind of ridiculous, but apparently some racers wear these when they’re going to be in a car for a long time with no air conditioning; it looks foolish but I guess it works. This article describes the various problems drivers have with heat – I never thought about it, but dehydration and heat exhaustion can be a serious issue when you’re driving a hot car in the… Read More

  • Nokia drops a trio of mid-range, slick phones

    Three new phones to Nokia today, including two that are apparently a variant on the same model. The 6600 Fold is similar to the 6600 Slide, except that it’s a clamshell instead of a slider, as the names would imply. They’re not identical though, as one would assume from the model number. The slide has a 2-Megapixel camera, OLED screen, 3G connectivity and a flash. The Fold has… Read More

  • GTA IV expected to sell 9 million copies at launch

    GTA 4 Video (720p) – www.cgaming.com from Someone on Vimeo. Two years after it was announced and delayed, GTA IV launches tonight with little marketing and big dreams. It’s expected to sell 9 million copies at launch and make $400 million in the first week for Rockstar Games and Take-Two who is currently fending off EA in the hopes that GTA IV will up the ante. EA has already… Read More

  • DXG-569V HD camcorder announced, priced at $170

    DXG (yes, that DXG) has announced the 569V series of flash-based high definition camcorders. I’m currently playing with the 566V, which is similar to the 569V except that it’s shaped more like a conventional camcorder. I’ll have a review up soon. Anyway, the 569V is now available at Radio Shack and other fine retailers for just under $170. It records 30-frames per second… Read More

  • Latest jobs on the CrunchBoard

    In case you haven’t noticed, we are still running a special launch offer of £20 a job on CrunchBoard. Here are some of the latest jobs: Senior Systems Administrator – Linux – VC Backed Internet Startup Technology Associate – University of the Arts User Interface Engineer – Jiglu.com Developer – School of Everything

    var boxwidth =… Read More

  • More 'Deca Sports' footage, same stupendous music

    http://www.dailymotion.com/swf/x58l3q While many prepare to stand in line for the latest installment of the Grand Theft Auto series, I’ll be patiently waiting for my new favorite game to be released for the Wii. Yes on May 13th, I’ll casually stroll into a local retailer — no waiting in line all night — and use my 6′ 4″ frame to reach over all the other… Read More

  • More Macs making their way to enterprise

    Before I left my last IT job, one giant task I had was converting all the office PCs to Macs. It took about two years to phase it all in, but then we didn’t have a specified budget in mind. Whenever a new user came, they got a Mac. When someone was in need of an upgrade, they got a Mac. Everything was fine, and according to InfoWorld, they’re not alone. More and more companies… Read More

  • European VC investment in tech is actually going up. But Seed funding?

    James Brocket of Headhunters CallibreOne has been busy compiling a great list of VC investments in tech companies (PDF). Why? Because they do a lot of work for VC backed companies. The number are encouraging – surprising, even, given the doom and gloom in the wider economy. Nic Brisbourne DFJ Espirit pulled out some good points: More venture capital appeared in Europe in Q1 than ever… Read More

  • Nokia N810 WiMAX edition priced like we told you a month ago

    We told you how much it would be a month ago, but some people just don’t listen. We’re off by a few dollars, but we were correct in our initial claim. I don’t understand how it’s already sold out, though. Are there that many people in Chicago and DC that want this thing? I guess I’d buy one if I were in an active WiMAX market. Read More

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