• JBL's Control NOW speakers are expensive, toroidal

    I trust JBL to put out some good speakers, and these don’t look like an exception. They’re essentially bookshelf speakers, but instead of the trusty box shape, they’ve mounted the speakers into a sort of quarter-toroid, possibly to make for a more rounded sound (wocka wocka wocka). Really, it’s for mounting in corners and such, helping distribute the sound through a… Read More

  • WowWee Wrex the Dog

    I think something inside me died. If you think this is clever, however, feel free to read the full review over at robotsrule.com. Now I have to go change my shirt. Read More

  • Good shots of the Samsung i900 finally surface

    While the Samsung i900 was announced almost a month and a half ago, every shot of the handset released thus far has been crap. The best shot of it was a black and white mock up, watermarked to the point of insanity. Chinese news site pconline.com.cn managed to get a hands on with the device, and they were nice enough to bring back some visuals. The i900 is Samsung’s newest Windows… Read More

  • Pizza Hut offering Gamer Fantasy Package for ordering crappy pizza online

    Joining forces with Gamefly, the pizza chain is offering up the “Gamer Fantasy Package.” To enter you simply need to order online at pizzahut.com and you’re automatically entered to win a 60-inch LG Plasma TV, all three major consoles, a Bose Home Theater system, a Berkline home theater 3-seat set and a popcorn machine. But that’s not all. Gamefly will throw in a… Read More

  • Santa Monica builds solar powered ferris wheel lit by 160,000 LEDs

    Santa Monica’s famous Pacific Wheel is gone, having lost the fight against new fangled technology – and man, the new wheel is blinged out. Sure, the it might not be the biggest. It’s probably not the fastest, either. However, it might just be the LED-iest. Over 160,000 LEDs were used in this $1.5 million dollar refresh, all powered by the same solar panels that juiced the… Read More

  • TuneCore Tells Us Where We Can Shove It

    TuneCore, a startup that lets musicians break out of the label world and publish their music directly to online distribution channels like iTunes and Amazon, has been on a tear lately with some excellent and well deserved press coverage. I asked one of our interns, Peter, to email their PR group to get additional background information for CrunchBase and a potential story we’re working… Read More

  • Are you Haikurious?

    Writer and soon to be author Paul Carr – in between a recent travelogue of adventures in the US and prior to the launch of his book “Bringing Nothing to the Party: True Confessions Of A New Media Whore” – has come up with a new site. Skewering the Web 2.0 startup scene with a new take on British irony, Haikurious is satire written in the style of Haiku poetry. Think… Read More

  • No Griefing: Virtual Currency Market Sparter Shuts Down

    Looks like you’re going to have to earn your phat lootz the hard way. Sparter, an online marketplace for virtual game currencies that launched last year, has effectively shut down. The company has issued a notification stating that no further purchases can be carried out, though transactions currently in progress will be fulfilled. The site, which is backed by Bessemer Venture… Read More

  • Accenture: Yr dum, stupid gadget buyers!

    An Accenture study found that 68 percent of items returned to electronic stores are not broken — the owners are just too dumb to use them. In fact, they found that only 5% of the device were actually damaged. Don’t blame the consumers, though. If stores like Best Buy could actually train their employees to explain what the heck most of the devices they sell actually do. You could… Read More

  • IE8 launching August 20, will anyone care?

    The Beta of IE8 has been out since March, but that first release was geared towards developers and nerds. From what I’ve gleaned on the Interwebs and our own little CG chat room, it’s been pretty buggy and not very many geeks are happy with it and looking at alternative methods for their browsing needs. Some believe the brand is too tainted and that the final release of IE8 will… Read More

  • Intel Capital Invests $60 Million In Eight Startups

    Today, Intel Capital announced new investments in eight startups totaling $60 million. Below is each company, along with the size of the round they just raised. (Not all would disclose when I asked during the conference call). And while Intel led most of the investments it was not the sole investor, so the total adds up to more than $60 million. Accertify (fraud management for online… Read More

  • Review: Cygnett Unison i-X5 iPod speaker system

    In a world full of iPod accessories, the Unison i-X5 strikes a nice little balance between price and performance. Manufactured by Australian company Cygnett, the i-X5 speaker system can be purchased here in the states with an MSRP of $249, which is a pretty good deal for what you’re getting. Read More

  • How quickly will you shoot past Time Warner's 40GB bandwidth cap?

    How quickly would you reach Time Warner’s 40GB data cap? I’d be finished in like a week. No lie. By now you’re probably well aware of Time Warner’s scheme to charge you by the gigabyte. Arrington wrote a piece yesterday on TechCrunch saying how it would destroy innovation—how can YouTube et al. make money if no one has the bandwidth to watch videos, or… Read More

  • New Apple patent points to something iPhone like, but with weird timing

    With the likely iPhone launch just days away, this new patent filing by Apple is a little odd. It’s for a multifunction device with very iPhone-like menus and a touch screen. Besides the regular goodness, there’s much multimedia suggested, with Quicktime, Flash and even Windows Media represented in the sketches. The device also would have a blogging client, MMS support (finally)… Read More

  • New Gears 2 shots; now with more dead bodies as shields!

    Say what you will about Gears of War, it was by any standard a great-looking game, especially on the PC. And this next one, while it will almost certainly share the problems its predecessor had, will look even better. As the consoles mature I’m sure we’re going to be stunned by just what is possible; much as God of War, Okami and Final Fantasy XII blew us away on the PS2 late in… Read More

  • E-TEN announces 3 new Glofiish

    E-TEN has announced 3 new Glofiish Windows Mobile 6.1 handsets from Computex 2008, managing to score the “Best Choice of Computex” award for one. From left to right, in the image above: X610: Budget handset, intended primarily for basic communications and GPS. X900: A followup to E-TEN’s X800 – UTMS/HSDPA, VoIP Calling, VGA display DX900: This is the first Windows… Read More

  • Robo watch dog from Japan

    Japanese scientists seem to have a thing for robotic dogs. Equipped with infrared sensors, this one is supposed to one day replace human security patrols. The unnamed robot is operated via a remote control and weighs 40 kilos. It still appears a little clumsy, but the video of the robo dog was made after only 4 weeks in development at Osaka-based Daisen Denshi Kogyo [JP]. Via Gizmodo Japan [JP] Read More

  • CNN pits Mac vs. the whole world

    CNN is getting all up in Apple’s grill with their hot feature, “Why Macs still aren’t right for most businesses.” And, like most stories about Macs in business, they usually find a negative slant, ask a bunch analysts what they think about Macs and then find some anecdotes. Instead, Jonathan Blum rocks out with his iMac out and tries the Mac for a while, talks to… Read More

  • Samsung Instinct unboxed via MMS

    Whenever a new device launches, there tends to be an unspoken battle amongst all of the sites to get the best unboxing shots up before anyone else. It’s madness. Well, it looks like some Sprint employee has beaten everyone to the punch by about 2 1/2 weeks. Josh33_unc over at SprintUsers was treated to an unboxing gallery via a series of MMS sent by a buddy at Sprint, and he was cool… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 15 percent off Proporta accessories eases the pain of England not qualifying for Euro 2008

    England’s loss is your gain. Since none of the Home Nations qualified for Euro 2008, UK-based accessory house Proporta is giving a solid 15 percent off all their merchandise. You’ll need to enter the code EURO2008 at checkout to see the discount. So if you’re in the mood for an iPod or iPhone case, or screen protector or whatever, “on the cheap,” head on over… Read More

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