• Bell&Ross BR03: For the French!

    Just in time for the holidays we have a new Bell&Ross watch designed for the French Air Force. As you see, they’ve stuffed the same quartz movement you’ll find in the Breitling Emergency into what I’d say is a very beefy and actually quite stunning case. I’ve been hard on B&R lately, but this is a nice move back into sanity. I’d say this one is about $6,000. Read More

  • In the UK, Nikon is top dSLR manufacturer

    Nikon is now the top dSLR maker… in the UK. It was able to increase its sales there by some 333 percent compared to its 2004/05 performance. Why you’d compare it to sales figures from four years ago, I don’t know. Presumably because this news was announced at a D3x event, and the number 3 was a motif of the show. It wouldn’t look as neat if they compared it to a year… Read More

  • Apple announces Top 10 iPhone App downloads of 2008

    With 2008 on the way out and right around 10,000 applications behind them, Apple has released a series of lists outlining which applications scored the most downloads since the App Store’s launch back in July. The lists are separated by whether the the application is paid or free – first as an overall look, and then by each major category (games, entertainment, utilities… Read More

  • Windows Live Rolls Out Its New Social Network Hub, Boosts SkyDrive/Photo Storage to 25 GB

    Today, Microsoft is rolling out some of the sweeping changes to Windows Live it announced two weeks ago. Windows Live seems to be gradually replacing MSN as Microsoft’s central hub for everything you do on the Web. The new home page shows both your email and an activity stream of what your contacts are doing across the Web. It’s more FriendFeed than Facebook, with a little… Read More

  • Reminder: Original Banjo-Kazooie comes out tomorrow on Xbox Live Arcade

    Those of you who grew up during the N64 generation should be prepared to spend 1,200 Microsoft points tomorrow. That’s when Banjo-Kazooie comes out on Xbox Live Arcade. (I guess the release date was moved back a week? Oh, well, time better spent playing Street Fighter.) It’s pretty much a straight port, but with a 1080p resolution and a fully working Stop N Swop, the subject of… Read More

  • Nintendo makes $6 per Wii sold; Mario swimming Scrooge McDuck style

    According to David Gibson a number cruncher at Macquarie Securities, Nintendo is raking in the cash with the Wii at $6 a pop. Nearly 19 million Wii’s have been sold this year alone which works out to be a $114M profit for the gaming company. So yeah, if that profit estimate is correct, Nintendo is doing O.K. in these rough economic conditions. Considering Microsoft and Sony have had… Read More

  • Actns/Swif.T virus affecting embedded YouTube vids?

    Apparently some sort of relatively aggressive virus is affecting certain embedded YouTube videos. Some are saying it affects IE and Firefox users, while others say it’s only going after IE. The virus is called Actns/Swif.T and seems to contain a redirect to a phishing website embedded within a SWF file. The site apparently installs Antivirus 2009, which is malware. We’ll pull our… Read More

  • Note to self, you: Do not roam internationally on AT&T – UPDATE: AT&T responds

    I’m not a vindictive man. I believe in sweetness and light. But I would encourage anyone with a brain who travels, especially in these trying economic times, to buy an unlocked GSM phone and purchase pay as you go SIM cards or a MaxRoam SIM and a Rebel SIMCard for the iPhone 3G. I also encourage you to use Boingo for Wi-Fi roaming in airports and, increasingly, cities. Why? Because I… Read More

  • Motorola notices the world's serious lack of music phones, introduces the EM35 ROKR

    Apparently not aware of the gigantic countdown timer leading up to Nokia’s N97 announcement earlier this morning, or having forgotten the golden rule of “Lets not all announce crap on the same day (unless it’s for a convention)”, Motorola has announced the EM35 ROKR music phone. It’s not going to drop jaws at the local geek show-and-tell, but it looks like a… Read More

