• Disney unleashes the lawyers on Sleeping Beauty Blu-ray

    Nobody takes the fun out of life more than lawyers and Disney’s 57-page EULA on its Sleeping Beauty Blu-ray release. The agreement must be accepted before disc access is allowed and then there is another 63-page Privacy Policy agreement screen before access to BD Live material can be accessed. The whole ordeal is a tad annoying. It’s understandable that Disney wants to protect… Read More

  • Mufin: An Automated Music Recommendation Engine That Actually Works

    Whenever we get introduced to a site that features some kind of “digital fingerprinting technology” to power a music recommendation engine, it’s hard not to be skeptical. Fingerprinting works well for identifying the same song in multiple places – for example, duplicate songs in a music library. But when it comes to music recommendations, automated systems rarely… Read More

  • Asus Eee PC S101 in stores this month

    Another day, another Eee PC. The Asus Eee PC S101, which will be available at fine retailers by the end of the month, is your standard issue Eee PC: small, lightweight (2.2 pounds, to be exact) and loaded with either Windows XP or Linux. The rest: 10.2-inch display, 1GB of RAM and a whopping 20GB of storage (up to 64GB SSD). Expect to pay around $699 for the little guy, provided we’re in… Read More

  • Mugen Peri Peri: Experience the feeling of opening shipping envelopes over and over again

    When do you know that a given country, in this case Japan, is totally saturated with gadgets? When one of its companies, in this case Bandai, releases a combination of a cell phone strap and a mini toy that lets you relive the unforgettable experience of opening shipping envelopes or cardboard boxes. The so-called Mugen Peri Peri [JP] even features a built-in speaker for a number of… Read More

  • Brain fingerprinting could replace conventional lie detectors

    Being that lie detectors are complete wastes of space, law enforcement needs, you know, something that actually works. That something could well be brain fingerprinting, which measures brainwave activity to determine if someone is telling the truth or not. VentureBeat puts it in easy-t-understand terms. Imagine you viciously murder someone with an axe. Then, when the police are questioning… Read More

  • Oh, so that's how Wii-DS play works in new Final Fantasy

    Square Enix’s upcoming Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time employs quite a little gimmick: simultaneous Wii and DS play. That is, while you’re playing the DS version, you can pal up with your friend who’s playing the Wii version. This strange mestiçagem works by essentially “porting” the DS version to the Wii, which then translates the DS… Read More

  • Augmented Reality? The Tuttuki Bako box needs your finger to play with virtual characters

    Who needs Augmented Reality Cybermaid Alice? Bandai Japan plans to release a palm-size cube in the middle of next month that lets you stick your finger into it to interact with the beings and things contained in the box. Read More

  • RIM shot: A hands-on of the BlackBerry Storm

    Our amigos at Gizmodo have a hands-on with a Verizon Wireless-branded BlackBerry Storm, and it’s gotta be in the top 100 most interesting things you’ll see all day. To be fair, the phone at least looks halfway decent. Giz’s Buchanan notes a feature that will no doubt annoy several would-be Storm owners. Unlike how on the iPhone you can sorta “glide” from letter… Read More

  • Universal lifter: A water pressure-powered nursing care bath chair

    Japan doesn’t rely solely on robots to cope with its dramatically ageing society (over 20% of Japanese people are older than 60) but also develops down-to-earth type of technology to support elderly and handicapped people. Tokyo-based Universal Design has developed the Universal Lifter, a nursing care bath chair that uses water pressure to smoothly lift a person in and out of the bath. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Office Save Edition

    TOKYObay Robots for your office cubicle
    Kevlar Pocket Square
    Smart Lighting brings it all back to 1999
    Guy likes his Roomba, writes a song about it
    Chumby now supports Pandora Radio Read More

