• Limited Resident Evil: Code Veronica Dreamcast spotted on eBay: Only $800

    This here is a limited edition Sega Dreamcast, one of them Resident Evil: Code Veronica editions. Supposedly only 1,800 of these were made, which seems reasonable: not even Wikipedia mentions its existence. If you’re willing to part with $800, it could well be yours. And if I even had an extra $800 handy, I would seriously consider it. Dreamcast was too beautiful for this world. via… Read More

  • AMD expects Direct X 11 GPUs in 2009

    Direct X 11 is on track for a 2009 release, according to AMD’s little slide up there. You’ll also note that the company expects Windows 7 in 2009, too. That’s cute. And how many Direct X 10-only (or even DX10-enhances) games have there been since its release, what, two years ago? Doesn’t look like too many to me. Also, just what is “HD+” supposed to… Read More

  • HTC releases Touch HD demo video, complete with Enya

    I got to spend about 5 glorious minutes with the HTC Touch HD behind closed doors not too long ago, and I’ve been having withdrawals since. We’ve still got a few months before this guy even hits European shores, so it’ll be a while before I can get my Yank hands on it again. In the mean time, I’ll just watch HTC’s newly released Touch HD demo on repeat – with… Read More

  • Hey! Where's my Genius?

    So I just updated the AppleTV and fired her up. There were no visual changes in the interface except for a message encouraging you to hold down the Play/Pause button to bring up other options. The options are, in order, Start Genius, Add to On-The-Go, and Cancel. Starting Genius brought up a big honking error. I’d like to take a closer look at the methods used by Genius to take a… Read More

  • CEATEC 2008: Sony's spectacular 0.3mm curved OLED TV and 40” full HD 9.9mm Bravia (2 videos)

    Above is a short video I made of Sony’s most spectacular product at the CEATEC, its 0.3mm curved OLED TV. http://blip.tv/play/ih_Q7ViJ5FQ
    The second video shows a 40-inch Bravia full HD TV that is just 9.9mm at its thinnest part (they made it flip so it looks good on video). That’s it from Sony at CEATEC this year. But the OLED screen is really cool. Read More

  • What's Your Tweet Worth? Um, . . . Nothing.

    A month ago, I wrote about a company called TwittAd that lets you auction off ads on your Twitter page. Now, the company is sponsoring WhatsYourTweetWorth?, a vanity site where you enter your Twitter name, and it tells you how much your Tweets are worth based on how many followers you have. (Try it later, the site is down—probably being overwhelmed by people who are already… Read More

  • Nintendo promises a Wiite Christmas

    The Nintendo Wii is approaching its third holiday season and it might be a hottest seller yet again. The last two years, the supply wasn’t enough to meet consumer demand but Nintendo is saying this year will be different with a “significant increase” of in-store Wii’s. Still, it’s hard to say if the $249 device will be the overnight line-inducing, must have… Read More


    http://share.ovi.com/flash/player.aspx?media=Conversations.10329&channelname=Conversations.Remixevent Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Demo Hey, man! Nice blue jeans! It’s time to dance, OK? Do you want to buy some E? My uncle he has a house in the sea and we can go there to rave on the weekend. OK! Hi! Your lady has beautiful eyes! Can you come with us to another club? OK! Yeah! This my… Read More

  • Delta Airlines will filter in-flight Internet access after all

    While Delta initially said it had no plans to filter Web sites from its in-flight broadband offerings, complaints have caused the airline to change its mind. When the service launches later this, Delta will block inappropriate Web sites, thus saving humanity from itself. A Delta spokesperson says the filtering will be limited in scope, he didn’t elaborate as to what exactly… Read More

  • Garmin announces the rugged GPSMAP 640 for real men

    The latest addition to Garmin’s vast range of GPS options is geared towards outdoors types. Think of the 600 series as a-go-anywhere, waterproof GPS unit that features both marine and automotive GPS functions by sensing the type of vehicle through the mount and then showing to the appropriate function. So when the 640 is in the car mount, it will function a lot like Garmin nüvi… Read More

