• ASUS Essentio CS5110 gets pricing, Blu-ray burner

    The ASUS Essentio CS5110, which we’ve covered in fair-to-middling detail, will be offered with an optional Blu-ray burner. Pricing will run between $657 and $1,642, with the Blu-ray equipped version of the PC starting at just over $1,300. These prices, by the way, are being converted from New Taiwan dollars, so they’re not necessarily set in stone. Still no official launch date… Read More

  • China's hackers could have caused East Coast blackout… not!

    Well how’s this for a Die Hard scenario: Chinese hackers are believed to control some of the electric power grids and may have caused blackouts in Florida and on the East Coast. How, you ask? Spyware! Using “slurping” software, Chinese counterintelligence has grabbed data from businessmen. But wait, there’s more! Kevin Poulsen calls the story bogus and so would I if… Read More

  • More Apple rumors: Dot-Mac to get major revamp, new name at WWDC

    Check this: %@ is the new name of Apple’s online service (was .Mac) This string, found deep within the code for iCal, makes it pretty clear that Apple plans to make some changes to .Mac, its online service, um, service. The $99/year service gives people e-mail, an easy way to share content, sync information between computers, etc. It’s sorta outdated, especially in… Read More

  • Celebrity Baby Blog is Acquired: People.com's Gain Is FM Publishing's Loss

    It’s nice to see blogs growing up, even if they are about babies. People.com has bought Celebrity Baby Blog, a fast-growing blog started four years ago by Danielle Friedland. She confirmed the deal earlier this week, after MediaWeek broke the story. The site has an editorial staff of 17 editors, contributors, writers, and reviewers (presumably, not all full time). The blog is an… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: PS3 2.40 firmware to bring in-game XMB, trophies

    The upcoming 2.40 firmware update for the PS3 should bring in-game XMB and trophies (like the 360’s achievements) to you gamers. Exactly when the firmware update will be released is still unknown, though more than a few people are predicting it’ll happen before the launch of MGS 4. That way, you know, you can bask in the glory of your trophies as soon as you get them. Wow, a post… Read More

  • Japanese geek programs iPong multiplayer game for iPod Touch

    It is claimed that this wireless multiplayer Pong game for the iPod Touch was coded in about an hour by a single person. via Asiajin Read More

  • Japanese scientists create world's smallest noodle bowl

    A research team from the University of Tokyo managed to create a microscopic bowl of ramen (Japanese noodles), measuring 1/12,500th of an inch (1/500th of a millimeter) in length and 1.25 millionth of an inch (1/50,000th of a millimeter) in thickness. According to Japanese media, the project’s aim is to make a contribution to the advancement of nanotechnology. The bowl was carved out… Read More

  • Report: New iPhone already here; first shipments happened in March

    The second-generation iPhone may already be here in “key markets,” according to Forbes. The business publication says Apple has been receiving shipments of a “mysterious new product” since March, citing sources in the shipping industry and leaning heavily on previous analyst assumptions (what companies are supplying what internal parts, etc.). Why, then, no credible… Read More

  • 'Steam' service to include saved games, key bindings

    Valve’s wildly popular Steam game downloading service allows you to purchase and download games quickly and easily to any computer running the software. I’ve purchased a handful of games this way and it makes it super easy to move them to a new computer. Games get automatically updated and patched too, which is nice. Now Valve’s announced Steam Cloud, which “will… Read More

  • Dissecting Naked – When and what to publish about a failing startup

    The Next Web blog – normally great – has had a slight crisis of confidence and attacked TechCrunch UK’s report on the demise of Naked. Blogger David Petherick says they had all the facts about Naked a month ago but chose not to delve into why the firm had cashflow problems or make “a dramatic, and possibly premature, pronouncement of death” because this would not… Read More

  • Scorpion logging machine will eventually kill us all

    What a pleasant, soothing video of a graceful, six-legged stinger-tailed killing machine used for “logging,” whatever that is. All that needs to be done now is to equip these things with front-mounted lasers and let them loose in a big city. In a non-paranoid world, this machine is a logging prototype made by John Deere in cooperation with Plustech Oy. It’s not new, either… Read More

  • Is YouTube Building Market Dominance At The Expense of Building A Business?

    If you look at YouTube’s numbers, one thing is clear: It completely dominates online video. YouTube accounts for 37 percent of all videos watched on the Internet and attracts about half of the audience, according to comScore. (And if you add in Google Video, that brings the total to 38 percent of videos watched). The No. 2 player, Fox Interactive Media (i.e., MySpace), accounts for… Read More

  • b5media Partners With PicScout For Free Licensed Images

    b5media, a media network with over 350 blogs, has partnered with PicScout to obtain legally licensed images at no cost through their PicApp application. PicScout originally started off as a content copyright enforcer, hunting down unlicensed images on the web with its flagship ImageTracker program. After realizing how ubiquitous unlicensed images were, the company launched PicApp, a… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Arctic Fox Hunting Edition

    Telekinetic monkeys and revolutionary prehensile prosthetics
    Productivity Week: Firefox Tweak Guide
    Video: Prince of Persia trailer is fantastic
    The final robot frontier: New robots to patrol Antarctica (in search of sunrise)
    Multi-touch, the Musical! or The next wave for UI Read More

  • Grockit Gets $8 Million More For Mysterious Learning Game

    We don’t know much about Grockit. The company is creating a new way to get people to learn online, and has spent the last year working away in stealth mode. Whatever it is, it’s apparently impressing investors: Grockit just raised $8 million in Series B funding from Integral Capital and Benchmark Capital, bringing its total to $10.7 million – impressive for a product that… Read More

  • Oh No He Didn't

    Blaine Cook, the former Chief Architect of Twitter, takes a shot at his former company today complaining, of all things, Twitter downtime. The only trouble is, the feature he’s complaining about hasn’t failed, it’s been taken down by Twitter along with other measures to reduce overall stress on the platform. The same platform that Blaine built and that is occasionally seen… Read More

  • Don't Debug Alone With FiveRuns' TuneUp

    As Ruby on Rails devotees converge upon RailsConf 2008 (and the simultaneously held un-conference CabooseConf), performance startup FiveRuns is launching TuneUp, a “social” debugging tool for Rails applications. The TuneUp plugin tells you specifically where a RoR app is running slowly. If you’ve coded a few ridiculously inefficient database queries, it’ll point out… Read More

  • Telekinetic monkeys and revolutionary prehensile prosthetics

    http://services.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f8/452319854 The brain-machine interface is one of the next major steps in technology. I had the privilege to study Neuroscience at UCLA and can say with certainty that we’re nowhere near a practical application for a number of reasons, but the amount of brainpower being devoted to the subject is so great that we’re making… Read More

  • Most popular stories for Thursday, May 29, 2008

    Today’s Top Posts: Contest: Win History’s “Engineering Disasters” DVD set Tecmo Bowl coming to Wii in 2009 Rumor: 3G iPhone to be delayed? CableCARD goes two-way with new specs What it’s like to use the BlackBerry KickStart GTA: NES Sony Ericsson Paris demo spot hits the Internets New projector with “template function” to be released Possible Acer… Read More

  • ExperCom to retrofit MacBook, MacBook Pro with SSD

    I certainly don’t care to have an SSD in my MBP, but if you’re really itching to get one in your MB or MBP then give Expercom a call and they’ll take care of it for you. Of course, you’ll be paying out the wazoo for a 60GB or 120GB SSD. Your two options are to send your rig into Expercom, or purchase a 15-inch MBP with a 2.4GHz proc/2GB RAM/120GB SSD for $2,649 or a… Read More

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