• tävo gloves keep hands warm while ipodding

    Now that old man winter has hit, I’ve seen a lot of people wearing those gloves and mittens that open up to allow your naked finger to caress the supple touchscreen of your fancy mobile device. These new gloves from tävo let you keep your precious digits nice and warm while navigating your winter playlist or calling AAA to get your car out of that snow bank. Read More

  • Apple's first French retail store to open by next autumn

    Apple is expected to start construction on its first French retail store later this week, to be located in a chic area of Paris. (“A chic area of Paris” is redundant, by the way.) Actually, it’s right by the Louvre, where thousands of plundered ancient treasures are stored for all to see. So that makes five European countries where Apple has at least one retail store: the… Read More

  • GeForce 9400M to rescue the Intel Atom?

    The Achilles heal of Intel Atom powered netbooks/nettops is that the graphic power sucks. Hopefully, that will change with an on-motherboard GeForce GPU 9400M. That graphics chip is the same found in Apple’s latest MacBooks and should help improve the lackluster Intel Atom’s graphic performance. Read More

  • Video: Warcarting, wardriving on a budget

    Warcarting is “wardriving on a budget.” (Good news, what with the recession and all.) It’s also probably, like, 27 years old, it’s new to us! The shopping cart is equipped with all the items you’ll need to steal your neighbor’s Internet access. There’s a bunch of laptops, several antennae, two turtle doves, etc. Read More

  • Review: Beats Tour by Dr. Dre from Monster Cable

    Monster Cable’s second foray into the in-ear monitor area is much, much better than their first go-around with the Turbines. Knowing that Monster Cable loves to gouge folks on overpriced cables, one has wonder if their headphones are overpriced as well? Perhaps, but it depends on who you’re asking. Read More

  • G1 and Diamond push HTC to record profits in November

    Curious as to why Sony Ericsson (and 13 others) might have hopped on board with the Open Handset Alliance? Take a look at the November numbers of HTC, the folks behind the only Android handset currently on the market, and it all becomes clear. Read More

  • Thanko sells wrist watch with integrated spy camera

    Thanko, the pioneer in disruptive technology, is rolling out one innovative product after another. After announcing the teddy bear-shaped gloves yesterday, the Tokyo-based company today unveiled an analog wrist watch that features a built-in video camera. The so-called VIDEO CAMERA Analog Watch looks totally normal from the outside (weight: 80g) but is able to record 2 hours of video through… Read More

  • The White Fruit Radio looks nice (too bad radio is dead)

    While the radio business may be finished—CBS Radio, no one is going to suffer through commercials to listen to pre-selected, cookie-cutter music when they have a perfectly viable iPod in their pocket—there’s still plenty of industrial designers out there who are able to put their own little spin on the device. Take this White Fruit Radio, for example, It’s made of… Read More

  • Nintendo doesn't need to cut the price of the Wii, but let's speculate anyway

    Let’s speculate! Several manufacturers have approached Nintendo about producing the Wii’s accelerometer, presumably for less money than current suppliers do. So, a cheaper accelerometer means a cheaper Wii, right? We need to face the facts that Nintendo is currently selling as many Wiis as it can ship. (It sold 800,000 Thanksgiving week alone, as Sony and Microsoft fought for… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Refurb Magellan 1200 GPS for $69.99

    Now I know this Magellan RM 1200 GPS unit is refurbished, but hear me out. First, it’s only $70. Second, it’d make a good gift. And third, it comes with a one-year warranty just like a new one would. Other stuff includes maps of the lower 48 plus Puerto Rico and Hawaii, 3.5-inch 320×240 touchscreen, 1.3 million points of interest, SD card slot, and a rechargeable battery good… Read More

  • Google Adds Print Magazines To Book Search

    Google took another step towards ingesting all the world’s printed knowledge. In addition to books and newspapers, Google Book Search now archives millions of pages of magazines from New York Magazineand Ebony to Popular Mechanics. The magazines have been scanned and digitized and are presented using a similar interface to the one Google recently developed for archived newspapers. You… Read More

  • LG ups the (4G) ante with successful LTE trial

    LG has upped the ante in the hyper-competitive 4G arms race after successfully testing the world’s first (functioning) Long Term Evolution (LTE) cell phone chip. The 13x13mm integrated circuit exhibited impressive data speeds in its initial trial, topping out at 60Mbps downstream and 20Mbps up. Still in its planning stages, the Third Generation Partnership Project intends LTE (successor… Read More

  • Sony axing 16,000 jobs and $1.1 billion in costs

    It’s rough out there. Sony is scaling back operations and cutting 16k jobs worldwide as the electronics firm’s sales slows during the econimic downturn. 8,000 of the cut jobs would come from regular workers and the other half would be from temporary and contract workers. The entire cut will account for only 4% of the total workforce. These lay-offs are to be expected as… Read More

  • The first 100% paper-made jeans in the world will set you back $5,400

    Hopefully better-looking than that (photo credit: Fashion Police) As the world’s first company, Tokyo-based Japan Pulp & Paper plans to sell jeans made entirely of Japanese paper. The jeans will be marketed as a collector’s item and limited to just 10 pairs. Buyers will have to pay $5,400 per pair. The company is using denim made from Washi, Japanese paper that’s tougher… Read More

  • Netvibes Founder Building iPhone-Like Operating System For Netbooks

    Last month I wrote about why Netbooks, which are small, low end computers that are selling like crazy, just aren’t good enough for most users. Small screens, small keyboards and underpowered hardware make for a less than stellar Netbook user experience. But Netvibes Founder Tariq Krim, who left Netvibes on a full time basis last May, thinks he can fix that. His solution is a new… Read More

  • Very-basic Alpha 400 netbook costs under $200

    Interesting. Geeks.com is selling something called the Alpha 400, which is probably about as close to the original concept of the netbook as it gets. Linux operating system? Check. Low-power processor? Big check — it’s a 400MHz MIPS CPU. Small? Check. It’s got a 7-inch screen with an 800×480 resolution. Additional accoutrements include 128MB of RAM (yes, 128MB), 1GB… Read More

  • Real Estate Search Engine Roost Closes An $8 Million B Round

    The economy is in the hole, and real estate is in an even deeper hole. What better time to invest in a real estate search engine? Shasta Ventures just led an $8 million series B financing in Roost, a real-estate search engine that is grabbing data from MLS listings (actually from something called the IDX, or Internet Data Exchange, which is a close proxy to MLS listings). As a result… Read More

  • Google Earth partially blamed for Mumbai terrorist attacks

    The terrorist attacks in Mumbai have once again put Google Earth in an unfavorable light. The one (“baby-faced”) terrorist that police caught has said that the terrorists used Google Earth the help plan the attacks. (That they also used everyday cellphones, GPS and other technologies appears to be lost on the ban happy Indian officials.) In order to prevent future attacks, so the… Read More

  • White HTC Touch Diamond appears just in time for Christmas, unless you actually want to buy it

    If there was ever any doubt that a White HTC Touch Diamond was in the works, let said doubt be cast away. Sometime earlier this morning, snowflakes began falling across HTC’s front page (kind of like a 1996 Geocities website, except classy. They should add a guestbook for us to sign.), underneath the headline “Wishing you a more connected holiday season”. Sitting at the very… Read More

  • Thanko sells USB-powered and teddy bear-shaped gloves

    More USB madness from our favorite crap gadget vendor Thanko: This time the company presents cute bear-shaped gloves that are powered by USB to really warm up your hands. And the best thing is, you can wear them and still are able to type. Pure genius. The price in Japan is $18 and you can expect Thanko to list the gloves in their English online store in the next days. Read More

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