  • CEATEC 2008: Sharp booth overview (video)

    Sharp‘s product line-up is underwhelming at this year’s CEATEC. I made a short video (about 2 minutes long) dashing through their booth: See Sharp babes, Blu-ray stuff, mini solar cells, cell phones. The video also shows the scope of the exhibition. There are quite a lot of booths of this size in the CEATEC halls (one of them is rented out by Microsoft). Read More

  • Apple TV updated, now has Genius

    Not only did Apple update iTunes overnight, but it also updated Apple TV. That must be good news for, I don’t know, maybe a dozen of you. In addition to the usual security and bug fixes (including one that sounds pretty ominous: “maliciously crafted movie file may lead to an unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution”), there’s now a Genius… Read More

  • Citizen "Journalist" Hits Apple Stock With False (Steve Jobs) Heart Attack Rumor

    Apple’s stock took a temporary 10-point hit this morning after a false report surfaced on CNN’s iReport that Steve Jobs had a heart attack. The report has been removed, but only after Silicon Alley Insider and others confirmed with Apple that Jobs did not have a heart attack. And the stock jumped right back up to its opening levels. Was this just a short seller trying to make a… Read More

  • Nintendo pedometer to be used in Your Life Rhythm, a walking ‘game’

    Not only is that Nintendo pedometer 100 percent real, but we now know what it’s used for: a lame game. Let that sink in. Your Life Rhythm for the Nintendo DS is a walking game. Yup, you use the Nintendo-made pedometer to track your walking activities. Very, very exciting. Remember when Nintendo used to make fun video games? Read More

  • Does Google Need To Spend More On Traditional Brand Advertising?

    Google has always been more an adversary to traditional Madison Avenue advertisers than a friend. But with economic woes looming, there aren’t too many companies with growing advertising budgets. Google is on track to spend nearly $2 billion this year on sales and marketing, yet it’s offline advertising budget is estimated to be only $20 million a year. A story in… Read More

  • Music royalty rates unchanged, iTunes will remain open

    Phew! For a second there I actually believed Apple when it threatened to shut down iTunes. Now it won’t have to, seeing as though the Copyright Royalty Board in Washington has left royalty rates unchanged. And what does Apple have to save, now that it knows it will only have to pay 9.1 cents per song sold for at least the next five years? We’re pleased with the CRB’s decision… Read More

  • Hands-on: Sega's new RAMBO Arcade game (It's so bad, it's awesome)

    My favorite game center in Tokyo got the new Sega arcade game “Rambo” (obviously based on the movies of the same name) in this week. It runs on Sega’s Lindbergh system board. And the gameplay is terrible, even for a lightgun shooter (I happen to be a big fan of this type of games). All you do is press one button and kill (almost) everything on the screen that moves. So no… Read More

  • Install, run Mac OS X Leopard on your Dell Mini 9 netbook

    A bloke at UneasySilence has managed to install Leopard on his Dell Mini 9. Even better, he’s listed all the steps, so if you’re hankering for a quick weekend project (and you have a Mini 9), this may just do the trick. Note that it does include downloading a specialized version of Leopard off The Pirate Bay, which may or may not be illegal. Who cares, I say. A quick search for… Read More

  • iTunes 8.0.1 released: Bug fixes, ahoy

    Just a quick note regarding iTunes. Apple has updated it to version 8.0.1, and this release fixes a few quirks that no doubt annoyed some of you. The bug that caused iTunes to copy over HD versions of a TV show with an SD version is now squashed. Genius also sees some attention: when creating a Genius playlist, the song you’re basing the playlist on no longer stops playing. Just… Read More

  • Yahoo Makes Election News Only A Keyword Away

    In honor of the impending election, Yahoo is making a few changes to its search engine to help streamline common queries and convince people to vote. Users that search for keywords like “Obama” and “McCain” will be presented with small biographies, poll summaries, and recent news articles related to the candidate. Searches for “presidential poll” will… Read More

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