  • Organize All The World's Information, Then Put Google Ads On It

    It’s unlikely Google will ever find another money machine as efficient as search advertising, which accounts for about 40% of the $40 billion advertising dollars spent online each year. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to try. Today they unleashed two new forms of advertisements: click to buy links on YouTube and adsense for Flash games. The New York Times says… Read More

  • CrunchSamaritan: Reporting stolen double bass in Santa Barbara

    Are you in Santa Barbara? Have you seen a suspicious double bass floating around — possibly stolen from a church sanctuary? Poor Kim had a boatload of gear stolen from the Free Methodist Church, including a big tan vintage double bass, a big green amp, and a bunch of other stuff. Click through for the business. Read More

  • TouchType Makes iPhone Email Better With Landscape Mode

    For whatever reason, Apple decided not to allow “landscape mode” on iPhone email. If you want to turn the phone when the web browser is open and get the larger keyboard that makes two thumb typing realistic, no problem. But the email app is portrait only. Now a new iPhone application called TouchType (iTunes link) fixes the problem. Open the application and you get a landscape… Read More

  • BlackBerry Storm hits Vodafone and Verizon

    And we’re off: the BlackBerry Storm 9500 touchscreen phone just went live on Vodafone an hour before the official embargo date. You’re looking at the Vodafone… wha!!! So I don’t know how they did this but as far as I can tell they didn’t spoof the domain and that someone in London was dumb enough to leave this page up. It seems to talk about the actual phone, which… Read More

  • Seattle's Top Entrepreneurs Band Together To Invest In Local Startups

    Seattle has has a heck of a tech scene, but isn’t so big that the community breaks down into cliques and haters as Silicon Valley often does in the boom times. Maybe that’s why I spend so much time up here. Like other tech hubs, successful Seattle entrepreneurs tend to become angel investors and help the next crop of companies come of age. An example: Pressplane, which recently… Read More

  • Verizon and Vodafone (Update: and Telus!) finally speak up about the Storm

    At long last, Verizon and Vodafone have officially acknowledged that they plan to offer the Storm in the coming weeks. Prepped to fit the needs of the enterprise user who may be tempted to sway from RIM, this much-coveted handset is the first touchscreen BlackBerry. With the 480×360 screen, 3.2 mp autofocus camera, Bluetooth 2.0, “ClickThrough” user selection for a… Read More

  • LP33.tv's Innovative Music Site Launches To The Public

    LP33.tv, the experimental music site that was once called myAWOL (but changed its name to avoid confusion with MyAOL), has launched to the public. The site will compete against a strong field of competitors like MySpace Music, but hopes to distinguish itself with a dedicated content production team and an innovative approach to signing new artists, as well as its experienced team of… Read More

  • Ten Years Later, Yahoo Finally Updates Its Calendar

    It’s literally been ten years since Yahoo updated its online calendar. And it’s been more than two years since Google launched its Web-based calendar. But tonight it will start rolling out a new drag-and-drop, Ajax calendar in a closed beta to Yahoo Mail users in the U.S., UK, India, Taiwan, and Brazil. You can sign up for it here. The new Yahoo Calendar doesn’t do much… Read More

  • Jimmy Wales: The New Wikia Search API "Is Like Facebook Apps For Search Results."

    Jimmy Wales is opening up the Wikia Search engine to anyone who wants their own data or application to show up in results. Called Wikia Intelligent Search Extensions (WISE), it lets developers create search results based on certain keywords or rules. Wales tells me: It is like Facebook Apps for search results. Wikia Search is launching the WISE framework with a bunch of partners: Digg… Read More

  • TOKYObay Robots for your office cubicle

    What we have here is a heavy, metal, red robot alarm clock. He/she/it sits amongst my other cubicle decorations: two Kid Robot Munny dolls, Wowwee Chatterbot (I like bulldogs), and skull Pez dispenser. You can choose from three models with varying colors. The one I have is $48. I like the squatty looking one. It’s an alarm clock robot with moving legs, arms and head. That is all. Read More

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