• Daily Crunch: Planet Island Edition

    Mario and Princess Peach tie the knot, here’s the cake
    TI’s 3D projector “press photo” is pretty damn crazy
    Flower Rock 2.0: The singing and dancing flowers from Japan are back
    Hack the Jura coffee maker for fun and profit
    Meet Buzz Buzz Doggy, Japan’s newest disgusting toy Read More

  • The Matt Cohler Exit Interview

    Early Facebook executive Matt Cohler announced his departure today to join top tier venture fund Benchmark Capital. I spent nearly half an hour this afternoon talking to him about his decision to join Benchmark Capital, his predictions for Facebook and a variety of topics that we touched on via various non sequiturs. Joining us was Benchmark Capital General Partner Bill Gurley as well. This was… Read More

  • Topix Nabs 6 Content Partners To Become Local Info Hub

    Topix, the local news community that allows readers to submit and edit stories, has secured deals with six content providers as it moves to establish itself as a one-stop-shop for local information. Topix will now use Eventful as an events database, and will offer current TV and movie listings through Zap2It. InfoUSA will supply business directories, and the site will begin using LiveDeal for… Read More

  • Most popular posts for June 19, 2008

    Todays Top Posts: MGS4: The Milking of the Franchise gets 10/10 from GameSpot Hack the Jura coffee maker for fun and profit TrojanToWorm makes being a douche easy! BlackBerry Thunder, Motorola VU30 to get Verizon’s version of visual voicemail PSP 4.0 firmware released Review: SteelSeries 7G gaming keyboard Texas Instruments intros lamp-free projectors Official WiMAX rollout begins… Read More

  • Intel borrows a cup of Sugar from OLPC

    It’s no secret that Intel and the OLPC project parted ways a while back, and now I think we can cross the OS off the list of things Intel didn’t like about the project. Sugar Labs, which split off from OLPC as well, has shacked up with Intel to provide a kid-friendly interface for Intel’s Classmate PC. Good news for everyone involved, I’d say. I always liked the idea… Read More

  • 'Shadow Caddy' perfect for golfers too manly to take a cart but too lazy to carry their own clubs

    They say that golf is a good walk spoiled. But nothing spoils a good walk like paying $30 for a cart and then playing like ass all day long. Sure, you could carry your clubs but let’s be honest, we all play golf for a moderate to slightly below moderate amount of exercise. If I wanted to lift weights, I’d go to a… you know… that place that used to take $80 out of my… Read More

  • Seesmic Hijacks Comments With Threaded Replies

    If content was king in old media, conversation is king on the Web. That is why everybody wants to control the conversation. Video commenting startup Seesmic is no exception. People can post short videos on Seesmic that other people can follow, just like on Twitter. Some blogs and Websites also make it possible for Seesmic members to comment on posts via video instead of text, as we have… Read More

  • Even the Swedes are being warrantlessly wiretapped

    Normally, when it comes to personal freedoms, civil liberties, copyright law and the like, Sweden has historically been the progressive vanguard. And their women are statuesque and beautiful (but have self-esteem problems, I hear). But I was saying: Sweden has an excellent record on these things in my recollection (and correct me if I’m wrong), but today they made a… Read More

  • Associated Press wants to charge $12.50 to quote five words, then turns around and quotes Arrington

    Far be it for the simple gadget bloggers here at CrunchGear.com to comment on legal issues concerning fair use and quoting other news sources, but if you’ve been following the Associated Press brouhaha over the past week or so, you’ll know that plenty of people are pretty riled up. If you haven’t been following the debate, the short version is that the Associated Press now… Read More

  • It Gets Worse: Joshua Schachter Leaving Yahoo

    We just got confirmation from Joshua Schachter, the founder of delicious, that he has decided to resign from Yahoo!. Mike Arrington just spoke to him and he said that the recent news coming out of Yahoo! pressed his decision to leave now. Joshua also said that the decision was made today, and that he has no future plans but will instead join the “gloriously unemployed.” The… Read More

