• Dances with Childrens: the RC-R2D2 story

    How cute is that? Tread-based robots are limited to very few moves on the dance floor (for instance, they can’t do their namesake), but that doesn’t stop this remote-controlled R2 unit from cutting a rug with these young ladies at Maker Faire. Looks like a lot of fun. You can find out more about the project at Artoo-Detoo.net. Read More

  • MeeVee Finds A Home, Acquired By Live Universe

    Brad Greenspan’s Live Universe continues its acquisitions spree: they’ve bought troubled Silicon Valley startup MeeVee, we’re heard from multiple sources. This comes less than a month after they announced the acquisition of Pageflakes, another northern California startup. We do not know the acquisition price, but it is undoubtedly less than the $25 million Meevee has raised… Read More

  • RIAA gets juicy countersuit dismissed, rubs hands while laughing maniacly

    I love it when people fight back against the RIAA. Their bullying tactics are getting old, and it seems the courts are realizing this. Last week a judge made it clear that making files available for download — seeding a file to a P2P network, for example — is not copyright infringement. There are other stories of people fighting back, and Atlantic vs. Boyer. Boyer’s attorneys… Read More

  • Iron Man vs. GTA IV: They're both winners!

    There was much speculation — especially on the part of this blogger — that the release of GTA IV the same week as Iron Man might hurt the films revenue, the idea being that nerds would be hunkered down with their Xboxes trying to finish the game, or that many had spent their monthly fun budget on the $60 game, with nothing left for Tony Stark. That’s not the case. In fact… Read More

  • Marissa Mayer, Roelof Botha and Marc Andreessen Join TechCrunch50 Panel Of Experts

    I’m proud to announce that Ning’s Marc Andreessen, Sequoia Capital’s Roelof Botha and Google’s Marissa Mayer will join us on September 8 – 10 in San Francisco for the TechCrunch50 conference Panel of Experts. The experts will judge the fifty startups launching at the event, and then discuss each of the demos on stage as a group. More details on the conference… Read More

  • KickNote To Launch 50 Band Battle Live On Internet This Summer

    New startup KickNote, founded by Brian Erickson, will be launching a “Battle Of The Bands” event this summer that will allow people to watch, and vote, online. The actual concerts will be held in the New York city area, so this event will be called “Battle of the Boroughs.” Thirteen separate events will be held over three rounds; 50 bands in total are expected to… Read More

  • AMD is accusing Intel of deeds unspeakable

    The long-running dispute between AMD and Intel, in which the former alleges anti-trust violations by the latter, has a new wrinkle. A key point in the battle is coming up, and AMD has released to the public its laundry list of accusations. Or, at least, something like that. It seems they (or more likely Intel) feel that the public is not ready to hear what AMD has to say, so Read More

  • A look back and the iMac: First impressions from 1998

    Yesterday we wished happy birthday to the iMac, the personal computer from ten years ago that more or less saved Apple, leading the way to change the computer industry — as well as the music industry — forever. We posted the video of Steve Jobs introducing the iMac and the nostalgia was palpable. But what were the reactions? Reader Dan showed me this clip from a MacWorld from ten… Read More

  • Rumor: Comcast mulling 250GB/month download caps

    Comcast doesn’t like its customers. Well, not all of them, especially those who actually take advantage of the massive amounts of bandwidth it makes available, and is preparing to penalize those of you (or of us) that download tons of content. Rumors from Broadband Reports, the excellent connectivity ratings site, show that Comcast might be considering 250GB per month caps on… Read More

  • Nikon may have inadvertently announced the mid-range full-frame D10

    Nikon’s strict naming conventions seem to have betrayed them. When they release a battery grip, they include the model number it’s for in the name. So the D200’s battery grip is the MB-D200. Well, they recently let fly the “MB-D10,” which fits the D300. The source says he has never known Nikon to just arbitrarily change a name like that, so given the size the… Read More

  • Id announces Doom 4

    Like many of you, my first FPS gaming experience was Doom. It was on an old 486 with the “turbo” button engaged. It was maybe five frames a second and looked like shit, but back then it was revolutionary. Id’s bringing Doom back for a fourth time, officially announcing development is starting on Doom 4. No word on what the game’s like, but we’re guessing you… Read More

  • Wii's Nintendo Channel is now live

    The Wii’s Nintendo Channel is now live. It’s a channel that basically has instant access to downloads of game demos, promotional videos, and other content from Nintendo and its partners. Not for everyone, but many Wiitards have been itching for it. You’ve got to update your firmware to use it, but then you can go nuts. Read More

  • 100-year-old Adix calculator: elegant, beautiful, and practical

    Apologies to our friend from the Seattle meetup who hates steampunk; this was too great to pass up (and not strictly steampunk). This wonderful little machine was state-of-the-art in 1903, when it was used for adding up columns. That’s really all it can do; it has no functions other than addition because the mechanism is so simple and elegant, each paddle shifts a gear a certain… Read More

  • Interns needed

    Like gadgets? Like to be hazed? Join us as a CG Intern. Email john @ crunchgear . com with two posts in CG style and a short description of your background including location, WoW-level, and estimated ability to write poorly quickly. Read More

  • The loneliness of joining the social

    A lonely LA Craigslist user is looking for Zune love in all the wrong places. He posted a “Strictly Platonic” personal looking for someone to share music wirelessly with. As we all know, if you own a Zune and you go looking for someone to share with, you’re probably going to wander for a long time. The whole draw of the Wi-Fi was originally to “meet” people… Read More

  • Mass Effect for PC has crappy dial-a-DRM

    Apparently those of you who’ve been waiting for the PC version of the popular console game Mass Effect will have to make sure your DSL bill is paid up, as the game requires an online connection even for the single player mode. Why’s this? Because the game will phone home every 10 days [scroll down three posts] to make sure you haven’t shared your activation key or are using… Read More

  • Phillips jumping into touchscreen phone race

    Looks like Phillips is looking to get a piece of the touchscreen phone action with the X800, says Chinese site CCID. Based on the pictures they’ve obtained it looks like the UI is a mishmash of Sony’s PSP/PS3/whatever else and Samsung’s Croix interface. Details are very scant with this one, but one picture suggests it will launch in Hong Kong under Vodafone. Read More

  • BT making a comeback in the mobile services world, makes me LMAO

    I find it quite laughable that BT is making its return to the mobile market with a “BlackBerry-style smart-phone” considering that device is the HTC Dash, which is a dinosaur here in the States. The service itself dubbed Total Broadband Anywhere seems akin to T-Mobile’s HotSpot@Home service. Actually, it is the same thing. The other device being rolled out with BT’s… Read More

  • External HDD coming for PS3 from Sony?

    Sony seems to be uncomfortable with the current HDD configuration of the PS3 or so it seems according to David Reeves, the SCEE head honcho. They did reduce the price of the PS3 by switching to a smaller capacity hard drive, but I don’t see anyone wanting to buy varying options from Sony if it were an option. I’ll gladly use one of my existing portables or buy a cheap 2.5-inch SATA… Read More

  • Wits and Wagers now on XBLA… plus a contest

    Have you every played Wits and Wagers? It’s basically a trivia game that involves betting. You’re asked a question and you write down an answer (all of them are numerical). You then place it on a board and bet on the answer you think is closest to the truth — even if its not yours. It’s kind of like poker… with trivia.
    That said, the game is coming to XBox Live… Read More

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