• SeatKarma Helps You Find The Best Seat In The House

    Buying a ticket to a live event, be it sports, music, or theater, is a piece of cake on the Web. There are online services galore that help users find and purchase tickets at their desired price. But does the price you pay actually equate to the true value of the ticket? Put differently, could a ticket for a different location in the same venue for the same price (or even less) be the better one? Read More

  • Microsoft Expands Online Business Services Trial To 19 More Countries, Signs GlaxoSmithKline

    Starting today, Microsoft is extending the availability of its hosted productivity and collaboration services to 19 additional countries, most of them European but also in some key markets like Canada, Japan and New Zealand. The company’s Business Productivity Online Suite, part of Online Services, are now available for trial in all of those countries (see below for details) after being… Read More

  • mSpot launches browser-based ringtone creator (and we've got 1,000 ringtones to give away)

    Let’s say that, for some kooky reason, you’re dying to get the hook from that new Fergie track as your ringtone. No problem – there are half a dozen ways to get it done. But what about if you don’t want the hook, but some obscure bit 77 seconds in? Oh, and you don’t want to download any software, nor enter any sort of legal gray area? Your options have slimmed down… Read More

  • Thanks To Skout, You Can Now Flirt Online Even When You Go Outside (Exclusive Video)

    This afternoon at DEMO 09, mobile dating / location-based social network Skout will debut a product aimed to complement its web services by bringing the concept of online dating offline, straight to thousands of bars and clubs across America. The project was dubbed Skout OUT and essentially wants to blurs the line between online dating in the virtual and the real world by installing an… Read More

  • Zuora Brings Subscription Billing To Facebook Apps

    How much would you pay for a Facebook app? For most apps, most people would probably pay nothing. But for some apps, such as member-to-member online tutorial services, charging could become an option. At least Tien Tzuo hopes so. The CEO of Zuora is bringing his billing subscription service to Facebook, which has more than 50,000 apps in search of a business model. Tzuo argues: It is… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: BigDog and a Bag of Chips Edition

    Airplane converted to hostel at Stockholm airport
    A truly practical TV remote mod
    Forget the Barackberry, what about the Obamacopter? Read More

  • X Marks The Spot, Foxmarks To Become Xmarks

    Foxmarks, one of the most popular Firefox add-ons for social bookmarks, is re-branding itself as Xmarks and making significant additions to its functionality. Since Foxmarks has collected so many urls (600 million to be exact), the company is creating a search feature that turns up pre-qualified results. Since Foxmarks’ launch, the bookmark synchronization add-on has been downloaded over… Read More

  • Back I Am

    I’m (mostly) back from my month-long vacation. A month that I spent sitting on a beach in Hawaii doing absolutely nothing that involved work. I hiked, I surfed (badly), I snorkeled. I read book after book sitting in the sun with an ice cold beer next to me. All of my computers were left behind in California. All I took with me was my iPhone, to post a few pictures to Posterous and Facebook. Read More

  • GETAC's rugged PDA looks like you could drop it in a volcano

    I’m a big fan of ruggedized items. Although PDAs (as opposed to smartphones) are relatively rare these days, there’s still a large need for them in certain scientific and professional pursuits. Ruggedized PDAs even more so, as chances are you’re not going for a two-month expedition to your grandma’s house. I’m sure there are plenty of surveyors, mappers, science… Read More

  • Plugg Announces 20 Finalists For Startup Pitching Competition (15% Discount Codes Here)

    We’re less than two weeks away from Plugg, the European startup conference organized by our writer from across the pond, Robin Wauters, and it promises to be a great event with a host of knowledgeable speakers and a startup competition that will feature some of Europe’s most promising web and mobile startups on the main stage (see below for details). If you’d like to join… Read More

  • Blu-ray laser Zippo mod lets you light up with light

    The last time I saw something like this, I believe I was playing Goldeneye. This hacked-together pocket superlaser is guaranteed to start either conversations or fires — or conversations about fires. We tested out an expensive laser the other day and found it sufficient for lighting a candle, but this one appears to be rather more powerful — and you can gank it out of a Blu-ray player. Read More

  • A carry-on suitcase with a biometric scanner? Yes, please.

    Glamorous as my job may seem at times, my feelings on gadgets and tech these days is pretty ‘meh’ and only a small child-like handful of doodads piques my interest. Lately, for some reason, I’ve become infatuated with luggage. I’d really like to give Live Luggage’s Hybrid PA a spin, but I never check my bag and $400 is a bit much. Read More

  • MeeVee A Ghost Town, All Employees "Inactive." LiveUniverse CEO Greenspan Still Nuts.

    (The picture makes sense once you read to the end). A former MeeVee employee emails in to say that he hasn’t received his 2008 tax forms from the company, and that no one will pick up the phone to say when he might receive them. We emailed Brad Greenspan, the CEO of parent company LiveUniverse (MeeVee was acquired in May 2008) for a comment. His response: “LiveUniverse is in… Read More

  • Local PC vendor jumps Microsoft's gun on Vista replacement program

    It’s understood that come the end of June, Microsoft will be financing Vista buyers’ upgrades to Windows 7. But that date is too far off to drive sales now, obviously, so PC sellers Pacific Systems in the Seattle area (Auburn) are going to start offering free Windows 7 replacements starting next week. Read More

  • Video: Australian Rules Mario 64, Japanese style

    Some very bored Japanese guys decided to change the rules of Mario 64: activate a 1-up mushroom, then try to collect all 8 red coins before the unstoppable green-and-white monster catches up to you. It moves at about normal Mario speed, but can fly and apparently go through walls and floors. The narrators scream bloody murder whenever the sinister fungus appears, and for some reason I… Read More

  • WebMynd Makes Your Search Engine Smarter With New Browser Plugin

    WebMynd, a Y Combinator company that launched early last year, has released a new plugin that is looking to streamline the way you search. The plugin, which is available for Firefox and Internet Explorer, enhances the search results on most popular search engines by inserting a handy sidebar with related search results from a variety of other sites. You can test out a web-based version of… Read More

  • iMovie '09 high-definition fail

    The world of home movie creation is an increasingly exciting one. Digital files are easier to store and make sense of, and our computers are becoming powerful enough that editing and sharing all that footage is no longer difficult. iMovie is the poster child for this change: it has made directors out of many who would otherwise have left their movies raw or sitting in the camera media. Now… Read More

  • Woman finds cell phone in bag of chips

    A Wisconsin woman opened a bag of Clancy’s Ripple Potato Chips and found a super old Nokia cell phone inside. Ewww! Who uses a Nokia that old?! I mean, ewww, a cell phone in a bag of chips! The phone apparently wouldn’t turn on but it had a T-Mobile SIM inside “and a discolored circle on the back, as if it was once connected to a belt clip.” Read More

  • Airplane converted to hostel at Stockholm airport

    Travelers to Sweden’s Stockholm Arlanda Airport don’t have to venture too far to find a place to sleep. A converted Boeing 747-200 airplane now known as Jumbo Hostel has 25 rooms, 85 beds, and is a quick ten-minute walk from inside the airport. Read More

  • HOLY CRAP: Acer 22-inch LCD for $49.99 [UPDATE – it's over]

    Best Buy has a 22-inch Acer monitor in the outlet section for $49.99 plus $15 for shipping. I don’t know if it’s a mistake or if that’s the actual price but I just ordered one. They estimated my arrival date at after March 15th due to the incredible backorder that’s been caused by the low price so we’ll see if they actually send it out or if I get a… Read More

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