• Sony Ericsson workers face 2,000 job cuts

    Mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson has announced they will be letting 2,000 workers go, as they try to regain market share. The company reported an operating loss of $3.1 million dollars for the second quarter as compared to a profit of almost $500 million a year ago. The company hopes to ride out the current credit crunch by cutting operating costs up to $600 million a year. In June the company… Read More

  • New face recognition system helps stores to identify VIP customers

    Tokyo-based Tech security system provider Shiba Denshi Systems [JP] developed a technology that enables store employees to identify and systematically address “important” customers in a quicker way. First, video cameras installed at the store entrance capture the faces of customers coming in. The information is then forwarded to a data base of profiles that stores must in create… Read More

  • Dangers of hype: $650 empty iPhone box sold on eBay

    In a not-too-surprising turn of events, someone has taken upon himself to purchase the new iPhone 3G, and then turn around and sell (some of) it on eBay. Figuring the hype would shoot up the bid, they were right, and the auction finished off at $650.00 with a ton of bidding. Well, now that its over, the winning bidder is the proud owner of an “iPhone 3G Black 16 GB Box and… Read More

  • Radio Shack looks to Apple stores for inspirado

    Since the launch of Apple’s super-popular iPhone, competing handset manufacturers have been scrambling to produce phones that at least somewhat replicate Cupertino’s device. So it should stand to reason that the look and feel of Apple’s stores, which are quite popular with shoppers, might begin to appear in competing retailers’ stores. Case in point, it’s… Read More

  • NTT develops anti-Tempest device to improve computer security

    All computer screens emit electromagnetic waves that can be intercepted by criminals who then use the data to reconstruct what is displayed. Research on the topic is largely classified. But it’s not a secret that even distances of 100 meters and more between the attacker and the target PC can still be critical, depending on the equipment used and the surrounding area (walls, large… Read More

  • Pyramid Head coming soon to your favorite platform, PC included

    I’m not sure whether to jump for joy or cower in abject terror. Pyramid Head, the enigmatic and utterly terrifying boss-monster from Silent Hill, is making another appearance, this time in the new Silent Hill: Homecoming. The game will be coming out on 360, PS3, and PC (simultaneity unconfirmed) and will doubtless be another pants-moistening romp through the titular town… Read More

  • Creative ZEN Krystal features built-in pedometer

    It appears that Creative has released a new MP3 player in the ZEN Krystal. Unfortunately, it seems that it’s only available in Hong Kong at the moment but perhaps it’ll eventually make its way stateside. The Krystal runs for about $90 and features 4GB of storage, OLED display, simple drag and drop file management (no drivers required), FM radio, voice recorder, three games, and… Read More

  • CrunchGear Live Podcast, 1:00 Eastern

    You can chat with us during the show via AIM by pinging username “crunchtips” or call into the show at (646) 200-4163 should the mood strike you. Here’s the link for today’s show… Read More

  • Citizen Engineer: GSM

    Citizen Engineer from citizen engineer on Vimeo. Friends of the Crunch Limor Fried and Phil Torrone are putting together open source DIY videos at CitizenEngineer.com. They’ll be talking about esoteric subjects like GSM, electronics, and circuit bending. Their first video, about SIM cards, includes plans for making your own SIM card reader. It’s an amazingly detailed video and… Read More

  • Wii passes Xbox 360 to take top spot in U.S. sales

    Previously declared the leading next-generation console worldwide, the Nintendo Wii has now surpassed the Xbox 360 to become the leading next-generation console in the U.S. Last month, Nintendo sold over 666,000 Wii consoles versus 405,500 PS3s and 219,800 Xbox 360s, according to NPD Group, Inc. Wii games are also selling well, as NPD says that six of the ten top selling games last month were… Read More

  • Super Mario Brothers as a sexual signifier: How did they know?

    This Best of Craigslist [NSFW] post involves a young man requesting a young woman to arrive at a hotel room and then accept rear penetration while she plays Super Mario Brothers on the NES. The entire post is fairly detailed, ensuring that no one with a modicum of good sense or intelligence will take this young man up on his offer. I have taken the liberty of cleaning up the post after the… Read More

  • Does Google Know How To Count? Some YouTube Views Don't Seem To Register

    A large portion of YouTube videos are watched on other sites in embeddable players (like the one below of Erepublik CEO Alexis Bonte giving us an Elevator Pitch). But if someone watches a YouTube video on a site other than YouTube, does it count towards the total views of that video? Apparently not, or at least not always. One TechCrunch reader had a video of his picked up by a popular… Read More

  • Evite Gets A Much-Needed Facelift

    Evite is getting long in the tooth. Every day it seems there is some new startup ready to take it down: Pingg, Socializr, Center’d, MyPunchbowl, Presdo. Well, today the IAC-owned invitation juggernaut is fighting back. Or at least, it’s stirring. Evite is launching a new design in beta today. (On a Friday afternoon—interesting choice of timing). The new site, which is… Read More

  • Microsoft Searches Jump 15% After Live Cashback Launch

    This isn’t enough data to declare Microsoft’s much derided Live Cashback search product a winner, but the first full month after it launched (June) shows a 15% gain in search volume v. the previous month, according to Comscore. This erases the previous month’s losses, bringing Microsoft up to 9.2% overall search share. Live Search CashBack gives advertisers the option of… Read More

  • Review: iPhone 3G

    Hype, hype, hype. Now that the iPhone 3G launch has blown over and I’ve been able to integrate the phone into my daily routine, I think we’re ready for an official CrunchGear review. Our advice? Wait. With 60% certainty I predict a minor hardware or, more likely, software update in the next month or to improve the 3G’s thus far abysmal battery life. Read More

  • More info about MobileEdge TSA-friendly laptop cases

    Here are some actual product shots of the TSA-friendly MobileEdge cases that we covered about a week ago. I’m still not 100% convinced that TSA bags, in general, can live up to the promise of substantially increasing airport security lines. It’ll only take one screening agent to throw a fit when someone hasn’t removed their laptop, only to find out that it was in a… Read More

  • Battle Over: Twitter Opens Up To Gnip

    Since launching TechcrunchIT we have been pounding away about open standards and data availability. One of the biggest victims of this focus recently has been Twitter, who went from being a leading light in the field, to closing everything up and now finally today have gone back to being open again. Gnip has announced this morning that they now have access to the Twitter XMPP feed, and that… Read More

  • In-car video camera with GPS, Google Earth playback

    I don’t have any children but from what I’ve heard, they’re quite a nuisance. If you have kids that are just starting to drive a car, why not purchase this dash-mounted camera with built-in GPS logger and Google Earth compatibility? You’ll be able to playback video of recent trips complete with a nice little GPS overlay on the right-hand side of the screen. Aside… Read More

  • Twitter Plays Nice: XMPP Firehose Data Feed To Gnip

    Twitter is living up to its promise to open up its data stream as much as possible to developers. While I was negotiating with Twitter cofounder Evan Williams to sit down and do a video interview at Foo Camp last weekend, Gnip founder Eric Marcoullier was hitting him up to give Gnip, and therefore everyone, Twitter’s XMPP “firehose.” Williams was obviously in a good mood… Read More

  • New mobile ‘Guitar Hero III: Backstage Pass’ game

    Guitar Hero addicts now have another title to tame the shakes in “Guitar Hero III: Backstage Pass” for mobile phones. The game is similar to past mobile GH offerings except that this time, “there is an added element of working to get gigs and seeing what it’s really like for an artist to work their way to the top," said Niccolo de Masi, President of Hands-On Mobile. Read More

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