• More details about the Atom-based Asus Eee 901

    The impending Eee 901 has been spotted at the WiMax Expo in Taipei and is expected to be formally announced and launched tomorrow. We saw some early details a couple of weeks ago, but here’s some more information. IDG News is reporting that the Eee PC 901 will have a 1.6GHz Atom processor, 1GB of RAM, and will ship with a 12GB SSD and Windows XP or with a 20GB SSD and Linux, depending… Read More

  • GPhone delayed till 2009

    *gasp* TheStreet has word from a source familiar with the situation that the GPhone won’t be released in time for the holiday shopping season after all. That’s really all the source had to say about the matter. Oh well. There are other Android handsets set to launch this year, which I’m assuming won’t be affected by this news/rumor and I’m looking forward to… Read More

  • Starbucks to give away free Wi-Fi tomorrow

    Starbucks will give away Wi-Fi starting tomorrow, June 3. Or: When you register your Starbucks Card and use it at least once a month, you’ll receive two consecutive hours a day of complimentary Wi-Fi, courtesy of AT&T. Not much to complain about here, really. Buy an elitist latte once in a while, and check the headlines. Like, say, that Mourinho is officially at Inter Milan. Read More

  • Kevin Rose, iPhone prognosteekater

    http://seesmic.com/Standalone.swf?video=0F7xc810bb Nigh on every year, come WWDC time, we all down at the farm get a visit from Kevin Rose. This elusive fella can usually be found rock climbing in Palo Alto but by garm if he ain’t also a perfect iPhone prognosticator. Sure the news and city folks come into town ever year to see if he foretells a $500 iPhone 3G in the next week or so, but… Read More

  • Rumors continue to swirl around Netflix, Microsoft partnership

    I suspect that the analysts over at Wedbush Morgan Securities are either smoking crack or that they’ve been living under a rock somewhere for the last six months. The IB had this to say about the Netflix, Microsoft deal. “As we have speculated in the past, we believe that one of Netflix’s partners is Microsoft. We arrive at this conclusion based upon Netflix management… Read More

  • Wakoopa Secures $1 Million for App-Monitoring Social Network

    Wakoopa, the application monitoring service that we’ve described as a Last.fm for desktop apps, has raised $1 million in a funding round led by Big Bang Ventures and HENQ Invest. Wakoopa monitors the amount of time each application is open on a user’s desktop (or iPhone), and uses the aggregated data to create a social network. The site also serves as an application database that… Read More

  • iPhone heads to Spain: June 18

    The 3G iPhone will be available in Spain on Telefónica’s Movistar. No date has officially been announced, but Giz says June 18 is the most likely. Spain, who have already crashed out of Euro 2008, was one of the last Western countries without Apple’s cellphone. Countries without the iPhone now include Japan, Russia and China. June 9, everyone. June 9. Read More

  • Video: Street Fighter IV trailer

    http://www.gamevideos.com//swf/gamevideos11.swf?embedded=1&fullscreen=1&autoplay=0&src=http://www.gamevideos.com/video/videoListXML%3Fid%3D19122%26ordinal%3D%26adPlay%3Dfalse You missed it, didn’t you? I did, too. For some reason I was expecting a bit more and I’m not sure why I thought that. Don’t get me wrong, it looks great and I’m stoked to play it… Read More

  • Skydeck Goes Social And Releases APIs (700 Invites)

    In a New York Times Op-Ed last December, Tim O’Reilly fantasized: Imagine, for a moment, that Verizon were to think like Google or Amazon. It could give you access to your entire call history, every phone call you have sent or received, not just your last 10 phone calls. It might build an address book for you based on everyone you had ever talked to, with top results for the numbers you… Read More

  • NetSuite Buys OpenAir For $26 million

    NetSuite added to its online CRM and accounting applications today by acquiring OpenAir for $26 million, including the assumption of $5 million of restricted stock that will continue to vest through 2010. Boston-based OpenAir sells Web-based software aimed at professional services firms, including timesheets, expense reports and project management. The acquisition isn’t a huge win… Read More