  • CrunchBoard This Week

    You never know who might be looking to hire, so keep an eye on CrunchBoard. Here are some of the recent job listings: Executive Director, Emerging Platforms
    Organic Inc, New York NY Community Manager
    KickApps, New York NY Web Developers
    Docstoc, Los Angeles CA Digital Creative Director
    Jack Morton Worldwide, Boston MA Senior Business Analyst
    Retrevo Inc, Sunnyvale CA Open Source Senior Java… Read More

  • TF2's Pyro update is live, plus TF2 is free for the weekend

    You’re probably already in the know about this, but the big Pyro pack has arrived along with his/her achievements and unlockable weapons. The full update info is here, including this little gem: Removed Soldier’s 40% damage reduction from his own rockets. Does not affect rocket jumps Thank you Jesus. I look forward to a rash of self-destroying soldiers. Also, in case you… Read More

  • OrganizedWisdom, the "Mahalo For Health", Raises $2.3 Million

    OrganizedWisdom, a human-powered search engine that focuses exclusively on health, has raised $2.3 million in a Series A round led by ETF Venture Fund, Esther Dyson, and a number of other investors. OrganizedWisdom has compiled a database of over 10,000 “wisdom cards” that list the most relevant and useful information related to health searches. Links are separated into groups… Read More

  • High school hacker could get 38 years in jail

    A student in Coto de Caza, California has done what each and every one of us has only dreamed of doing; he broke into his school’s computers and changed his grades. Gather ‘round children, and I’ll tell ye of the time that your old buddy Doug failed his fourth grade geography test. See, I mistakenly labeled Pennsylvania as New York and all hell broke loose as I filled in… Read More

  • Canada: Internal Rogers memo leaks iPhone 3G info?

    Take this with a grain of salt, but a user over on HowardForums who’s been known to leak credible information in the past has apparently leaked some pricing information about the iPhone 3G that’ll be heading to Canada on the Rogers network. Here’s the short version: Pricing looks very similar to U.S. pricing in that the 8GB version will cost $199 and the 16GB version will… Read More

  • This Just In: iTunes is a popular music store

    Apple has now sold over five billion songs from its iTunes music store. The program has been around since early 2001. Earlier this year, iTunes surpassed Wal-Mart as the most popular place to buy music. Apple still hasn’t figured out how to sell Drakkar Noir for under $40 through its store but, still, five billion songs is impressive. It’ll be interesting to see how long iTunes will… Read More

  • $1000 for 27 inches – Dell's new UltraSharp 2709W looks UltraNice

    I have a 2407WFP (I think) at home and it’s been a fantastic monitor. Of course, having paid $700 for it, I certainly expect it to be nice. Same with this, their newest 27-inch model [Update: looks like Dell has removed the page. Thanks for the tip, Jason]. It’s going to set you back a G, but if it’s anything like mine, it will be sharp, bright, and responsive, not to… Read More

  • Analyst: Apple needs new iPod Touch by September

    Is it the end of the road for the first-generation iPod Touch? An analyst from Lehman Brothers seems to think so, according to Apple Insider. Speculation began as both Apple.com and Best Buy seem to be scaling back on their respective supplies of the device. Apple’s shortage is somewhat easy to explain away, as the company is offering a free 8GB iPod Touch with the purchase of certain… Read More

  • Western digital gets into the RAID backup game

    I’m sure there are plenty of WD hard drives in RAID configurations all around the world, but now they’re stepping into the arena for reals with a consumer-oriented RAID array. They’re all the rage, these days, after all – what with Drobo, the HP MediaSmart, the Newertech setup I mentioned a week ago, and I suppose you could even rig up this thing to be an array. It… Read More

  • The A.P. Has Violated My Copyright, And I Demand Justice

    As far as I can tell, the Associated Press is sticking by its ridiculous and unlawful assertion that “direct quotations, even short ones” are copyright infringements and result in lawsuit threats and DMCA takedown notices. This story led us to ban the A.P., call the New York Times out on undisclosed conflicts of interest and begin to investigate some ridiculous organization called… Read More

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