• Breaking: Former AOL Chief Jonathan Miller To Become News Corp.'s CEO Digital Media

    Jonathan Miller, the former CEO of AOL, is taking over the digital assets of News Corp., we’ve confirmed – his new title will be CEO of Digital Media. This will include Fox Interactive Media and other duties. Peter Levinsohn, the current president of Fox Interactive, will be leaving his current position but will remain at News Corp. This is more than a little ironic. Miller… Read More

  • Video: Hands on with the GameTrak Freedom controller

    GDC isn’t exactly our cup of tea, but we did manage to find some worthwhile things to report about. I think the team needs to dye their hair blue or wear kilts next year because that’s what the cool kids at GDC do. Anyway, we’ve known about the GameTrak Wiimote-like controller for the Xbox 360 for some time now and we tracked down their booth to test out the controller. Read More

  • BarTor Android application scans DVD barcodes, downloads using BitTorrent

    This is tremendous. It’s an application for Android called BarTor that you use to automatically download movies using BitTorrent. You simply hold the G1’s camera to a movie’s barcode, presumably while at Best Buy or something, then the software sends the movie title to your computer, which you’ve already set up to run uTorrent or Vuze. And off it goes! Read More

  • New edumacational ‘Welch’ netbooks coming in May from Dell?

    Kids! Get ready for back to school already! An anonymous troublemaker leaked these colorful product shots to Gizmodo showing what’ll be called the Dell Latitude 2100 series of netbooks. Specs will apparently include all the standard 10-inch netbook fare – 1.6GHz Atom CPU, up to 2GB of RAM, three- and six-cell batteries, sub three-pound weight – and they’ll be positioned… Read More

  • The G20 gets a taste of Protest 2.0 this weekend

    The Put People First march in London this weekend will use some interesting tech to get their point across to the world leaders of the G20, assuming they are listening, and on Twitter. A caped ‘superhero’ called “The Megamouth” will shout out messages from the public to the likes of Obama and Brown about the world’s poor. But exactly what he’ll shout will… Read More

  • When in doubt, launch an adult social networking site creator. Yes, that'll work.

    Last year yet another ‘build your own social network’ appeared. SocialGO was a white-label social networking site creator spun out of UK company Bright Things. SocialGO lets you create an online community website which is either stand-alone or inside an existing website. All the usual features like IM, content-sharing for photos and videos, blogging tools etc are there. Clearly… Read More

  • Weekend Project: Turn all your fruit into shot glasses with the ShotCarver

    It’s getting warmer out, which means we’ll soon all be switching from heavy, dark wintertime beer to delicious, nutritious summertime alcohol. The ShotCarver costs $12 and can be used to create a shot-sized pockets inside apples, pears, watermelons, and more. Read More

  • Facebook "Definitely" Raising Capital This Year; Google Considered Acquisition

    Last October we wrote about how Facebook’s breakaway growth combined with a declining advertising market was forcing the company back to the capital markets. The company has been all over the place with on record comments about fundraising since that post. In November Founder Mark Zuckerberg firmly said “No” in response to the question ““Do you need… Read More

  • OMG, OnStar May Soon Let You Twitter From Your Car

    All you Twitter addicts stuck in traffic, some good news. You might not have to risk your life any longer sending out one-handed Tweets on your Blackberry or iPhone, while trying to hide the fact that you are doing so under the dashboard. If you have OnStar in your car, you may soon be able to send and receive hands-free Tweets through OnStar’s voice-activated calling system. Andru… Read More

  • Little Jimdo lands a big Japanese fish – major telco deal for German startup

    Given the US economy is tanking right now, I wonder if there is not a wider trend for European startups to start thinking about Asia as a more viable place to make deals and potential exits. Certainly TechCrunch has been speculating on whether China is now the place to look to, for instance. So with that in mind news reaches me that Jimdo, a German startup with an easy to use… Read More

  • Is MMS coming to UK iPhones before the 3.0 release?

    Is O2 about to enable MMS for iPhones well before the next release of the handset, rumoured to be in June? Word reaches us from a reader that, having made “several phone calls to different sections of the company” O2 will “officially” switch on MMS services for the iPhone within the next few weeks. To be clear this applies to O2 customers, within the UK only –… Read More

  • No idea why, but they made a USB-powered shaking hip (video)

    We featured Bandai’s weird beer can simulator yesterday, mentioning the company started behaving strangely a few weeks ago. Now Banpresto, a subsidiary company of the Japanese toy giant, adds another odd gadget to the mix: A mini shaking hip that’s powered by USB [JP]. Yes, Thanko is innocent this time. Video after the jump. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Energizer iPhone/iPod ‘Energi to Go’ emergency battery for $10

    Here’s a reasonably priced iPod-compatible quick battery charger from Energizer. Buy.com is selling it for $9.99, while most similar iPod/iPhone battery backup solutions are going for more than double that amount. Read More

  • Patent shows Apple method for biometric iPhone, MacBook scanning

    Whoa, now here’s a patent that’s actually worth discussing. (The majority of patents are boring, that’s the implication.) Apple filed a patent last September (but just now made public) that would turn give your iPhone or MacBook the ability to determine your identity, thereby increasing its security. That is, the device would have a built-in scanner, biometric or otherwise… Read More

  • Lawsuit Forces TheFunded To Shutter Service (or early April Fools joke)

    TheFunded, a website that rates venture funds based on first hand experiences from readers, is shutting down on April 2, according to a notice posted on the site today. This very well may be an April Fools joke, although founder Adeo Ressi has not returned our email requesting comment. The fact that the service isn’t shutting down immediately also suggests this is fake. The site has… Read More

  • Special YouTube Ads Earn Nonprofit $10,000 In A Single Day

    Earlier this week YouTube launched a new feature for non-profit organizations called “Call to Action”, allowing these organizations to place special overlay ads on their videos free of charge. These overlays can direct viewers to the non-profits’ homepage, where users can elect to donate money, sign up for mailing lists, and interact with other members in the community. … Read More

  • Facebook COO Sandberg Joins Starbucks Board Of Directors

    Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, has joined the board of directors of Starbucks, her first public company board position. Sandberg, who’s generally shy of press (she’s done just one video interview since she joined Facebook a year ago), is going to be getting a lot of credit in the future for driving revenue growth at Facebook. Prior to Facebook she was the VP Online… Read More

  • RebelVox Makes Your Voicemail More Like Email

    RebelVox is a voice communications platform that aims to makes your voicemail function more like email. The technology is not yet available for consumers, but it will soon be shopped around to developers who may want to incorporate it in other apps. RebelVox’s technology will allow you to leave a voicemail for someone without actually making a call to the person. RebelVox’s mobile… Read More

  • Enthusiastic review of GTA: Chinatown Wars

    DiiFii, an energetic man-child of indeterminate age, reviews GTA: Chinatown Wars on the Nintendo DS with even more arm flailing and karate chopping than usual, which is quite an accomplishment in and of itself. Read More

  • Back to Japan: NEC quits international PC business

    No LaVie (pictured), Hello Kitty, full flat or any other NEC computers for Non-Japanese anymore. The Tokyo-based tech giant will completely wind down its PC operations outside Nippon within the year and focus on the Japanese market instead. Read More

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