  • Backblaze: Online Backup With Time Machine's Finesse

    Every year millions of people lose their photos, documents, and music to the mechanical squeals of hard drive failure. Despite the consequences, few people ever get around to actually backing up their data – it’s just too much of a chore. For many, Apple finally hit the nail on the head with Time Machine, which lets users plug an external drive into their computers and forget… Read More

  • The Future Of Social Isn't Content Spewing (I Hope)

    A conversation broke out today on the future of social media. Venture capitalist Fred Wilson says his vision for the future of social media is very simply “every single human being posting their thoughts and experiences in any number of ways to the Internet.” Putting aside the fact that most people just don’t want to publish online (and perhaps never will), I still think… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Rather Shocking Edition

    Scorpion logging machine will eventually kill us all
    Telekinetic monkeys and revolutionary prehensile prosthetics
    Trailer released for second Futurama movie, The Beast with a Billion Backs
    Do not mess with her: The No Contact Jacket has arrived
    Productivity Week Read More

  • WuChess: Online Chess For The Hip Hop Crowd. Why Not.

    Hey, we’ve got Netvibes for the hip hop crowd (GlobalGrind), why not online chess, too? WuChess, a partnership between Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA and ChessPark, a social network around online chess playing, launches today. It’s the “world’s first online chess and hip hop community” and will also include exclusive videos and mp3 of the “hottest cats in hip… Read More

  • Time For Another Kevin Rose "Inside Information" iPhone Rumor

    A month before the original iPhone release in 2007, Digg’s Kevin Rose made a set of bold predictions. Citing inside information, he said the device would have a slide out keyboard, a touch screen and two batteries (one for the MP3 player, one for the phone). The iPhone did indeed have a touch screen. Now Rose is back with a new prediction on the 3G iPhone next week. He says Apple will… Read More

  • Webtop Watch: Adobe Launches Acrobat.com and Releases Acrobat 9 (With Flash).

    Continuing its push to become a major provider of Webtop software, Adobe is releasing two new products on Monday: Acrobat.com and Acrobat 9. Adobe’s Webtop arsenal already includes the recently launched online version of PhotoShop and its online media player, Adobe TV. Acrobat.com is another big step towards bringing more desktop-like experiences to the Web. “It is our intent… Read More

  • Plan B

    In the past, you could measure Microsoft’s success by others’ weakness. This time it’s different. Google rolls out a five-pronged disruption to the smart phone, the Visual Studio developer base, social media, offline storage, and Webtone pricing – and it bolsters Ray Ozzie’s hand. With a month to go, Bill Gates’ “transition” from 80-20 to 20-80… Read More

  • The past week on MobileCrunch

    Top stories for the week of 5/25/08 – 5/31/08: Rumor: 3G iPhone to be delayed? Monsoon Multimedia to announce HAVA player for S60 tomorrow Adobe and Qualcomm partner to integrate Flash into BREW Samsung Soul slider reborn as candybar, dubbed Soulb Sprint’s QChat PTT going national in June RIM to meet with Indian Officials over Security Issues Hutchison Telecom bringing iPhone to… Read More

  • Very nice: Biostar's P45 mobo for the discerning overclocker

    That’s-a sexy motherboard. Reminds me of my own, actually — I think it’s the unbelievably annoying placement and orientation of the six SATA connectors. It’s also got 10 USB ports like mine and the cooling system is similar. The P45 series will be the successor to my P35 so I’m not surprised they’re similar, but I don’t see any really… Read More

  • 14 classic (some still-running) tech rivalries

    In case you forgot that Macs and PCs aren’t the best of pals, or that Nintendo and Sega used to send letter bombs to each other, this article should refresh your memory. I like reliving the old conflicts, like Netscape vs. IE and SNES vs. Genesis. You can vote too, so everyone knows which side your bread is buttered on. Some of their “classic” rivalries seem a little… Read More

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