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Xing To Give Up China And Make Way For LinkedIn In The US?

<img src="" width="180" height="90" />LinkedIn has bolstered its position as America's leading business social network <a href="http

Headline: Afore you go shopping, get thee to the iPhone widget

You’ll be glad to know that New York City is drowning in iPhones 3GS while the rest of the state is showing iffy availability, The iPhone 3GS availability widget is up and working quite well so

Live out your Airwolf slash fiction with the Silverlit Heli-Mission

This Heli-Mission Swat truck is heli cool. It’s basically a helicopter inside a truck that you can drive around and then make the helicopter come out and do some missions like “flying into

Apple Wants You To Know Steve Jobs Is Back At Work

<img src="" width="215" height="179" /> Steve Jobs is officially back at work, according to Apple PR. Even thou

Users angry that Dev Team won't release the 3GS unlock/jailbreak

<img src="" />The Interweb is a tizzy over the 3GS unlock/jailbreak and the Dev Teams decision not to release it until there is a new fir

CrunchDeals: Guitar Hero World Tour band kit for $90 (all systems)

<img src="" alt="ghwt" />If you haven't purchased Guitar Hero World Tour by now, chances are you never will. Undeterred by you

Facebook Names Genentech Exec David Ebersman As CFO

<img src="" width="160" height="185" />Facebook has just named former Genentech Chief Financial Officer David Ebersman as its new CF

A vacuum tube chess set is just what you need

There is a chess set for everyone now. Previously, there were chess sets for WoW fans, cat lovers, the rich, but now even audiophiles have a chess set with this vacuum tube set. Details are a bit scar

In Soviet Union, you get Palm Pre

<img src="" />If you were reading a major paper this weekend, you'd notice a striking ad. There's the Palm Pre resting against an ap

Rumor: Nvidia Tegra phones in Q409? [Updated]

We’ve been excited about Nvidia’s Tegra chipset making its way to mobile handsets for as long as they’ve been showing off their prototypes – which, to be clear, is quite a whil



Rumor: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 price drops coming this Fall

<img src="" alt="" />The Mole, as Ars affectionately refers to its gaming industry insider, has once again struck with a ‘ru

Social Commentary Or Extremely Poor Taste?

<img src="" width="215" height="114" />A lot of people know that hunger is a major problem in Africa, but few people ever

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on track to be worst-rated $400m movie ever

<img src="" />CrunchGear, at the movies! Peter's been talking pretty much non-stop about <i>Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen</i> for th

Yes we can put Obama's face on a thumbdrive and sell it for $9.99

<img src="" />Are you into our President? Prove it by carrying <a HREF="

T-Mobile's Green Perks app goes live

I don’t typically cover apps or widgets that send e-coupons to my cellular phone very often or at all, but I kind of dig the Green Perks app from T-Mobile. It’s the Oregonian in me, I swear. So, w

Nimbuzz to be pre-installed on handset for O2 Germany

Dutch mobile startup Nimbuzz is to be preinstalled by O2 Germany, initially on the Toshiba TG01 handset. The application can be set to be “always on”. It’s significant that a Tier 1 global o

Samsung 11.6-inch N510 netbook on the way?

<img src="" alt="samsung" />Looks like Samsung's getting into the 11.6-inch netbook game with the upcoming N510. An 11.6-inc

Social Whale wants to bring Digg’s features on Twitter

Social Whale is a brand new startup company from Greece which aims to extend Twitter’s abilities by introducing some new digg-like features on the famous microblogging service. At this point, So

YouTube Launches Reporters' Center, Wants To School Citizen Journalists In Better News Reporting

<img src="" width="215" height="37" />Over the weekend, <a href="">YouTube</a> <a href="
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