  • Microsoft sold an awful lot of Xbox 360s during Black Friday weekend

    Flickr’d Looks like Microsoft weathered the first “oh God will we sell any Xbox 360s in this economy?” storm last week, and then some. Redmond sold 25 percent more Xboxen this Black Friday weekend then it did last year, which was well before the general public had their 401(k)s on their mind. The Xbox 360, we’re told, outsold the PS3 by a three-to-one ratio, which… Read More

  • Songbird Takes Flight With 1.0 Release

    Songbird, the open-source, media focused web browser, has launched its 1.0 milestone release to the public. The browser, which we’ve covered extensively since it was first announced back in 2005, offers a number of features that make it an appealing alternative to music players like iTunes, including a feature called mashTape will automatically cull the internet for relevant content… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 30-minute space flight for $74,000

    A London banker named Per Wimmer will be taking a 30-minute space ride in XCOR’s “Lynx” two-seat suborbital space plane (see our previous coverage) in 2010. Los Angeles-based XCOR is offering relatively affordable space trips at around $74,000 a pop. Wimmer has also purchased tickets on Virgin Galactic’s and Space Adventures’ first flights –also set to take… Read More

  • ARscope: An advanced augmented reality system for multiple users

    Augmented reality, the concept of linking virtual objects and reality, is a concept that has led to some rather dubious results in the past (although it is used also in medicine, architecture and other “serious” fields for the good of mankind). Think Cybermaid Alice or the Tuttuki Box, which is – OK – not really based on augmented reality. The University of Tokyo… Read More

  • LoJack For Your Laptop

    It was only a matter of time before a location tracking app found its way into laptop security software. Laptop Cop, which lets you remotely control your computer and delete files if it is stolen, now has a geo-location feature based on WiFi-hotspot triangulation technology from Skyhook Wireless. It is the same technology that is used in the iPhone (along with GPS and cell-tower triangulation)… Read More

  • China's i6 Goal Android phone uses Wi-Fi in lieu of 3G

    This is the i6-Goal, an Android cellphone created by Chinese firm TechFaith Wireless and QIGI. Like all Android phones, it lets you browse the Web, watch dumb YouTube videos, send email, etc. Presumably it also makes and receives phone calls. There’s no 3G here (which is par for the course in China), with the Wi-Fi connection providing the speedy Internet connection. She also lacks a… Read More

  • Review: Two Acme Made shoulder bags

    The holidays are approaching, and although gadgets, cameras and the like will be flowing like wine, one sector shoppers tend to neglect is how to carry said gadgets. After all, you upsize your laptop and it no longer fits in your briefcase, or you get a new lens and now you need a better camera bag. Acme Made makes quite a lot of the bags, briefcases, and soft shells you’ll be wanting… Read More

  • Apple now shipping in-ear heaphones

    Can you believe that Apple announced its near-audiophile grade in-ear headphones way back on September 9th, 2008 and they are just now shipping to customers? Crazy. A refresher is probably appropriate since they were announced nearly three months ago. Read More

  • Monster Cable vs. $10 guitar line

    This video from Pud (the guy who started F_ckedCompany and AdBrite) shows us the difference between expensive Monster guitar cable versus $10 cable he bought at check-out. The difference, needless to say, is pretty striking, and not in the way you think. Read More

  • MobaMingle adds a Japanese flavor to mobile social networks

    We at TechCrunch expect a rapid expansion of the market for mobile social networks. And with the iPhone’s success as one of the main catalysts of the development, services like Facebook Mobile, MySpace Mobile, Loopt (which even offers a TechCrunch-branded version), aka-aki, and others keep cropping up. One of the most recent social mobile networks catching our attention, MobaMingle… Read More

  • Nokia World 2008: Keynote Summary

    I’ve just left the Nokia World 2008 keynote, in which the new products and services were announced, like the Nokia N97, Nokia Maps, and Nokia Messaging. The presentation was interesting, and highlights Nokia’s vision for mobile communications. Read on for a quick summary and some thoughts. Read More

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